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November? VAG Bulletin V6 No3 "Mr. Hubert Ackroyd is a photographer of distinction."


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Jan. 23 Vancouver Sun "Lions Now Guard Bridge"
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Feb. 10 Vancouver Sun "Ustinov Art Show Pleases" by John Radford
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Mar. 25 Vancouver Sun "Noted Local Sculptor Dies"
Mar. 25 Daily Province "Charles Marega Gained Fame for Many Works of Art Here"
Mar. 25 (unknown newspaper) "Charles Marega, Noted Sculptor, Succumbs"
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Apr. 18 Daily Province "City Artist Gives One-Man Exhibit" by E.N.B.
May 17 Vancouver Sun "Realism Depicted" (R.H. Savery)
May 27 Daily Province "Facts About New Hotel" (Hotel Vancouver)
May 27 Daily Province "Rare Craftsmanship Shown in Stonework" (Hotel Vancouver)
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June 8 The Savary Pudding "Wet Woods in June" by Grace Melvin
June 8 The Savary Pudding "Sound of the Sea" by Grace Melvin
June 8 The Savary Pudding "The Woods at Night" by Grace Melvin
June 8 The Savary Pudding "Requiem" by Grace Melvin
June 10 Daily Province "Leading Provincial Artists Exhibit at B.C. Society Show"
June 10 News Herald "City Artists Find Scope For Talent Here" (exhibition)
June 10 Daily Province "Fine Arts Society Members Displaying Mature Pictures"
June 23 Daily Province "Surrealist Exhibit by City Painter" by P.C.W.
July 6 Vancouver Sun "Special Shows At Art Gallery"
July 19 Daily Province "Flower Artist Self-Taught"
Aug. 1 Vancouver Sun "Two Art Shows Extended, Three New Ones at Gallery"
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Aug. 18 Vancouver Sun "City Portraits in Art Display" (K. Shackleton)
Aug. 31 News Herald "B.C. Artists Display Plans"
Sept. 2 Daily Province "Diplomas Awarded To Art Students"
Sept. 12 News Herald "B.C. Artists' Show Attracts 387 Entries"
Sept. 16 Daily Province "Mayor Opens Eighth Annual Exhibition of B.C. Artists"
Sept. ? Daily Province "Fine Display of Photography at Art Gallery" (VPS) by T.H.W.
Oct. 11 News Herald "Here Is Artist Whose Output Is Remarkable"
Oct. 12 Daily Province "Palette Catches Nature's Colors" (Mrs. J. Clay)
Oct. 12 News Herald "B.C. Artists' Show Attracts 387 Entries"
Oct. 26 Sackville Tribune "First Exhibition of B.C. Paintings is Hung Here" by Prof. Stanley Royle
Nov. ? VAG Bulletin "Maritime Art Association"
Nov. 8 News Herald "Women Artists Display Work In Two Media" (Carr, Townley) by T.H.W.
Nov. 30 News Herald "Carr Painting Is Given To Gallery"
Dec. 1 News Herald "December Shows At Art Gallery"
Dec. 6 News Herald "Three Displays Open at Art Gallery" (Birley, Jackson, McTaggart)
Dec. ? Vancouver Sun "Three Artists Display Work" (Birley, Jackson, McTaggart)
Dec. ? Vancouver Sun "Young City Artist Fights 'Wolf' with Mop and Soap Suds" by Doris Milligan
Dec. 6 Daily Province "Canadian Artists Show Their Work"


