Vancouver Art Gallery B.C. Artists' Medal Awards

As I reference more early newspaper clippings, information about the various medals awarded during the Vancouver Art Gallery series of B.C. Artist exhibitions has slowly become clearer. I found that I had made a few mistakes, attributing the "Beatrice Stone Medal" award to artists who had won the Association Bronze medal, or the short-lived W.H. Malkin Silver medal. It finally made sense to put all the information into a single table.

Much of the information was provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library and Archives, especially a compilation of Beatrice Stone winners from (retired) Librarian Cheryl Siegel. Art Gallery Bulletins provided lists of winners, as did a variety of newspaper clippings. Honorable Mentions are not included in the table.

The first annual BC Artists' exhibition is listed because the exhibition entry form stated that there would be "silver and bronze medals" awarded, but the Editor has yet to find a list of recipients for that year.

Year Beatrice Stone W.H. Malkin Watercolour B & W Pastel Sculpture
1932 n/a n/a n/a
1933 Margaret Carter n/a n/a
1934 Vera Weatherbie n/a n/a
1935 Plato von Ustinow n/a R.S. Scott Clark Stevenson n/a Joseph F. Watson
1936 Max Maynard n/a Mabel Bain E. Hembroff-Brand n/a Dr. Elmore G. Kemp
1937 Paul Soldatkin n/a Otto Schellenberger Beatrice Burroughs n/a Olea Davis
1938 Robert G. Davidson n/a Clara L. Millar T.W. Greaves n/a Maisie Robertson
1939 Jane Billaux n/a Fred Amess Beulah Jaenicke n/a Marjorie Robertson
1940 Marcel Godfrey Fred Amess Gordon J. Munro Irene Hoffar Reid Bessie A. Fry Doris LeCocq
1941 Jack Shadbolt Harry Hood B.C. Binning Irene Catelle Porter J. Agnes MacDonald
1942 Jane Billaux
1943 Myfanwy S. Campbell Illingworth Kerr Myfanwy S. Campbell T.W. Greaves David E. Purrott
1944 Gladys K. Ewan Fred Amess W.J.B. Newcombe Joseph F. Plaskett Nancy Nelles Arkell
1945 n/a Myfanwy S. Campbell
1946 n/a n/a
1947 n/a n/a
1948 n/a n/a
1949 n/a n/a
1950 n/a n/a