Vancouver Art Gallery

All Canadian Exhibition

May - July 1932

Judging Committee

Willie Dalton, (Chairman)
H.A. Stone
H. Mortimer Lamb
J.W.G. MacDonald
G.L. Thornton Sharp
J. Vanderpant
W.P. Weston

In arranging the All-Canadian Exhibition, the aim of the Exhibition Committee has been to gather from all parts of Canada a collection of pictures and sculpture that shall be representative of all that is best in Canadian Art, both past and present. Artists resident in British Columbia have contributed their quota and the Judging Committee has endeavoured to ensure that the work submitted shall have every opportunity for display side by side with works of art drawn from all parts of the Dominion.

The Committee desires to express its sincere thanks to the Directors of the National Gallery of Canada, to Mr. E. Wyley Grier, President of the Royal Canadian Academy and to other friends of the Gallery, for their work in selecting pictures from Eastern Canada, and for the co-operation so generously afforded.

Before the Exhibition closes, it is anticipated that the Founders will select certain pictures as a nucleus of a Permanent Collection of Canadian Art.

     Willie Dalton

* denotes work of local artist


1 The Ford Carl Ahrens
2 *A Mill on the Fraser Fred Amess
3 *White Sands, Carmel, Calif. M.A. Bain
4 Grey Veil Archibald G. Barnes
5 Chimney Corner Archibald G. Barnes
6 French Landscape Jas. M. Barnsley
7 Flowers Allan Barr
8 In The Laurentians, Winter J.W. Beatty, R.C.A.
9 Canyon of the Agawa F.H. Brigden
10 Figures in Landscape Bertram Brooker
11 Chinook Arch Annora Brown, A.O.C.A.
12 By Lake Ontario Archibald Browne, R.C.A.
13 Winter Scene Franklin Brownell
14 Marine - Sunset in Clouds W. Blair Bruce
15 Cozy Corner W. Blair Bruce
16 Fete de Barbizon W. Blair Bruce
17 The Foot Hill Country Henry T. Christensen (Calgary)
18 Winter Landscape F.S. Coburn, R.C.A.
19 Healey Valley Road F.S. Coburn, R.C.A.
20 Cloud Shadows F.S. Coburn, R.C.A.
21 *Low Tide Ernva Willard Code
22 *Approaching Storm Ernva Willard Code
23 Fine Day Chas. F. Comfort
24 *Trophies F. Craighead
25 In the Rockies Maurice Cullen, R.C.A.
26 November Evening in the Laurentians Maurice Cullen, R.C.A.
27 Peggy's Cove, N.S. Kathleen Daly
28 *Mount Aberdeen H.J. DeForest (Deceased)
29 Autumn in Quebec Berthe des Clayes
30 Mount Fay Kenneth K. Forbes
31 Landscape at Hochelaga Marc A. Fortin
32 The Bathers Ernest Fosbery, R.C.A.
33 *Old Mill Mrs. Statira Frame
34 *The Source B.A. Fry
35 *The Little Clearing B.A. Fry
36 Late Afternoon, Monhegan Harbour Robert Gagen
37 The Saguenay Clarence Gagnon, R.C.A.
38 Boy with Grebe Claude W. Gray, A.R.C.A.
39 W.L. Grant LL.D., Principal of Upper Canada College Wyley Grier, P.R.C.A.
40 The White Pigion (sic?) Clara Hagarty
41 Bewdley Poplars Fred S. Haines
42 *Maternity Mary Riter Hamilton
43 Isolation Peak, Rockies Lawren Harris
44 Roman Peasant of the Campagne Robert Harris, C.M.G., R.C.A. (Deceased)
45 *Molly Mrs. R. Gwynne Harwood
46 Voyageurs Crossing the Rockies Arthur Heming
47 Portrait of Ohoo J. Henderson
48 Hilltops, Qu'Appelle Valley J. Henderson
49 The Hunter Frank Hennessey
50 Winter Landscape R.S. Hewton, A.R.C.A.
51 Laurentian Snow Edwin Holgate
52 Unemployed Edwin Holgate
52a *Vancouver Island from Sechelt Harry Hood
53 *Still Life Jack Humphrey
54 Brick Works, Calgary H.G. Hunt (Calgary)
55 Kananaskis, Alberta H.G. Hunt (Calgary)
56 Harbour Scene, Gaspe, P.Q. F.W. Hutchison, A.N.A.
57 St. Urbain, P.Q. F.W. Hutchison, A.N.A.
58 Tapestried Hills Gwen K. Hutton, A.O.C.A.
59 Celery Field, B.C. Gwen K. Hutton, A.O.C.A.
60 St. Lawrence, Early Spring A.Y. Jackson
61 The Road to St. Fidele A.Y. Jackson
62 Ottawa Valley O. Jacobi (Deceased)
63 The Path Home Franz Johnston, A.R.C.A.
64 Old Farmhouse Franz Johnston, A.R.C.A.
65 Windswept A.F. Kenderdine
66 Off to the Fishing Grounds F. McGillivray Knowles (Deceased)
67 *Contentment Adelaide Langford
68 Little Haven, Georgian Bay Arthur Lismer, A.R.C.A.
69 Fishing Village, N.S. Arthur Lismer, A.R.C.A.
70 *A Yorkshire Moor Maitland Livsey
71 Louisa Mabel I. Lockerby
72 Sunshine Flowers Marion Long
73 *Portrait, Father Lacombe V.A. Long
74 *Wind from the Gulf Margaret Lougheed
75 Autumn Colour J.E.H. MacDonald
76 *Sailor's Sand Bar, Fraser Canyon, B.C. J.W.G. MacDonald
77 *The Food Cache J.W.G. MacDonald
78 Winter at Rosebank Florence H. MacGillivray
79 Silver Mine - Late Evening Yvonne McKague
80 A Grey Day Mabel May, A.R.C.A.
81 Autumn in the Laurentians Mabel May, A.R.C.A.
82 On the Beach J.W. Morrice, R.C.A.
83 Montcalm House, Quebec K.M. Morris, A.R.C.A.
84 Market, Ottawa K.M. Morris, A.R.C.A.
85 St. Sauveur K.M. Morris, A.R.C.A.
86 Lucy Lilias Torrance Newton, A.R.C.A.
87 Russian Child Lilias Torrance Newton, A.R.C.A.
88 Winter Scene Pegi Nicol
89 Spears of Iris Pegi Nicol
90 November Herbert S. Palmer
91 The Challenge of the Elk Frank Panabaker
92 Autumn Gold L.A.C. Panton
93 Embroidery L.A.C. Panton
94 *Youth Norma Park
95 *The Roman Scarf Cameron Ramsay
96 Path of Light G.A. Reid
97 *Norma Maisie Robertson
98 Sulpician Seminary Sarah M. Robertson
99 Sunday in the Country Albert Robinson, R.C.A.
100 Off Shore, St. Andrews G. Horne Russell, R.C.A.
101 Louise Basin, Quebec G. Horne Russell, R.C.A.
102 *The New Bridge Chas. H. Scott
103 *The City School Chas. H. Scott
104 *The Pool, New Westminster, B.C. H. Faulkner Smith
105 *The Goat Woman Kate Smith
106 *Mid-day Rest Kate Smith
107 Early Morning, N.S. Owen Staples
108 *Portrait of My Mother Philip Surrey
109 The Turn of the River A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
110 The Old Bourbeau Bridge A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
111 Copper Birches Alice Blair Thomas
112 Bent Birches George Thomson
113 Night in the North, Algonquin Park Tom Thomson (Deceased)
114 Birch Glade, Evening Tom Thomson (Deceased)
115 *The Bluff at Comox Stanley Tytler
116 *Morning F.H. Varley, A.R.C.A.
117 *Portrait Study F.H. Varley, A.R.C.A.
118 The Old Mill Homer Watson (Deceased)
119 Landscape Homer Watson (Deceased)
120 Ravine Farm Homer Watson (Deceased)
121 *Irene Vera O. Weatherbee (sic)
122 *Portrait, F.H. Varley Vera O. Weatherbee (sic)
123 *Scrub Pines, West Coast W.P. Weston
124 *Peaks of Silence W.P. Weston
125 Bathers, St. Lawrence Mary E. Wrinch


