Vancouver Daily Province, May 1942

In The World of Art

Pastel Portraits and Payne Display Art Gallery Features

by Palette

     Pastel portraits by Nan Lawson Cheney at the Art Gallery are strong and distinctive. They combine honest likenesses with straightforward draftsmanship and decorative qualities.
     Portrait painting, long an English and American tradition, is returning to favor in Canada. Criticism has been made that our artists are almost exclusively concerned with landscapes and neglect the human element. Characterful personalities of B.C. are shown in the current exhibition with a contemporary vision and technical dexterity.
     In a direct manner, which recalls Eric Kennington's incisive and realistic style. Mrs. Cheney emphasizes the fact that although pastel is the medium it can be used in a forcible way.

Traditional Style
     D.H. Payne, Qualicum Beach, in his current exhibition at the Gallery, displays 32 paintings. The traditional style of these woodland scenes and seascapes is of a familiar English character.
     The artist has exhibited in notable exhibitions, including the Royal Academy, London, and his work is represented in a number of galleries in England and Canada.
     The most impressive exhibit in the current show of watercolours and oils is an oil painting entitled "Half Way." In a well-designed composition Mr. Payne depicts rugged trees standing out against lofty peaks cut by drifting clouds.
     Another large picture, "Snow Pattern," is a robust interpretation of winter in the woods. Some of the exhibits lack the vitality and breadth of conception of these two canvases.

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Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library