Jan. 20 Daily Province "Sentinels of the Past" (Pauline Johnson memorial) by Ronald Kenvyn
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March The School magazine "Art Teaching In British Columbia" by Charles H. Scott
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Mar. 30 News Herald "Six Shows During April In Gallery"
Apr. 2 Vancouver Sun "'Old' At Twenty, Artist Displays City's First 'Abstract' Show" by Doris Milligan
Apr. 3 Vancouver Sun "Students Hold Art Exhibition"
Apr. 3 News Herald "Atelier Sketch Club Takes a Bow"
Apr. 3 News Herald "Unconventional Prints On Show" (Peter Sager)
Apr. 4 Daily Province "Art Group, Youth Share City Gallery"
Apr. 9 Daily Province "Kit Thorne Interprets B.C. In Art Gallery Exhibition"
Apr. 10 News Herald "Artist Exhibits In Varied Media" (G.K. Thorne)
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Apr. ? Daily Province "False Creek Painting Start Toward Fame" (Eric Freifeld)
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May 8 Daily Province "Children's Posters Shown At Gallery" by A.W.M.
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May 15 Vancouver Sun "Art Exhibit" (BCSFA)
May 18 Daily Province "B.C. Artists Hold Annual Exhibition" by M.A.E.
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May 24 News Herald "Floral Paintings Now At Gallery" (E. Sartain) by T.H.W.
May 28 Daily Province "Gay Caricatures In Gallery Display" (J. Shadbolt)
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June 4 Vancouver Sun "Flower Artist"
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June Behind The Palette "Evening School" by Fred Amess
June 24 Daily Province "Work Of Noted Water Colorist At Art Gallery" by M.A.E.
June 27 News Herald "Fine Water Color Show At Gallery" (C.J. Collings)
June 28 Vancouver Sun "Collings' Works Shown At Gallery"
July 5 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Artists For Photograph Show"
July ? Daily Province "Photographic Studies Win Acclaim" by M.E.
July 24 Daily Province "Indian Paintings To Be Shown Here" (Jean Findlay)
July 26 Daily Province "Native Life On Canvas" (Jean Findlay)
July 28 Daily Province "B.C. Artists Show Work Next Week"
July 31 News Herald "Indian Life And Murals Displayed" (Jean Findlay)
Aug. 1 Vancouver Sun "Fine B.C. And American Art Shown At Gallery" by M.V. Thornton
Sept. 6 Vancouver Sun "Fine Showing Of Pottery And Textile Designs At Gallery" by M.V. Thornton
Sept. 9 Daily Province "B.C. Ceramic Art Displayed At Gallery" (VSA)
Oct. 7 Vancouver Sun "Major Art Award to CASF Officer At B.C. Artists' Annual Exhibit"
Dec. 21 Daily Province "Woman Shapes Beauty in Stone" by Charles J. Woodsworth


June 20 Daily Province "Stansfeld Jones" by Palette
June 27 Daily Province "RCAF Officer Wins Praise For Exhibit Of Fine Paintings" by Palette
June ? Vancouver Sun "Fine Paintings By RCAF Man Now On Show At Art Gallery" by M.V. Thornton
July 21 Vancouver Sun "Newspaperman, Artist Too, His Work On Display"
July 29 Vancouver Sun "Jack Nilan Shows Expert Work In Watercolours" by M.V. Thornton
July 30 News Herald "One-Man Exhibit By Jack Nilan At Art Gallery"
Nov. 20 Daily Province "Western Artists Capture Interest At Toronto Show" by Palette