126 A By-Town Hostelry Paul Alfred, O.S.A.
127 *Irish Jig J.H.O. Amess
128 Snow Scene, Laurentian Mountains Arnold E. Armsrtong (sic)
129 Canadian Forest Scene F. M. Bellsmith (sic)
130 Muskoka Stream F.H. Brigden
131 Winter Moonlight Annora Brown, A.O.C.A.
132 The Village of White Fish Falls Frank Carmichael
133 Winter Road A.J. Casson
134 *Zinnias Mrs. John Clay
135 Echo River, near Banff Maurice Cullen, A.R.C.A.
136 *Shuswap River W. Ferris
137 *Mabel Lake W. Ferris
138 In the Rockies Jean Forbes
139 *Brenton, Devonshire Major C.B. Fowler
140 Amherst Island, Bay of Quinte Daniel Fowler
141 The Tree, Amherst Island Daniel Fowler
142 Memories, Amherst Island Daniel Fowler
143 *Mt. Blanchard, Pitt Lake T.W. Fripp (Deceased)
144 *Mt. Tupper T.W. Fripp (Deceased)
145 *Head of the Valley B.A. Fry
146 Grape Vine Rock Robert Gagen
147 *Winter E.J. Gerrard (sic J.E.)
148 Killarney, No. 1 Charles Goldhamer
149 Killarney, No. 2 Charles Goldhamer
150 *Barque, Lake of Geneva Mrs. Eleanor Harvey
151 *Evening in the Swiss Alps Mrs. Eleanor Harvey
152 A Tree Peter Haworth, A.R.C.A.
153 Rocks, Nova Scotia Peter Haworth, A.R.C.A.
154 Bridge Mrs. Zema Haworth
155 Shore Road Mrs. Zema Haworth
157 *October Grace Judge
158 *Night S.P. Judge
159 The Habitant L.M. Kilpin, R.A., R.C.A.
160 Nine Water Colour Miniatures Elisabeth McGillivray Knowles
161 *Old Fort St. John E. Lamarque
162 *Shades of Evening J.W. Laing
163 Autumn on the Athabasca Mrs. M.E. Matheson (Jasper)
164 The Sentinels Mrs. M.E. Matheson (Jasper)
165 Astors and Phlox Clara L. Millar
166 Zinnias Clara L. Millar
167 *Mountain Views W. Newcombe
168 Rough Weather, Perce Rock L.R. O'Brien
169 German Rapids, Upper Saguenay L.R. O'Brien
170 *The Harbour, Vancouver A. Paterson
171 Depression P.R. Perraton
172 Pacific Coast Walter J. Phillips, A.R.C.A.
173 York Boats Walter J. Phillips, A.R.C.A.
174 *Twilight Tapestry A. Pratt
175 Algoma Twilight G.A. Reid, R.C.A.
176 *Twilight, Sechelt Otto Schellenberger
177 *The Spit, Denman Island G.L. Thornton Sharp
178 *Alouette River G.L. Thornton Sharp
179 *Dawn at Phillips River Maud Sherman
180 *Fraser River H. Faulkner Smith
181 Off the Coast of Scotland W. St. Thomas Smith
182 Nude A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
183 Nude A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
184 *Delphiniums and Marigolds Florence Terry
185 *The Lost Lake Gordon Thorne
186 *The Gorge of the Sphinx F.H. Varley, A.R.C.A.
187 Bison, Leader of the Herd F.A. Verner
188 *The Coast Range Frank Vickerman
189 Old Stone House, Wales Harlow White
190 *Spring Edith Wrigley
191 *Nasturtiums Edith Wrigley


