"Vancouver Sketch Club"

from "Artists And Their Doings", Western Woman's Weekly - October 9, 1920

     Many invited guests enjoyed the hospitality of the Vancouver Sketch Club at the monthly exhibition held on Saturday. (Oct.2, 1920). Tea was served by Mrs. John Scott and Mrs. Bulger.
    The work arranged was varied and interested. Mr. Tom Fripp showed some of his beautiful landscapes, including "Lake Louise", "The Lions", from North Vancouver, "A Grey Day On The Coast", and "Old Hatzic Bridge", also a very finely executed landscape in charcoal.
    Miss Margaret E. Wake's portrait in oils was a charming child life study, and her "Gay Bunch Of Flowers" in an old blue china pottery jar, was happy and cheering.
    Miss Marion E. Jack showed two portrait studies, done at the club's evening life class, also landscapes in oil and water color, two of them being sketches done in Palestine.
    Miss Edith Wrigley's still life study, "Roses and Old Ivory," was a beautiful piece of work, both in color and technique. Miss Conran's delightful sketch of Stanley Park with its bright autumn tints was much admired. Miss Maud Sherman had two water color landscapes, both of which were excellent in colour and drawing. Mr. R.S. Sherman's "Seton Lake" was also very good. Mr. John Scott's charcoal drawings, most of them done at the evening life class, were exceedingly well done. Mrs. L. Killiam exhibited two fine landscapes in oils; "The Sunny Shore," and "Camping Out", which were much admired for their strength and color. Mrs. Ida Mackay a new member was represented by a sketch of Cathedral Rock and Falling Leaf Lake, California; Mr. J.W. Laing by a water color of "Seaside Park, Howe Sound," and "Mountain Reflections"; Mrs. A.J. Pilkington by a panel of Pink and Crimson Roses; Mrs. J.S. Rankin by water color sketches of "Dead Man's Island," and "Boats at Anchor"; Miss Batiste by four sketches of Savary Island; Mrs. Baron by a flower study in oils and two landscapes; Miss M.E. Lightfoot by two water color sketches; Mr. Francis Walker by a charming little sketch of a wee Belgian girl, entitled "A Welcome Crust, Over There"; Mrs. Geo. T. Gilpin by a sketch of a most natural looking little boy, "Buddy"; Mr. R. Mather by an interesting sketch of the Lumber Industry; Miss F. Petman by pen and ink studies; Mr. Musclow by two sketches of the Northern Coast in Pastels; and Mr. V. Timms by pencil studies.
    Among those present were Mr. H.A. Stone, Mrs. L. Bulger, Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, Mrs. Marian E. Jack, Mrs. A.J. Pilkington, Miss Anne Batchelor, Miss Margaret E. Wake, Mrs. L. Killiam, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Gilpin, Mr. J. Wood Laing, Miss Edith Wrigley, Miss M. Lightfoot, Mr. Robt. Jolly, Mrs. C.A.W. Whitehead, Mrs. St. J. Barchard (Toronto), Mrs. J.B. Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Couper, Mrs. C. Couper, Mrs. Schou, Mrs. R.P. Sherris, Miss Kathleen Macdonald, Miss Florence Petman, Miss G.A. Hamilton, Miss W.F. Skill, Miss Edith McConnell, Mrs. J.P. Feguson, Mr. Thos. W. Fripp, Miss Dorothy Elliott, Mrs. Jayne Harbottle, Master Jeffery Harbottle, Miss M. Conran, Miss Ethel Fonda, Miss M.H. Craig, Mr. L. Bulger, Miss C.V. Rogers, Miss Mary Bruce, Mrs. Orr, Miss Lois Underwood, Mr. C.F. Heeny, Miss Leone Morris, Miss Pansy Morris, Miss Jean S. Drummond, Miss Mary Wood, Miss Grace French, Miss Jennie G. Alcock, Mrs. J.S. Rankin, Miss Helen Rankin, Miss E. Batiste, and Mr. Jas. Maloney.