Miss Mildred Mary M. Conran

c1870 - April 9 1952

Vancouver Sketch Club
B.C. Society of Fine Arts

Miss Mildred Conran exhibited in Vancouver from 1919 to 1922 with the Vancouver Sketch Club, and in 1924 with the B.C. Society of Fine Arts.

According to B.C. Vital Statistics on-line, she died in Vancouver on April 9 1952 at the age of 82.

1919 Sept. 6 - ? Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition A Cottage at Seaton Street
1920 Feb. 7 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (landscape)
1920 April 10 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (titles not known)
1920 Oct. 9 - ? Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (sketch of Stanley Park)
1921 Sept. 19 - 24 BCSFA   13th Annual Exhibition Capilano River
1921 Nov. 5 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (portrait sketch)
1922 April 1 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (view of the old station)
1924 May 3 - 17 BCSFA   16th Annual Exhibition Lost Lagoon
Stuart Island
Lynn Creek
1925 May 9 - 16 BCSFA   17th Annual Exhibition An Old Barn
Indian Cottages, Stanley Park
1933 Dec. 1 - 17 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Brockton Point
Mt. Sonora, Yuclataw
On the Cliffs, Victoria
1946 Aug. 13 - 25 VAG   Stanley Park in Pictures Lumberman's Arch
Old Indian Cottage
The Lonesome Pine




"Other exhibits were "A Cottage at Seaton Street" by Miss M. Conran ... "
      From "Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work"
      Vancouver Daily Province, September 8 1919

" ... Miss Conran (was represented) by a pleasing water color landscape; ... "
      From "Sketch Club Has Resumed Exhibitions"
      Vancouver Daily World, February 9 1920

"Miss M. Conran, Mrs. George T. Gilpin, Miss Batiste, Mr. Laing, and Mr. J. Scott, with two clever portraits in charcoal, all helped to keep up the credit of the club."
      From "Art Exhibits Fewer But Maintain Standard"
      Vancouver Daily Province, April 13 1920

Miss Conran's delightful sketch of Stanley Park with its bright autumn tints was much admired."
      From "Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Western Woman's Weekly, October 9 1920

"The exhibitors were: ... Miss Conran, Mrs. A.J. McKenna, Mrs. F.C. Ashby, portrait sketches; ... "
      From "Many View Sketch Club Exhibit and Much Work Shown"
      Vancouver Sun, November 7 1921

"Three charming watercolors by Miss Margaret Conran attracted much attention, and especially the view of the old station."
      From "Sketch Club Tea Enjoyable Event; Good Work Shown"
      Vancouver Daily World, April 3 1922