Edith Wrigley (Miss)

c1863 - April 17 1939

B.C. Society of Fine Arts (Member 1925-1927)
B.C. Society of Fine Arts/B.C. Society of Artists: Exhibitor's Timeline
Vancouver Sketch Club

Edith Wrigley was probably born in England, a year or so before her younger sister Ethel. After coming to Canada, she exhibited in Vancouver with the B.C. Society of Fine Arts from 1917 to 1926. She was a member of the Society from 1925 to 1927, perhaps 1928, but was not listed from 1929 on.

She exhibited work with the Vancouver Sketch Club from at least 1917 to 1920, according to reviews of the exhibitions, and also at the Vancouver Exhibition in 1925.

The City Directories list Wrigley starting in 1914: "Wrigley, Edith painting tchr 1-2737 Oak Street." The next alphabetical listing that year is for Ethel B. Wrigley, a music teacher at the same address, probably her sister.

In 1917 they had both moved to 1112 West Broadway, with same occupations. The 1920 directory (perhaps mistakenly) listed both Edith and Ethel as music teachers. She was listed as an "artist" only beginning in 1921.

On October 8 1921 Ethel married Donald McLean Gordon in Vancouver, his occupation was noted as "Gentleman" on the marriage certificate. He was also living at 1112 Broadway at the time of marriage. Edith was one of the witnesses. Ethel was 47 when she was married, and was born c1874 in Rochdale, England.

In 1922 Donald Gordon is noted as occupation "printer" living with Edith and Ethel at 1112 W. Broadway, Ethel was still teaching music.

From 1922 to 1924 Edith lived at 1112 West Broadway by herself, listed as "artist" only in 1924. By 1925 she had moved to 3824 West 14th. D. Gordon is listed in the 1925 Directory at that address, so it seems Edith had moved into a house with her sister and brother-in-law. The Directory lists her at 3540 West 36th Avenue from 1929 to 1938. She is not listed after that.

B.C. Vital Statistics on-lines gives the information that Edith Wrigley died in Vancouver at age 76 on April 17 1939, probably the artist.



1917 May 5 Sketch Club    Exhibition (titles not known)
1917 Sept. 14 - 22 BCSFA   Eleventh Exhibition On The Fraser
1917 December 1 Sketch Club    Exhibition (titles not known)
1921 Sept. 19 - 24 BCSFA   13th Annual Exhibition Dorothy Perkins
Roses and Old Ivory
Two Pink Roses
1922 Sept. 16 - 23 BCSFA   14th Annual Exhibition Snowdrops
Wall Flowers
1923 May 12 - 19 BCSFA   15th Annual Exhibition Violets
A Stormy Day
1924 May 3 - 17 BCSFA   16th Annual Exhibition Breath of Spring
1925 May 9 - 16 BCSFA   17th Annual Exhibition "Michaelmas Daisies"
1926 May 8 - 15 BCSFA   18th Annual Exhibition Nasturtiums
Flowers and Still Life
1932 May - July VAG   All Canadian Exhibition Spring


CITY & PROVINCIAL DIRECTORIES 1914 to 1938 (refer to DIR)

B.C. VITAL STATISTICS ON-LINE death (no certificate) (refer to BCVS)


"Among the exhibitors were ... Miss E. Wrigley ..."
      From "Social Notes"
      Vancouver Daily World, May 7 1917

"At their new quarters in the Victoria block, the Vancouver Sketch Club had an interesting exhibition on Saturday afternoon. Among the exhibitors were ... Miss Wrigley ..."
      "Many Visitors At Sketch Club"
      Vancouver Daily World, December 3 1917

"Under the professional classification, Miss Edith Wrigley won first prize for any other subject in water colors and second prize for landscape in water colors."
      From "Arts Clubs Active - Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Western Woman's Weekly, September 18 1920

"Miss Edith Wrigley's still life study, "Roses and Old Ivory," was a beautiful piece of work, both in color and technique."
      From "Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Western Woman's Weekly, October 9 1920