David Spencer Ltd. Store Topics, Christmas number, December 1929

By (editor)

      We are indeed grateful to old friends and new who have spared some of their precious time at this season to help make Store Topics a real holiday issue.

      To Mr. Walker (Jervis and Walker Studios) [sic: Jarvis] an apology is due. Owing to the pressure of Anniversary affairs we omitted in the previous issue to thank him for the excellent sketch of the arcade which forms a more or less permanent cover for Store Topics. Mr. Walker is well known to Store Topics readers through his clever cartoons which he has so frequently contributed. We have heard several favorable comments and we hope our readers are all equally pleased with Store Topics in its new dress. Thank you, Mr. Walker.

      Mrs. G.W. Armstrong (Georgeana McMahon) is always very generous when we approach her on behalf of our magazine. The sketches on the front and back are from her skillful fingers.

      May we introduce Mrs. Oke, the clever artist of the silhouettes. Mrs. Oke is a very happy addition to our staff. You will find her at home in the Interior Decorating Department.

(Editor's note: Jarvis and Walker Studios are listed in the Vancouver city directories from 1929 to 1932.)