Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletin, November 1943


     We have pleasure in recording the Judges' findings in connection with the awards of medals and certificates for the 12th Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition as follows:

     Myfanwy Spencer Campbell, well known Vancouver portrait painter, has been awarded the Beatrice Stone Silver Medal for an oil painting of a high order of merit. The prize-winning picture is a striking portrait of Judith Robinson, noted Canadian writer. Mrs. Campbell, whose painting name is "Myfanwy," was born in Victoria and received her early education in that city; later she pursued her studies in Montreal, London and France. She studied painting in London with the distinguished artist, Augustin Booth. Work by Myfanwy has been exhibited locally, with the Ontario Society of Artists, and other places. By her painting she has materially assisted the funds of the Canadian Red Cross Society.

     T.W. Greaves of Vancouver gained the Association Bronze Medal for Pastels with his painting, "Thawing." Born in India, Mr. Greaves has lived in British Columbia for eighteen years. He studied painting in England under distinguished teachers and he has exhibited in the Gallery's Annual Exhibition for ten years. In 1938, Mr. Greaves won the Association Bronze Medal for a black and white drawing.

     The Association Bronze Medal for a watercolour painting of a high order of merit goes to Illingworth H. Kerr of Vancouver. Born in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Mr. Kerr has been a resident of British Columbia for the past three years. He received his art training at the Ontario College of Art and the Westminster School of Art, London, England. Exhibitions in which this artist's work have been shown include the Royal Canadian Academy, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Montreal Art Society and others. His work has also been exhibited in previous B.C. Artists' Exhibitions. The prize-winning picture is entitled "Qu'Appelle Valley, Winter."

     A charcoal drawing of Jan Cherniavsky, distinguished Vancouver musician, executed with great sympathy and psychological insight, gains for Myfanwy Spencer Campbell the Association Bronze Medal in the Graphic Arts Class. This event marks the first occasion on which one artist has won two medals in a single exhibition.

     "Fear," a massive wood sculpture by David E. Purrott of Vancouver gains the Association Bronze Medal in the Sculpture division. Mr. Purrott is a native of Vancouver and was educated at the Vancouver Heights Public and Vancouver Technical Schools; he also studied at the Vancouver School of Art. This is the first occasion on which Mr. Purrott has exhibited work in the Vancouver Art Gallery.

     Honourable Mention 1 for oil paintings went to George Goutiere of West Vancouver for "The Man on the Bench"; the second Honourable Mention was given to Nan Lawson Cheney of Capilano for her painting, "British Columbia River."

     In the pastel class, Honourable Mention 1 was gained by Stanley E. Brunst of Vancouver for his picture "Organization," whilst W.K. Caufield of Port Alberni was awarded the second Honourable Mention for "Industry."

     The first Honourable Mention in the watercolour class went to John A. Korner for "Crescendo," the second to Dorothy Bell for her painting "Sun Bathers."

     "Mike," by Peter Aspell of North Vancouver gained the first Honourable Mention in the black and white class, whilst Lionel A. Thomas' "Study for Jeun Canadien" received the second Honourable Mention. Mr. Thomas is a well-known Vancouver portrait painter.

     In the sculpture division, E.S. Hodges of West Vancouver was awarded first Honourable Mention for his wood carving, "Law," whilst Mollie Carter of Vancouver received the second Honourable Mention for her "Jar - Indian Motif."

     The thanks of the Association are tendered to the three Judges, Dr. A.F.B. Clark, Dr. C.E. Dolman, and Mr. J. Delisle Parker, who devoted the whole of one Sunday morning to studying the exhibits and making their awards.

     Incidentally it may be mentioned that the 12th Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition, of which the winning of the medals and certificates noted above formed a part, established three records: public attendance totalling 8021 visitors, catalogue sales of 1049 copies and picture sales to the total of twenty-three. These figures have not been approached in any B.C. Artists' Exhibition hitherto held.

     We are asked by Mr. Lawren Harris, Chairman of the Exhibition Committee, to say that the Committee will welcome written expressions of opinion from members as to the desirability of repeating the "Non-Jury" plan tried this year in succeeding exhibitions. Letters should be addressed to the Curator.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library