Major Art Award to CASF Officer at B.C. Artists Annual Exhibit

Many Distinguished Works in Art Gallery Show

Vancouver Sun - October 7 1940

     Beatrice Stone medal awarded annually by the Vancouver Art Gallery for a painting in oil of a high order of merit is this year awarded to Lieut. Marcel Godfrey for his painting, "Signor Rossi," it was announced by the Art Gallery Council today.
     A veteran of the First Great War, Lt. Godfrey, artist, writer, and traveller, came to British Columbia five years ago and established a studio at Oyama. In 1936 (sic: 1937) he held a successful one-man show at the Art Gallery here. At present he is serving with H.M. Forces at a West Coast depot.

     As previously announced, this year's B.C. Artists   Exhibition sees the institution of an Association Bronze Medal for a work in pastels of a high order of merit.
     This has been awarded to Miss Bessie A. Fry, New Westminster, for her painting "Rocky Mountain Study." Miss Fry has been a regular contributor to Gallery exhibition(s) for years and has also exhibited in Eastern Canada. She is a member of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts and an art teacher of wide experience.
     The Association Bronze Medal for a watercolor painting of a high order of merit goes to Gordon J. Munro, New Westminster, for his painting, "Farmyard." Mr. Munro, a native of Victoria, attended Burnaby High School and received his early art training under F.H. Varley, A.R.C.A., subsequently attending evening classes at the Vancouver School of Art, under P. von Ustinow. He is a commercial artist by profession.

     Mrs. Irene Hoffar Reid, West Vancouver, receives the Association Bronze Medal for work in black-and-white of a high order of merit for her drawing, "The Valley." Mrs. Reid is one of the original students of the Vancouver School of Art.
     "Youth," a carving in black stone, gains for its creator, Miss Doris LeCocq, A.R.M.S., the Association Bronze Medal for a piece of sculpture in a high order of merit. Miss LeCocq, a native of England, came to Canada some years ago and is a teacher of pottery and sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art.
     The special silver medal awarded for the first time by W.H. Malkin, president of the Art Gallery, has been awarded to Fred A. Amess, supervisor of night classes at the Vancouver School of Art for his painting "Artists in the Wind." English by birth, Mr. Amess graduated from the South Vancouver High School and was one of the originial students at the Vancouver School of Art. He later studied in London and Paris.

     The customary honorable mentions have been made as follows: Oil Paintings: W. Charles Forrest, Courtenay, "New Mexico"; Miss Lorraine E. Hodge, West Vancouver, "Happiness." Pastels: Lieut. Marcel Godfrey, "Peonies and Lily"; Baroness Herry, Vernon, "Sunset Impromptu." Watercolors: Jack L. Shadbolt, Vancouver, "Winter Landscape"; John Ensor, Victoria, "Henry Bulwer, Esq." Black and white: Miss Christina D. Kennedy, Vancouver, "Head of a Woman"; Mrs. J.R. Morgan, Queen Charlotte Islands, "Skidgates." Sculpture: Phlip Butterfield, Vancouver, "James Butterfield, Esq."; "Fairlie", Vancouver, "Flame No. 2."
     Medals and certificates of merit will be presented to the winners at a private ceremony to be held on conclusion of the Art Gallery Council meeting on Oct. 18.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library