Eighteenth Annual Exhibition

- of the -

British Columbia Society of Fine Arts

May 8th to 16th, 1926 (inclusive)
B.C. Art Gallery, 929 Granville Street
Vancouver, B.C.
By courtesy of THE B.C. ART LEAGUE

President: T.W. FRIPP
Vice President: Mrs. M.O. VERRAL


Miss Theo. Adamson Major R.F. Leslie
Mrs. Melita Aitken Bernard McEvoy
James Amess Rev. J. Williams-Ogden
Mrs. Frances C. Ashby Mrs. A.J. Pilkington
Miss Hannah B. Bruce M.C. Raynard (sic)
Mrs. K.S. Brydone-Jack C.H. Scott
Mrs. Stateira Frame John Scott
Mrs. A.C. Goodall Capt. George Thornton Sharp
H. Hood Mary I. Stoddard (Mrs. G. Cambie)
Mrs. Frank Hoole (Kate A. Smith) Miss Margaret A. Wake
Miss Grace Judge W.P. Weston
S.P. Judge Miss Edith Wrigley
Mrs. Edith H. Killam Mrs. F.J. Wilcocks
John Kyle Mrs. V.M. Brown Webster
R.A. Lort

Hon. Sec.-Treas. Stanley Tytler
Hon. Auditor J.J. Healy


9 Flowers Mrs. M.O. Verral 100.00
10 The Yellow Gown Miss Grace Judge 20.00
11 Primroses Miss Grace Judge 35.00
12 Dooley (Lent by Mrs. G.T. Sharp) Kate A. Smith (Mrs. Frank Hoole) -
13 Flowers in "Gouache" Mrs. M.O. Verral 100.00
14 Via Giovanni Dupre, Siena Charles H. Scott 15.00
15 Child Study Edith E.J. Stoddard 50.00
16 Ponti Rialto Charles H. Scott 12.00
17 Book Illustration Miss Grace Judge 7.00
18 Rue de l'A'no Aveugio, Bruges Charles H. Scott 15.00
19 Pussy Willow Edith E.J. Stoddard 75.00
20 A Student James Amess -
21 Dreaming Edith E.J. Stoddard 50.00
22 Ponte Vecchio, Florence Charles H. Scott 15.00
23 Hazel James Amess -
24 Porte d'Ostende Charles H. Scott 200.00
25 On Waverley Road, N.S. Mrs. Edith H. Killam -
26 Apple Trees Mrs. S.E. Frame 40.00
27 Penzance, Cornwall Mrs. Adela Pilkington -
28 Calendulas Mrs. K.S. Brydone-Jack -
29 In a Garden by the Sea Mrs. Frances C. Ashby -
30 Charles Quick (Saddler) Miss Margaret Wake -
31 Camp Mrs. Edith H. Killam -
32 Clouds, St. John River Mrs. Edith H. Killam -
33a Sophie Miss Margaret Wake 150.00
34 Clearing After Rain, Hope, B.C. H. Hood -
35 Kathleen Groves Miss Margaret Wake -
36 Miss Betsey Spohn (Loaned by Dr. Spohn) Mrs. Edna M. Wilcocks -
37 The Pilot House Mrs. S.E. Frame 50.00
38 Mount of the Holy Cross H. Hood 125.00
39 Trolling W.P. Weston 125.00
40 Sun Rising Through Fog W.P. Weston 40.00
41 L'Eglise, Damme Charles H. Scott 50.00
42 A New England Homestead Mrs. Edna M. Wilcocks 25.00
43 Fog, Frost and Sunshine W.P. Weston 40.00
44a Bowen Island H. Hood 35.00
45a A Sunny Day Miss Margaret Lougheed 15.00
46 Yacht Race, English Bay W.P. Weston 100.00
47 Stanley Park Mrs. Edna M. Wilcocks 25.00
48 Fishing Floats Miss Margaret Lougheed 15.00
49 The Bridge Miss Margaret Lougheed 15.00
50 Still Life Mrs. V.M. Brown Webster 25.00
51 Nasturtiums Miss Edith Wrigley 40.00
52 The Screen M.C. Reynard 40.00
53 Mt. Fay, Morning Mists T.W. Fripp 160.00
54 Afternoon Miss Grace Judge 20.00
55 Across the Lagoon, Comox, B.C. T.W. Fripp 15.00
56 One Summer Day S.P. Judge 45.00
57 Still Waters, Alta Lake T.W. Fripp 50.00
58 On the Beach Kate A. Smith (Mrs. Frank Hoole) 10.00
59 Part of Glacier T.W. Fripp 50.00
60 The Sentinels T.W. Fripp 160.00
61 The Forest Edge G. Thornton Sharp 35.00
62 Billy Mrs. K.S. Brydone-Jack -
63 Sunrise Through Smoke T.W. Fripp 35.00
64 The Mouth of the Fraser G. Thornton Sharp -
65 Under the Trees S.P. Judge 35.00
66 The Edge of the Lake (Burnaby) Stanley Tytler 75.00
67 Flowers and Still Life Miss Edith Wrigley 50.00
68 The Wood Pile Kate A. Smith (Mrs. Frank Hoole) 20.00
69 Indian Village S.P. Judge 35.00
70 Poppies Miss Margaret Wake 75.00
71 The Umbrella Mrs. S.E. Frame 50.00
72 Milton Pond, Yarmouth, N.S. Mrs. Edith H. Killam -
73 The Connoisseurs James Amess -
74 Barbara, Daughter of Mrs. William Murray Kate A. Smith (Mrs. Frank Hoole) -

The Pictures bearing the following numbers are part of the B.C. Art
Permanent collection:

The Clark & Stuart Co., Ltd.