The Beatrice Stone Medal

Presented by Mr. H.A. Stone 1933

Mr. H.A. Stone was heavily involved in the foundation of the Vancouver Art Gallery. When the art gallery began its annual B.C. Artists exhibitions, Stone presented the Beatrice Stone award in honour of his wife Beatrice Hetty Stone who had died on August 16 1933 at the age of 69. The prize was first awarded during the Second Annual B.C. Artists exhibition.

The rules governing the award of the medal were as follows:

     "To be awarded during the Annual Exhibition of B.C. Artists of pictures painted during the previous 12 months.

     To the exhibitor whose picture, in colours, is judged as being of the highest standard of art exhibited.

     Except that this medal will be awarded only once in five years to the same artist.

     Open to those having resided and still reside within the Province for two consecutive years.

     Judges will be appointed annually by the Council of the Art Gallery Association."

These rules were approved by the Gallery's Exhibition Committee on January 3, 1933. Despite the apparent simplicity of the rules, there was a bit of an uproar when the first year's prize was awarded to a watercolour painting. Stone had apparently only intended for oil paintings to win, and protested the award. The rules were amended slightly to make only oil paintings eligible for the prize. Somewhat ironically the 1940 prize was awarded to a watercolour.

Vera Weatherbie's Beatrice Stone medal, courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

Winners of the Beatrice Stone Medal included the following:

Year Artist Painting
1933 Margaret Carter The Berry Pickers
1934 Vera Weatherbie My-E-En
1935 P. Ustinow Portrait of "Maestro: Fabri"
1936 Max Maynard Cowichan Lake Landscape
1937 Paul Soldatkin Abandoned Mill
1938 Maisie Robertson Polo Pony
1939 Jane Billaux Mme. Lamboit
1940 Fred Amess Artists in a Wind (w/c)
1941 Jack Shadbolt Still Life with Casava Melon
1942 Jane Billaux Seated Figure
1943 Myfanwy Spencer Campbell Judith Robinson
1944 Gladys K. Ewan Study in Light
1945 (ceased being awarded)