Jan. 6 Daily Province "Show Contest Entries Soon" (incl. Binning, Thomas) by Palette
Jan. 14 Daily Province "Stimulating Show Presented by Canadian Painters Group"
Jan. 19 News Herald "Harry Hood's Paintings on Exhibition Tuesday" by Browni Wingate
Jan. 20 News Herald "Canadian Artists Form Federation" (FCA)
Jan. 21 Daily Province "Clever Young painter Makes Living as Elevator Operator" (Thomas) by Norman Cribbens
Jan. 24 News Herald "Disregard Architecture Says Speaker" (B.C. Binning) by Browni Wingate
Jan. 30 Daily Province "New Group Aims to Promote & Coordinate Art in Canada" (FCA) by Palette
Feb. 5 News Herald "Young Self-Taught Artists Exhibit Drawings" (Bell) by Browni Wingate
Feb. 6 Daily Province "Panels by Templeton Pupils Portray Growth of Vancouver" (also Bell) by Palette
Feb. 11 Vancouver Sun "Talented Husband and Wife Have Display at Art Gallery" (Bell) by M.V. Thornton
Feb. 14 Daily Province "Ex-City Illustrator Reaches Top - John Clymer Known Here"
Feb. 17 News Herald "Shadbolt Opens Art Exhibit"
Feb. 18 News Herald "She Sells Her Art For Stamps" (Molly Lamb) by Browni Wingate
Feb. 19 Daily Province "Bold Canvasses of B.C. Scenes in Shadbolt One-man Show" by Palette
Apr. 16 Daily Province "Local Artists Contributors in Royal Academy Exhibition" by Palette
Apr. 30 Vancouver Sun "Three Exhibits On View At Art Gallery" (Cheney, Brunst)
May 4 News Herald "Variety Marks Art Exhibitions" (Brunst, Cheney) by Browni Wingate
May 4? News Herald "Speaking of Art" (FCA) by Browni Wingate
May 6 News Herald "Art Master's Work On View" (David Payne) by Browni Wingate
May 6 Vancouver Sun "Gallery Showing Payne Paintings" by M.V. Thornton
May Daily Province "Pastel Portraits and Payne Display Art Gallery Features"
May 16 Daily Province "B.C. Society of Fine Arts Display Sets New High Mark"
May 16 Vancouver Sun "B.C. Artists' Exhibit Has Native Vigor " by M.V. Thornton
May 18 News Herald "Speaking of Art" (VAG) by Browni Wingate
May 19 News Herald "Ex-Mountie Has Works On View" (G.K. Thorne) by Browni Wingate
May 29 Vancouver Sun "2 Water Color Exhibits at Art Gallery" (S.P. Judge, J. Korner) by M.V. Thornton
June Daily Province "B.C. Artist's Display Goes to Calgary for Exhibition" by Palette
July 2 Vancouver Sun "Kennedy Exhibit At Art Gallery"
July 6 News Herald "Three Exhibitions at Art Gallery" by Browni Wingate
July 6 News Herald "Speaking of Art" (D. Kennedy) by Browni Wingate
July 8 Vancouver Sun "Two Exhibitions At Art Gallery"
Aug. 14 Daily Province "Exhibition By B.C. Artists Proves Success At Gallery" by Palette
Sept. 19 Daily Province "Colorful Display Presented In Exhibition By B.C. Artists" by Palette
Sept. 26 Vancouver Sun "B.C. Artists Evading War's Responsibility" (BC Artists) by M.V. Thornton
Sept. 28 News Herald "Speaking of Art" (BC Artists) by Browni Wingate
Oct. 01 Daily Province "Artist Pictures Invasion of City" (Shadbolt)
Nov. 4 Daily Province "Blast Smashes Courthouse Lion"
Nov. ? Daily Province ? "Noted Artists Offer Paintings for Red Cross"
Dec. 6 Vancouver Sun "In B.C. Lighthouses" by Jean Ness Findlay


Feb. 1 Daily Province "Tunisia Color Caught in City Artist's Work" (J.D. Parker)
Feb. 2 Vancouver Sun "Tunisia Paintings On View at Gallery" (J.D. Parker) by M.V. Thornton
Feb. 6 Daily Province "Work of B.C. Artists Features National Gallery Display Here" by Palette
Apr. 17 News Herald "Office, Shipyard Workers Find Relaxation In Drawing" by Browni Wingate
Apr. 17 Daily Province "Rear Attack" (courthouse lion damage)
May 7 Daily Province "Scenes of Early Vancouver On Display at Art Gallery" by Palette
May 8 Vancouver Sun "City Artists' Photos Win High Praise" (VPS)
May 14 Daily Province "Grace Melvin Scores Notable Success In Book Illustrations" by Palette
May 17 News Herald "Hundreds Enjoy Tea At Gallery" (BCSFA Exhibition)
May 18 News Herald "War Artist" (G.C. Tinning)
May 21 Daily Province "Fine Creative Spirit Marks Exhibition By B.C. Artists" by Palette
July 7 (?) Daily Province "Summer Show at Gallery Major Event for Art Lovers" by Palette


