Miss Elizabeth Batiste


Batiste Costume Company
Vancouver Sketch Club

Miss E. Batiste exhibited in Vancouver from 1918 to 1920 with the Vancouver Sketch Club.

The 1918 Henderson's City Directory lists Batiste Costume Co. (Elizabeth Batiste) 800 - 318 Homer Street, and also lists Batiste, Elizabeth of Batiste Costume Co r 1624 Alberni. She was not listed in the 1916 or 1917 Directories. No other Batistes are listed. In 1919 her home address is listed as West Vancouver. By 1920 the costume company was at 51 - 445 Granville Street, and her residence is listed as Altamont. In 1921 her residence is listed as Water Front 28th and 29th Sts (W Van). She was listed for the next two years, but is not listed in the 1924 Directory.

(Editor: as a historical side note, I once worked at 800 - 318 Homer Street as Production Manager for Parallel.AT Services.)

She apparently visited Savary Island around 1920, showing four sketches done on the island.

1918 April Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (harvest scene in oil)
(harvest scene in oil)
1919 Sept. 6 - ? Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition Fishing Smacks
1920 April 10 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (titles not known)
1920 Oct. 6 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (sketch of Savary Island)
(sketch of Savary Island)
(sketch of Savary Island)
(sketch of Savary Island)



"Miss E. Batiste's two harvest scenes in oil were deserving of the notice they attracted, though the critic would like to see a warmer color scheme throughout."
      From "Miss Neilson Terry is Guest of Sketch Club"
      Vancouver Daily World, April 1918

" ... "Fishing Smacks" by Miss E. Batiste."
      From "Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work"
      Vancouver Daily Province, September 8 1919

"Miss M. Conran, Mrs. George T. Gilpin, Miss Batiste, Mr. Laing, and Mr. J. Scott, with two clever portraits in charcoal, all helped to keep up the credit of the club."
      From "Art Exhibits Fewer But Maintain Standard"
      Vancouver Daily Province, April 13 1920

"Miss Batiste (was represented) by four sketches of Savary Island."
      From "Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Western Woman's Weekly, October 9 1920