Frank William Bater

February 23 1883 - June 26 1965

Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force

Frank W. Bater was born in Whitechurch, Hampshire, England, and became a brick-layer by trade. He came to Canada c1908, living in Montreal and Winnipeg. On March 4 1916 he signed his attestation paper number 892075 with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, joining the 190th Overseas Battalion. His address was 746 St. Mary's Road, Grand Vital, Manitoba. His mother Jane Bater is listed as his next-of-kin. The answer to question number 8, are you married, was originally typed in as "yes" then crossed off in pen and "no" added. He did not belong to an active militia, and had not served in any "Military Force." There was no further documentation, although an article (noted below) states that he served "overseas three years in a Winnipeg Regiment."

He exhibited work in the 1920 Manitoba Provincial Fair.

He arrived in Vancouver c1928, and exhibited work at the Vancouver Art Gallery in a number of B.C. Artists exhibitions.

After arriving in Vancouver, Bater worked variously as a construction inspector, brick layer, building contractor, and watchman.

He exhibited in the Seattle Art Museum's annual Northwest Artists exhibition in 1929.

Bater is listed in the City Directories from 1928 to 1955 at least, but he is not listed in 1934, nor did he exhibit any artwork in Vancouver that year. In 1935 he was listed again, married to Ethel Swift. The marriage is not listed in BC Vital Statistics, so probably occurred elsewhere. The Manitoba on-line database did not list a marriage certificate. Ethel was born in Sheffield, England, so perhaps the marriage took place there.

Bater exhibited at least one watercolour painting in the David Spencer Ltd. Vancouver Jubilee exhibition in 1936.


Framing label.

In 1944 Bater was one of the artists whose work was rejected from the 13th Annual B.C. Artists exhibition, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The "rejectees" had their rejected work hung in protest at the Galloway-Dorbil Gallery on Granville Street.

He died at Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver in 1965, age 82. He was widowed from Ethel Gertrude Swift in 1959, according to B.C. Vital Statistics on-line. He was living at 2849 East 4th Avenue. His step-daughter signed the certificate. She was living at 2948 East Third.

Listings in BC and Vancouver City Directories:
1927 not listed
1928 Bater, Frank W const insp Can Govt h 2460 Heather
1929 Bater, Frank W brklyr h 2460 Heather
1930 Bater, Frank W brklyr h 420 W Bwy
1931 Bater, Frank brklyr h 420 W Bwy
1932 Bater, Frank brklyr h 420 W Bwy
1933 Bater, Frank brklyr h 420 W Bwy
1934 not listed
1935 Bater, Frank W (Ethel) brklyr h 643 E 23rd
1936 Bater, Frank W (Ethel) brklyr h 643 E 23rd
1937 Bater, Frank W (Ethel) brklyr h 643 E 23rd
1938 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) caretkr Burrard Shingle h 265 E 21
1939 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) caretkr Burrard Shingle h 265 E 21
1940 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr 2873 E 5
1941 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr 2873 E 5
1942 Bate, (sic), Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr 2873 E 5
1943 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) brklyr 2873 E 5
1944 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) wtchmn Burrard Shingle Mill 2873 E 5
1945 Bater, Frank W (Ethel) wtchmn h 2873 E 5
1946 not listed
1947 not listed
1948 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr h 2849 E 4
1949 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr h 2849 E 4
1950 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr h 2849 E 4
1955 Bater, Frank W (Ethel G) bldg contr h 2849 E 4

1920 Manitoba Provincial Fair ?
1929 Seattle Art Museum   Northwest Artists ?
1932 Oct. 5 - 30 VAG   B.C. Artists 1st Annual Capilano
Capilano River, B.C.
1933 Sept. 22 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 2nd Annual Sunlit Marsh
Grey Day
1935 Sept. 20 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 4th Annual Heather
1935 Nov. 22 - Dec. 8 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Edge of the Moor
1936 Aug. 18 - 28 David Spencer    B.C. Artists' Golden Jubilee Capilano (watercolour)
1938 Sept. 16 - Oct. 9 VAG   B.C. Artists 7th Annual Summer Showers, Seymour Creek
1939 Sept. 15 - Oct. 8 VAG   B.C. Artists 8th Annual A Bit of B.C.
1941 Sept. 26 - Oct. 19 VAG   B.C. Artists 10th Annual Sunrise, Indian Arm, B.C.
1943 Sept. 25 - Oct. 20 VAG   B.C. Artists 12th Annual Rainbow Falls
1956 Western Art Circle ?


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"No. 6 Edge of the Moor by Frank W. Bater"
     "Mr. Bater was born in England 50 years ago and is a bricklayer by trade. Has resided in Canada for 28 years having lived in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Served overseas 3 years in a Winnipeg Regiment. Has never received any regular instruction in drawing and painting. First exhibited at Manitoba Provincial Fair in 1920. Many examples of his work have been sold. Resides at 643 E. 63rd Ave. City."
     From "Pictures Purchased From 1935 Christmas Exhibition by Mr. D.N. Hossie"

"As requested, I have visited the Galloway-Dorbils exhibition of rejected work at 942 Granville Street. I noted the names of the following 14 would-be exhibitors in our show: ... F.W. Bater ..."
     From "Re: Galloway-Dorbils Exhibit" by A.S. Grigsby.