? Museum & Art Notes History of the AHSAV "Vancouver's First Cultural Association"
April 6 News-Herald "Art Museum Was Success From Start"
May Vancouver Sun "Notable Exhibits at Artists' Show" by M.V. Thornton
June 28 Vancouver Sun "Van Loon Lauds Godfrey's New York Art Approach" by Pat Wallace
July 3 Vancouver Sun "Capt. and Mrs. Marcel Godfrey"
Oct. 7 Daily Province "B.C. Artists ... are invited to exhibit"
Oct. 17 Vancouver Sun "Artist Rebels Open Own Show"
Oct. 17 VAG Memo "Re: Galloway-Dorbils Exhibit" by A.S. Grigsby
Oct. 20 VAG Memo "Re: 13th Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition" by A.S. Grigsby


Jan. 3 Daily Province "Canadian Group of Painters Opens 1945 Gallery Program" by Palette
Jan. 3 Daily Province "City Will Send Eight Paintings To Odessa" (BC At Work)
Jan. 3 News Herald "Recognition Won By Arts Exhibit" (BC At Work)
Jan. 5 Vancouver Sun "Gallery Exhibit Raises Bitter Scorn of Critic" (CGP) by M.V. Thornton
Jan. 6 News Herald "Varied Aim, Technique In Gallery Art Exhibit" (CGP) by Browni Wingate
Jan. 10 Daily Province "Exhibition of Theatre Art Arranged for City Gallery" (also Allsebrook) by Palette
Jan. 11 Vancouver Sun "Kaslo Artist Shows In City Galleries" (Allsebrook)
Jan. 13 Vancouver Sun "Kaslo Artist Staging Show At Art Gallery" (Allsebrook) by M.V. Thornton
Jan. 13 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Art For Odessa" (BC At Work)
Jan. 24 Daily Province "Collection of Eastern Artist Features Art Gallery Display" by Palette
Jan. 31 Daily Province "Proposal to Open Art Centre At Victoria Wins Approval" (AGGV, Harris) by Palette
Feb. 3 Vancouver Sun "Lawren Harris Has Show at Gallery"
May 19 Daily Province "Fine Arts Show at Gallery Features Leading City Artists" (BCSFA) by Palette
May 19 News Herald "80 Exhibits On Display By Fine Arts Society" (BCSFA) by Browni Wingate
May 21 Vancouver Sun "Lack of Room Limits Art Gallery Display" (BCSFA) by M.V. Thornton
May 21 Vancouver Sun "Works of Art by Thorne Displayed"
Aug. 4 Daily Province "I Live the Life I Love Best" (James Blomfield)
Sept. 24 Daily Province "Graphic Arts and Sculpture Place in Gallery Exhibition" (BC Artists) by Palette
Nov.-Dec. ? "B.C. Industry Lives in Gallery Display"


Apr. 10 VAG Memo "Leading Vancouver Artists"
Apr. 26 Daily Province "Park To Be Pictured In Gallery Exhibition" (SPIP, Dale) by Palette
Apr. 29 News Herald "ART" (Emily Carr)
Nov. 13 Daily Province "Weston Display Major Event in Province's Art History" by Palette
Dec. 27 Daily Province "Gallery To Show Collection of George Goutiere Paintings" by Palette


Jan. 17 Daily Province "Exhibition of Goutiere's Works to Go From Here To New York" by Palette
Jan. 18 News Herald "Goutiere Art Gallery Exhibit Vivid, Poetic" by Constance Mackay
Jan. 20 Vancouver Sun "Vigor Shown in Goutiere's Rich Paintings" by M.V. Thornton
May VAG Bulletin "Gallery Docent"
May 12 News Herald "B.C. Art Exhibit Non-Experimental" by Constance Mackay
June Behind The Palette "A Short History of B.C. Art" by Charles H. Scott
July 23 Daily Province "Gallery Features Landscapes In Small Centre Exhibition" by Palette
July 28 Vancouver Sun "Interior Art Shows Promise, Much Quality" by M.V. Thornton
July 30 Daily Province "Peter Aspell Wins Awards"
Aug. 2 Daily Province "Stanley Park Paintings On Exhibition At Gallery" by Palette
Aug. 18 Daily Province "Magic of Hard Work Makes PNE Attractive" by A.J. Dalrymple


