Vancouver Art Gallery
Second Annual
B.C. Artists' Exhibition

September 22nd to October 15th, 1933

Judging Committee

Willie Dalton, (Chairman)
Mrs. Daniel McLellan
W.G. Murrin
H.A. Stone
S.P. Judge
J.W.G. MacDonald
Major T.V. Scudamore


In June last invitations were issued to the artists of British Columbia to participate in the Second Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition.

The response to this invitation was most gratifying and marks a distinct step forward in the development of the art life of the Province.

Under the Rules of the Exhibition all work exhibited has been commenced and completed within the year ending 22nd September, 1933. The Exhibition may therfore be taken as representative of the current art of British Columbia.

An interesting feature of this year's exhibition is the Beatrice Stone Medal Competition. Special judges have been appointed by the Council of the Association and the medal will be awarded to the artist whose work in colour wins the highest place in the estimation of the judges.

The most careful consideration has been accorded to each one of the 328 works submitted. The Committee wishes to thank every artist concerned for his or her co-operation. It is hoped that those artists who have been unsuccessful in getting their entries accepted this year will draw from the Exhibition such inspiration as will encourage them to contribute fresh work next year.

     Willie Dalton

Oil Paintings

1 Fred A. Amess Hot Hills
2 Fred A. Amess Wind Twisted Trees
3 Charles F. Barker April Alders
4 Charles F. Barker A By-Path Off the Malahat
5 Reinhold Brandt Midsummer Gift
6 Sybil Andrea Carrick Puppets, Spotty and Jo Jo
7 Edith Carter Portrait of a Lady
8 Margaret Carter Berry Pickers
9 F.E. Craighead Garden Steps
10 Ruth Q. Dickson Mrs. Reynolds
11 Frank William Erridge Clipper Ships
12 Wm. Charles Forrest Beach Camp
13 Bessie Adelaide Fry Cherry Blossom
14 Julius E.L. Griffith Saanich Oatfield
15 Julius E.L. Griffith Morning on the Beach
16 Irene Hoffar The Fishermen
17 Irene Hoffar The Herring Net
18 H. Hood Jeanette
19 H. Hood Jervis Inlet
20 Kate Smith Hoole The Team
21 Kate Smith Hoole Mending the Salmon Nets
22 Ruby Howe Okanagan Landscape
23 J.W. Laing An Old Farm
24 Gertrude Lawson Lagoon and Hillside
25 Maitland Livesey Autumn Sunlight
26 Maitland Livesey Bluebells
27 Margaret Lougheed Landscape
28 Louise A. Loveland Regal Lilies
29 Louise A. Loveland Peonies
30 Eva M. McBain Dogwood from Altamount
31 Clara L. Millar Chrysanthemums
32 Charles Murray Flowery Solitude
33 William J.B. Newcombe A Coast Camp
34 Fanny G. Ogden The Late Rev. Dr. J.A. Logan
35 Dr. J. William Ogden Evening on Howe Sound
36 Gytha Owen Unfinished Field
37 Gytha Owen Portrait
38 Norma Park Mask
39 Adela W. Pilkington The Witch Ball
40 Cecil Pratt Edge of the Grove
41 Cecil Pratt On the Boulevard
42 Bert Quinn Me
43 Bert Quinn Christina Lake
44 Cameron Ramsay Stewart de Trafford Young
45 Cameron Ramsay Alice Elizabeth
46 C.H. Rawson Cree Camp
47 Paul Reynolds Christina Lake
48 Paul Reynolds A Man With a Fez
49 Otto Schellenberger Solitude, Jervis Inlet
50 Mary R. Schooley Scene in Stanley Park
51 Charles H. Scott Ships of Yule
52 Charles H. Scott Contentment
53 Maud Sherman The House in the Valley
54 Frederic Wm. Shore Valley of Ten Peaks
55 Mary Sieburth Autumn Dogwoods
56 H. Faulkner Smith Gypsy
57 H. Faulkner Smith Evening
58 Clark Stevenson Study
59 Clark Stevenson Indian Shack, Cultus Reservation
60 Gordon Kit Thorne Up the Fraser Valley
61 Wanda de Turcxynowicz Piotr
62 P.V. Ustinow Portrait
63 Vera Weatherbie Fisher Boys
64 Vera Weatherbie Canoe Builders
65 W.P. Weston Jotunheim
66 W.P. Weston Winter Solitude


67 Irvine C. Adams Storm Coming
68 James H.O. Amess Bernice
69 Reinholdt Brandt Self Portrait
70 Julius E.L. Griffith Deep Cove
71 Mary Riter Hamilton Miss Isabel Cousier
72 Baroness Herry Summer in the Kalamalka Hills
73 Baroness Herry A Night in June
74 S.P. Judge Rack Rocks
75 B. Campbell Newton Sangha Singh
76 Alexander Paterson Indian Marine
77 Cameron Ramsay Villa D'Este
78 Cameron Ramsay Barga
79 H. Faulkner Smith Rowena
80 H. Faulkner Smith Study in Chalk
81 Marjorie Smyly Study in Red Conte
82 Marjorie Smyly The Red Dress
83 Paul Soldatkin Propagandist
84 Wanda de Turcxynowicz Portrait of Girl in Green
85 Wanda de Turcxynowicz Portrait
86 Helen Van Zand Morning
87 F.C. Winning Portrait of a Girl


