Social Notes

from "Vancouver Daily World", May 7 1917

     The Sketch Club held its regular monthly studio tea on Saturday afternoon, and despite counter attractions, there was a very good attendance. The number of exhibits was not as large as last month, but what was lacking in quantity was made up in quality, the sketches being of a high order of merit. By popular vote, Miss Margaret Wake won first place among the professionals, with a portrait of a young girl, and Mrs. Charles Were first place among the amateur exhibitors with a water color sketch of a Stanley Park Scene. Among the exhibitors were Mrs. J.A. Anderson, Mrs. William Frame, Mrs. G.T. Gilpin, Mrs. Lillian Gunn, Mr. Norman Hawkins, Mrs. Lightfoot, Mr. McEvoy, Miss Annie Powers, Miss Petman, Mrs. M.M. Pollok, Mrs. Rankin, Miss E. Wrigley, Mr. C. (sic) McEvoy, Mrs. Pilkington, and Miss Anne Batchelor. There was a fine collection of pictures, ranging from some of the lighter studies in water color to excellent portraits in oils. The members and their friends spent a most enjoyable and profitable afternoon looking over the pictures and later enjoyed a social cup of tea. Miss Mollie Frame presided at the tea hour. A few of those present were: Mrs. J. Anderson, Mr. Norman Hawkins, Mrs. William Frame, Miss Mollie Frame, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Were, Mrs. J.S. Rankin, Miss Betty Rankin, Mrs. Macklin, Miss Batchelor, Misses Helen and Anne Batchelor, Miss Edith Wrigley, Miss Evelyn Lipsett, Mrs. Lipsett, Miss Mable Helyer, Mrs. F.G. Logie, Miss B.E. Wilkinson, Mrs. M.M. Pollok, Miss Alice Cameron, Miss R. Miller, Mrs. G.T. Gilpin, Mrs. Lillian Gunn, Miss Campbell, Miss F.M. Petman, Miss Dorothy Cowperthwaite, Mr. Roy Lipsett, Mrs. Lipsett (duplicate entry), Miss Clara Bridgman.

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