Jan. 30 Vancouver Sun "War Bride Artist Exhibiting Works" by M.V. Thornton
Feb. 27 Daily Province "S.D. Tytler, B.C Artist, Succumbs" by Palette
Mar. 11 The Lions Gate Times "Painter's Colic" by E.L.
March Trail Daily Times "Likes Weston" by Allan P. Allsebrook
Apr. 8 Daily Province "Vancouver Sculptor's Work On Display Soon" by Palette
Apr. ? Vancouver Sun "Watercolours on View At Art Gallery" by M.V. Thornton
Apr. 28 Vancouver Sun "Art Gallery WA Reports $3981 Assets"
Apr. 28 Vancouver Sun "New Pictures On Show At Art Gallery" by M.V. Thornton
Apr. 30 Daily Province "Doctor's Gallery Exhibit Inspired by B.C. Scenes" by Palette
May 2 News Herald "Fine Arts Exhibition Features Aspell Works" by Constance MacKay
Sept. VAG Bulletin "B.C. Artists' Annual Exhibition - Jury or Non-Jury?" by W.P. Weston


Mar. 21 Vancouver Sun "'Fame' for Rummy Players in Murals at Gordon House" by Mac Reynolds
May 3 Daily Province "Lively Spirit Pervades B.C. Artists' Exhibition" by Palette
May 14 Daily Province "Labour Temple Mural Symbolizes Industry" (B. Lennie) by Palette


Apr. 1 (paper) "Painter Of Animals Puts No Price Tag On Ambition" by Naomi Lang
Apr. 22 Daily Province "For and about Women: East Meets West"
Apr. 22 Vancouver Sun "Art Exhibit Records Forty Years Of Painting"
Apr. 25 BCSA Exhibition catalogue "B.C. Society of Artists - A History" by J. Delisle Parker
Nov. 25 Vancouver Sun "Work of B.C. Artists offered at V.A.G. Showing"


July 25 Vancouver Province "From an Angle on the Square" by D.A. McGregor
Aug. 29 Daily Province "Great Mural Nears Competion at Bank" (Charles Comfort) by Palette


Feb. 7 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Queen Victoria fountain)
Feb. 14 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (David Oppenheimer bust)
Feb. 21 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (King Edward VII fountain)
Mar. 14 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Pauline Johnson)
Apr. 11 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Harding memorial)
Apr. 18 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Joe Fortes fountain)
May 2 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Robbie Burns statue)
May 16 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Captain Vancouver)
June 13 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Monuments" by Leonard W. Meyers (Gerry McGeer bust)
Aug. 1 Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Gargoyles" by Harold James (Medical Dental Building)


Sept. 8 Daily Province "Steel Scaffolding for Mural Artist" by Palette
Sept. 25 Daily Province "New Office's Mural in Striking Effect" (B.C. Binning)


Feb. 13 Vancouver Herald "Vancouver Native Daughter is Noted Canadian Sculptor"
Dec. 8 Daily Province "Sky-High City Zoo" by Allen Roy Evans (Hotel Vancouver)


Mar. 15 Vancouver Sun "Library Board Balks at $7,500 Sculpture Outlay" (Thomas)
July 6 Vancouver Sun "Variety Keynote of Art Exhibition" by M.V. Thornton


Apr. 24 Vancouver Sun "Cabbage - It Can Be Art" (W.P. Weston solo) by Mac Reynolds
June 12 Vancouver Sun "Many Interpretations in Theme of Auditorium Mural" by John Cartwright
Aug. 21 Vancouver Sun "Stained Glass Window Gift from New Canadians" (QE Theatre)