88 Amy Lindesay Adamson Mt. Farnham, Selkirk Mts.
89 Melita Aitken A Variety of Peonies
90 Melita Aitken Bowl of Roses
91 Gene Marie Aitkens Estevan Lighthouse
92 Gene Marie Aitkens West Coast Scenery
93 James H.O. Amess Portrait of Peggy Weist
94 Lilian M. Arnould Cultus Lake, B.C.
95 Lilian M. Arnould Cheam Mt., B.C.
96 Frank W. Bater Sunlit Marsh
97 Frank W. Bater Grey Day
98 M. Boond Flower Study
99 Reinholdt Brand A Pleasing Contrast
100 Edith Carter Waterfront
101 Arthur Checkley Stronghold
102 Arthur Checkley Sentinels
103 Robert Coventry Elevator
104 Alfred H. Cowlishaw A Cornish Cove
105 Alfred H. Cowlishaw Breakers
106 F.W. Erridge Kathleen
107 F.W. Erridge Early Morning
108 Harry Fewtrell Moor Park Apricots
109 (no listing)
110 (no listing)
111 Wilfrid E. Freeman Nightfall
112 Bessie A. Fry In the Woods, Midsummer
113 Bessie A. Fry October Study
114 James E. Gerrard Wharf, New England Fish Co.
115 James E. Gerrard Loading Grain, Vancouver
116 D. Laredo Gillen The Backwash
117 D. Laredo Gillen Soliloquy
118 Lois H. Gilpin Moonlight from Grouse Mountain
119 Gwendoline G. Gray February Sunshine
120 Julius E.L. Griffith Three Dinghies
121 Julius E.L. Griffith Figures on the Sand
122 Leonard Hambly Cliff Walk, Ocean Park, B.C.
123 C.W. Holliday The Road to Hope
124 C.W. Holliday The Cliffs of Kalamalka
125 H. Hood Tennis Fans, Stanley Park
126 H. Hood Ranger's House
127 Kate Smith Hoole Solid Comfort
128 Kate Smith Hoole The Big Haystack
129 Grace Judge Breezy Day
130 Grace Judge April Evening
131 May P. Judge The Lions, North Vancouver
132 S.P. Judge Early Morning
133 S.P. Judge Wind and Sea
134 J.W. Laing Morning, Lowe Inlet, B.C.
135 J.W. Laing Rocky Coast, near Victoria
136 Maude M. Lettice An August Afternoon
137 Maude M. Lettice Summertime
138 Gladys Lindemere Gower Point
139 Margaret Lougheed Landscape
140 Malcolm MacKinnon Side Road, V.I.
141 Clara L. Millar Dahlias and Chrysanthemums
142 Clara L. Millar Marigolds
143 Charles Murray Tranquility
144 Wm. J.B. Newcombe In the Tops
145 Alexander Paterson A Haven of Peace
146 Alexander Paterson Coal Harbour and Skyline
147 Alymer (sic) Pratt On Stave River
148 Alymer (sic) Pratt Meadows, Douglas Island
149 Otto Schellenberger New Cargo
150 Otto Schellenberger Lost Lagoon
151 R.S. Scott The Boat House
152 R.S. Scott Dredges
153 G.L. Thornton Sharp The Siesta
154 G.L. Thornton Sharp Denman Island
155 Maud Sherman Wind Blown Firs
156 H. Faulkner Smith Les Adoreurs du Soleil
157 H. Faulkner Smith Water Lilies
158 Marjorie Smyly Capilano River
159 Henry A. Stone Lych Gate, Caulfield
160 Henry A. Stone Lych Gate, Caulfield
161 Gordon Kit Thorne Summer Camp
162 Wanda de Turcxynowicz Portrait of Grant
163 Helen Van Zand A Lodge in the Wilderness
164 Margaret A. Williams Log Cabin, Interior
165 Reginald P. Wilson From the Mouth of False Creek

Black & White

166 Alistair M. Bell Burrard Bridge
167 Alistair M. Bell Gasworks
168 Edith Carter Barry
169 Edith Carter Isobel
170 Margaret Carter Marie
171 Margaret Carter Profile
172 Arthur Checkley The Lake
173 Arthur Checkley The Peak
174 Ruth Q. Dickson Girl Sewing
175 Major C.B. Fowler Sunset O'er English Bay
176 Major C.B. Fowler Book Plates
177 James E. Gerrard Stanley Park, Vancouver
178 Julius E.L. Griffith Grain Elevator (wash drawing)
179 E.F. Hagell Mutual Apprehension
180 E.F. Hagell Winter Yards
181 Kate Smith Hoole The Brood
182 Kate Smith Hoole Study of Geese
183 Grace Judge The Garden Path
184 E.C. Lamarque Falls on Cunningham Creek, B.C.
185 Grace W. Melvin And Night Came
186 Grace W. Melvin Evening Glory, Red Roofs, B.C.
187 Wm.J.B. Newcombe Rock and River
188 Wm.J.B. Newcombe Mountains
189 Norma Park Marge
190 Alexander Paterson Dryburgh Abbey
191 Alexander Paterson Traceried Window, Melrose Abbey
192 C.H. Rawson Colour Wood Cut
193 C.H. Rawson City Gate, Pekin
194 Gordon Arthur Rowland The "Bird in Hand," Long Acre
195 Gordon Arthur Rowland Twickenham Ferry
196 H.F. Snyder Memories
197 H.F. Snyder Shadowplay
198 Gordon Kit Thorne Farm at Rosedale
199 W.P. Weston Devil's Club
200 W.P. Weston Peaks


201 Earl W. Clark Little Brother of the Birds
202 Lilias Farley Congo Child
203 Charles Marega The Day is Done
204 Charles Marega Il Genio
205 Ralph Roberts Stone Carving
206 Maisie Robertson Tiger
207 Margot Sanderson Secrets
208 Barbara Sharp Squirrel
209 J. Francis Watson Portrait Head "Nancy"

The price of any work of art listed may be obtained on application to the office of the Gallery.

Editor's note: Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.