192 *Portrait J.H.O. Amess
193 The Tower Bridge, London Caroline Armington
194 Le Moulin a Pont Meno Caroline Armington
195 *Portrait Study R. Brandt
196 *Gothic Capitals E.J. Gerrard
197 *Barn, Lulu Island Ross A. Lort
198 *Lonely Trail, Cheakamus Canyon Ross A. Lort
199 *Indian Salmon Pack (sic Rack) J.W.G. MacDonald
200 *The Year Grace Melvin
201 *Amor Vincit Omnia Grace Melvin
202 *St. Marks, Venice Grace Melvin
203 *Portrait of Mrs. Brown Smith Joseph Partridge
204 *The Bastion, Nanaimo A. Paterson
205 Karlukwees, B.C. W.J. Phillips
206 Tulips W.J. Phillips
207 Mamalilicoola, B.C. W.J. Phillips
208 Field Barn W.J. Phillips
209 The Bather W.J. Phillips
210 York Boats, Lake Winnipeg W.J. Phillips
211 *Clotham Falls, Sechelt Otto Schellenberger
212 *Siena Charles H. Scott
213 *Old Cannongate, Tolbooth, Edinburgh Charles H. Scott
214 *Desolation Jack Shadbolt
215 *Rhythmic Roots Jack Shadbolt
216 *Study, Horses Kate Smith
217 *Portrait of John P.H. Surrey
218 *Parliament Buildings, Victoria Florence Terry
219 *Study Alice Trudeau
220 *Flora F.H. Varley, A.R.C.A.
221 *Study W.P.Weston
222 *Study W.P.Weston


223 The Queen of Sheba Claude W. Gray, A.R.C.A.
224 The Widow Emanuel Hahn
225 Bronze Doe (Gold-Plated) Emanuel Hahn
226 Grief Francis Loring
227 *Bust of Col. Goodwin Beatrice Lennie
228 *Study - Marianne Beatrice Lennie
229 *The Pioneer J.W.G. MacDonald
230 *The Wounded Soldier Charles Marega
231 *Squamish Indian Charles Marega
232 *Miss Connie Bell-Irving K.R.H. Roberts
233 *Man's Head K.R.H. Roberts
234 *Bronze Plaque H. Faulkner Smith
235 Coureur des Bois A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
236 The Woodcutter A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
237 Le Portageur A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
238 The Old Canadian Pioneer A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
239 Companion to the Old Canadian Pioneer A. Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.
240 Bronze Torso Elizabeth Wyn Wood
241 Man - Tin (pure) Elizabeth Wyn Wood
242 Rebirth Florence Wyle

The price of any picture listed may be obtained on application to the Gallery Office.

Editor's note: Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

The exhibition catalogue also included a page listing an exhibition of 88 "photographic works of art" by John Vanderpant, see separate list.