May 15 Vancouver Sun "No Sunday Painters Here" by Nikki Moir
May 21 Vancouver Sun "Poetic Imagery in Paint Shows Nature's Life Cycle" (Shadbolt)
Dec. 9 Vancouver Sun "'Indescribable' Sculpture to Adorn City's Public Library" by Frank Walden
Dec. 10 Vancouver Sun "Library's Odd Sculpture Finding Friends and Foes"
Winter UBC Alumni Chronicle "Another Triumph for the Thomases" (Brock Hall mosaic, UBC)


Jan. 19 (personal letterhead) "(artist information)" by Grace Melvin
Apr. 21 Vancouver Sun "Artist Builds Place to Pause, Urges More of Them in City" (UBC)
Dec. Arts Council News "A Free Standing Illuminated Sculpture" (Thomas) by Elizabeth B. Marshall


Feb. 24 Daily Province "Onley Mural Jibes Unfunny" by Mike Tytherleigh
Feb. 26 Vancouver Sun "Visitors Shocked, Jolted at New Playhouse Theatre" (Toni Onley)
Mar. 1 Daily Province "Artist and Controversial Work" (Toni Onley)
Mar. 2 Daily Province "Playouse Mural is a Real Communist Plot" (letter to editor re Onley)
Mar. 2 Vancouver Sun "Mural's Meaning? Artist Knows It" (Toni Onley)


Sept. 18 Vancouver Sun "Rathie Opens Royal Bank's New Branch" (Thomas)
Dec. 20 Vancouver Sun "Hotel Vancouver Has Played in Hard Luck" by Alan Morley


June 22 Vancouver Sun "Outstanding B.C. Sculpture Marks Oakridge Art Show" by Martha Robinson
Aug. Western Homes & Living "B.C. Artists - Jack Harman"


Feb. 19 The Ubyssey "$2,000 For New Mural" (Paul Deggan, UBC)
Feb. 25 Vancouver Province "$2,000 Prize Given Sculptor" (Paul Deggan, UBC)
March The BC Teacher "Mural for Education Building Completed" (Paul Deggan, UBC)
(Spring) RCA Report 1964-65 "Charles H. Scott Obituary"
June 2 Vancouver Province "Sculpture to Mark First Mill" (Gerhard Class)
June 10 Vancouver Province "Hastings Mill History Carved in B.C. Granite" (Gerhard Class)
June 10 Vancouver Sun (news item p.20) (Gerhard Class, Hastings Mill)
June 11 Vancouver Times (news item p.20) (Gerhard Class, Hastings Mill)
June 20 Vancouver Sun "Final Touches Now Being Put to Pacific Press Sculpture" (Jack Harman)
July 7 Vancouver Province "New Look at Pacific Press Building" (Jack Harman)
July 7 Vancouver Sun "Newspaper 'Family' Moves Invot New Residence" (Jack Harman)


Mar. 14 Vancouver Sun "It's Sort of a Fantasy" by George Norris (Pacific Press lobby sculpture)
Apr. 7 Vancouver Province "Sculpture Dramatic From Any Angle (George Norris) by Joan Lowndes
Apr. 28 Vancouver Sun "City Fountain 'Sore Thumb' So It's Kicked Down Drain" by Keith Bradbury
May 14 Maclean's Magazine "Opposition in Vancouver to Centennial Fountain"
June 10 Vancouver Province "Sculpture to Mark Old Hastings Mill" (Gerhard Class)
Oct. 19 Vancouver Sun "Fountain Mermaids Bared" by Jim Scott
Oct. 22 Victoria Times "Carr Show in High Gear" (Emily Carr) by Audrey Johnson


