Many Visitors At Sketch Club

Large Attendance When Local
Artists' Work is Displayed
- Names of Those Present

from "Vancouver Daily World", December 3 1917

     At their new quarters in the Victoria block, the Vancouver Sketch Club had an interesting exhibition on Saturday afternoon. Among the exhibitors were Mrs. T. Anderson, Mrs. G.M. English, Mrs. Will Frame, Mrs. G.T. Gilpin, Mrs. Lilian Gunn, Mr. Norman Hawkins, Mrs. M.B. Hamilton, Mrs. Killam, Mrs. S. Lee, Miss A. Power, Miss R. Petman, Mrs. M.M. Pollok, Mrs. Pilkington, Mrs. Rankin, Miss V. Spencer, Miss Wrigley, Mrs. Leslie Wright, Miss Wake
     Their works in oil, water colors and pastels were quite up to the usual high standard.

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