Sketch Club Tea Enjoyable Event; Good Work Shown

Vancouver Daily World, April 3 1922

     The Sketch Club members entertained their friends at a very enjoyable tea and exhibition, Saturday afternoon, when Mrs. Stateira Frame and Mrs. Donald Downie presided over the dainty tea table. Those assisting were Mrs. Conran, Miss Christie and others. There was an interesting display of recent work. A magnificent watercolor of British Columbia mountain scenery by Mr. Thos. Fripp was admired. Miss Edith Wrigley contributed a rich toned painting of wall-flowers excellently done. Mrs. Graham (sic) Harvey displayed a handsome scene of Swiss mountains, and a Victoria marine view. Mrs. (sic) John Laing's sombre toned watercolor of Boundary Bay was most successful. A distinctive note was cast by Miss Christie's decorative panel, while her clever pencil portrait was also much admired. Freshness was the dominating note in Mr. John Scott's watercolor. Mr. Dermot McEvoy contributed an artistic oil landscape, and four good pencil sketches. Decidedly refreshing were the two dainty watercolors by Mr. Jolly. Mrs. Dan McLellan's interior was distinguished for its skilful combination (of) rich colors. Miss Maud Sherman's watercolor of a shack on Savary Island created much interest. Mrs. Donald Downie displayed two tasteful watercolors of local scenery. Mr. Maloney showed a well executed still-life in oil, and a pretty scene of English Bay. A colorful sunsets (sic) scene was contributed by Mrs. Whinning (sic), also several pencil sketches. Three charming watercolors by Miss Margaret Conran attracted much attention, and especially the view of the old station. Mrs. T.D. Bulger displayed two artistic scenes. Vivid coloring was characterized by Miss Thrupp's still life. Mrs. Rankin hung a scene of The Lions, done in her usual distinctive style. Clever pencil sketches and also a pretty pastel landscape were shown by Mr. Amess. Miss Bastin was represented by a skilfully done pastel of a young girl. Much credit is due to Mrs. Mariacher for her splendid portrait of a girl. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Baron contributed handsome paintings.