Oil Paintings by Marcel Godfrey

Vancouver Art Gallery

May 25 to June 6th, 1937

1 Winter in Vernon
2 National Park, Revelstoke
3 A Polynesian Road Mender
4 Eventide
5 "Incognito"
6 Hoskin's Mill, Lamorna, Cornwall
7 Mating Palms, Tahiti
8 Papeete Harbour, Tahiti
9 Golden Glory
10 End of the Rainy Seaon, Tahiti
11 Fading Tulips
12 Vahini (Tahitian Woman)
13 Loading Copra at Papeete
14 The Commonage, Vernon
15 Evening at Teahuppo
16 Princess H--- of Morea, Tahiti
17 Narcissi
18 A Tuscan Peasant
19 Majorcan Courtyard
20 Gabriel's Ash, Lamorna
21 Apple Blossoms in the Okanagan
22 The "Nineteenth", Revelstoke Golf Club
23 Azaleas
24 After the Storm, Hellebek, Denmark
28 Tregenza Cottage, Mousehole, Cornwall
29 Evening, Revelstoke
30 The Old Meat Market, Mousehole
31 The Cobbler's Shop, Mousehole
32 Main Street, Mousehole
33 First Signs of Spring, Long Lake, Oyama
34 Autumn in My Garden, Oyama
35 First Snows in the Okanagan
36 Columbia River, Revelstoke
37 Etude d'une femme
38 Island Road, Tahiti
39 "Monica"
40 The Kelvin Arms, Mousehole
41 The Copper Kettle and the Buddha
(kindly lent by Joe Edgar, Vernon)
42 Prospect Point
43 Stanley Park
44 Mount Baker from the British Properties
45 Coal Harbour
46 Looking Towards Grouse Mountain
47 Cook's Bay, Morea
48 Dogwood, A Study
(kindly lent by Mrs. Frank Lee)

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Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.