May 16 Vancouver Sun "Crab Design Sculpture Chosen for Planetarium" (George Norris)
June 16 Vancouver Province "West End Was a Wilderness" (re Cunningham sundial)
July 17 Vancouver Sun "Judy Hands Out Awards, Encouragement to Sculptors"
July 18 Vancouver Province "$5,000 Award Given for Winning Sculpture" (Frank Perry, QE Plaza)


Apr. 22 Vancouver Sun "Bank Building Gets Bronze Sculpture" (Elza Mayhew)
Apr. 11 Vancouver Province "Robert Murray A Canadian Sculpture ... in New York" by Joan Lowndes
June 4 Vancouver Sun "Stone Brother's Watching" by Robert Hunter
June 13 Vancouver Province "Art Takes a Flight of Fancy at Airport" by Jack McCaugherty
Sept. 13 Vancouver Province "A Monument to Match the Jet Age" by Joan Lowndes
Sept. 23 Vancouver Sun "Cumbria Not Snow Plow or Billboard - It's Art"
Sept. 28 Vancouver Sun "For Art's Sake" (re Cumbria sculpture)
Oct. 4 Vancouver Sun "Sculptor Had Fun Creating Museum's New Showpiece" by Mike Jessen
Oct. 4 Vancouver Province "Crab Statue Erected" (George Norris)
Oct. 18 Vancouver Province "Planetarium - Star Attraction"


Jan. 3 Vancouver Province "A Building That Makes This A Big City" (1075 W. Georgia) by Joan Lowndes
Jan. 25 Vancouver Province "Universal Language" (re Sherry Grauer, 808 W. Hastings))
Apr. 3 Vancouver Province "The Fountain of Tsutakawa will Soon Bubble and Tumble in Our City"
April Western Homes & Living "Harman - A Classic Approach" (Family Group)
June 12 Vancouver Province "Modern Fountain Honours Pioneers" (Bentall Centre)
June 12 Vancouver Province "Bentall's Fountain is An Urban Asset" by Joan Lowndes
June 12 Vancouver Sun "Water Makes The Fountain" by Charlotte Townsend
Sept. 26 Vancouver Province "Bank Unveils Mural" (Gordon Smith, 1177 W. Hastings) by Joan Lowndes
Dec. 8 Vancouver Sun "First Day Crowds Flock to the New Conservatory" (Henry Moore)
Dec. 8 Vancouver Province "Major Moore Vancouver Coup" by Joan Lowndes


Jan. 9 The Ubyssey "The Face of Sculpture: U.B.C. and Vancouver" by Leslie Minot
Mar. 10 Vancouver Express "He's Here, There, and Everywhere" (Lutz Haufschild)
May 29 Vancouver Province "Weather Will Fashion Horizons Dark Blue" (Gerhard Class) by Joan Lowndes
June 15 Vancouver Sun "Honest Sculpture Erected at an Industrial Plant" by Eileen Johnson
Sept. 28 Vancouver Province "The Art of Business" by Kay Alsop
Oct. 16 Vancouver Province "Know Where to Stop" (Lutz Haufschild) by Ken Spotswood
Nov. 10 Vancouver Province "Fruit of the Loom is Her Harvest" by Heather Ion (1075 W. Georgia)


Apr. 23 Vancouver Province "A Monument To Live With" (Henry Moore) by Richard Simmins
Nov. 6 Vancouver Province "Public Art ..." by Richard Simmins


Jan. 12 Vancouver Province "Georgia Landmark Sold for $5 Million" by Art McKenzie (Medical Dental Building)
Feb. 4 Vancouver Province "A Monumental Quiz" by Gordon Croucher & Olivia Ward
Mar. 9 The Courier "New Johnson Plaque Women's Club Project" (Pauline Johnson memorial)


Oct. 27 Vancouver Sun "Artist Jack Shadbolt Faces Six Charges over Income Tax"
Oct. 27 Vancouver Sun "Artist Shadbolt Faces Tax Charges"
Oct. 27 The Province "Artist Jack Shadbolt Charged With Evading Income Taxes"


May 25 Times Colonist "An artist in education as well as in the studio" (John Kyle) by Emily-Jane Orford