Vancouver Daily Province, September 8 1919

Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work

Beautiful Collection of Summer Views Is Admired

     Judging by the large collection of pictures on view at the Vancouver Sketch Club on Saturday afternoon, when the opening of the fall season took place, the members have been far from inactive during their summer recess, but on the other hand, have been very industrious, some members showing two and more sketches. A large attendance marked the opening view, and much favorable comment was heard on all sides pertaining to the many works of art in oil, pencil, and water colors. Mrs. Pilkington and Mrs. Pollock presided at a well-appointed tea table made bright with bowls of royal purple astors and foliage, and were assisted by Miss Macklin and Miss Dorothy Brooks. Notable among the exhibits was a cleverly drawn sketch of "Sunset on Lake and Mountain" by Miss Maud Sherman, a maiden of 15 summers, a pupil of Mr. T. Tripp (sic) who had also on view a sketch of "Mount Cheops from Mt. Abbot," and "The Rock Slide." Other exhibits were "A Cottage at Seaton Street" by Miss M. Conran; "Beacon Hill," "Foul Bay," and "Alberni," also by the same artist. "A Sandy Desert Shore," by R.S. Sherman. A number of mountain and lake views of Howe Sound were shown by Mr. J.W. Lang (sic). "Fishing Smacks" by Miss E. Batiste. "A Turkey and Her Brood," "A White Baby Calf," and "Purple Hills at Eventide" by Mrs. G.T. Gilpin. "By Lake and Mountain," by Mrs. Lightfoot; "Portrait of a Lady," and "The Hindu" by Mrs. H.D. Brydone-Jack; "Indian Basket Seller" by Miss Wake. "A Cottage Garden" by Mrs. Pilkington. "Forest Fire at North Vancouver," "Bowen Island," and "Lynn Valley" by Mrs. G.C. Keen; "The Narrows," and "Sleeping Beauty Mountains," by Mrs. J.S. Rankin; "Study of Yellow Field Flowers," and "A Lady in Blue" Mrs. M.M. Pollock; "Reproduction of the Madonna and Child," Mrs. Kells; "The Lions," "A Study of a Head," and "Portrait of his Sister" by Mr. Faul-Smith; "A Woodland Scene," and "A Child's Head," by Mrs. J. Anderson. Three pencil sketches of water scenes near Capilano, executed by Mr. John Scott, elicited much individual praise for their wonderfully executed details.
     (list of exhibition attendees not transcribed)