Vancouver News-Herald, April 17 1943

"Atelier Sketch Club" Show at Gallery

Office, Shipyard Workers Find Relaxation In Drawing

by Browni Wingate

     After a long day's work - in office, shipyard or war industry, leaving a pleasant fireside to spend the evening at work with pencil and paint does not seem to suggest rest and relaxation.
     But that is what it means to the members of the Atelier Sketch Club, a group of people who share a place to draw, a model and the stimulation of a common interest.
     Some of the present regular members are, Dorothy S. Cope, a decorator of wooden ware, Margaret Harrison, a secretary, Harry Hunt, Government employee, Tommy Fletcher, shipyard worker, Cliff Fowler, commercial artist, A.W. Tickle, retired architect from Hong Kong and A. Morton, retired government employee.
     And the reason these people belong to the club is a simple one. As Margaret Harrison said, "I want to draw - so here I am."
     To Harry Hunt an evening with the Atelier means relazation. "No matter how tired I am, after drawing for half an hour I am refreshed. It is probably the complete change from routine work."
     The Atelier was formed in 1939 under the impetus give some night school students by chance reading of an article on the London Sketch Club in an old "Picture Post".
     Clubrooms rented in a downtown building were the scene of the weekly meetings until the war disrupted the attendance. For the past months the club has met every Friday at the home of Harry Hunt, 3254 West 10th.
     During the four years of its existence the Atelier has had many members, and its third annual exhibition is currently on view at the Art Gallery.
     Ex-members including D. Duncalfe of San Francisco have contributed work to the show, which is one of the liveliest that has been on the gallery walls for many months.
     A healthy sign is the variety and individuality of the work. No matter how closely these people have worked together, each has retained a distinct and different style.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library