Pictures Purchased From 1935 Christmas Exhibition by Mr. D.N. Hossie

Vancouver Art Gallery

No. 6 "Edge of the Moor" by Frank W. Bater         $6.
     Mr. Bater was born in England 50 years ago and is a bricklayer by trade. Has resided in Canada for 28 years having lived in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Served oversears 3 years in a Winnipeg Regiment. Has never received any regular instruction in drawing and painting. First exhibited at Manitoba Provincial Fair in 1920. Many examples of his work have been sold. Resides at 643 E. 63rd Ave. City.

No. 7 "Moonlight on Hatzic Lake" by Owen J. Bennett         $3.
     Mr. Bennett was born in London England in 1885. Son of an artist (commercial wood engraver). He has lived and worked in various capacities in London, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, The Fiji Islands and finally Canada, to which country he came in 1928. He is presently Manager of a Department Store at Mission, B.C. Mr. Bennett studied art under the direction of the Federal School of Commercial Design, Minneapolis Minn. and then took a general course in illustrating from the International Correspondence Schools at Scranton Pa. He commenced to paint landscapes about 15 years ago and has designed stage scenery. His pictures have won prizes in local exhibitions. He resides at Mission, B.C. (Box 71).

No. 25 "In Stanley Park" by George A.F. Foster         $6.50
     Mr. Foster was born in England in 1904 and came to Canada in 1913. Studied art at the Winnipeg School of Art where he won a scholarship. Moved to Vancouver in 1928 and is now employed as a commercial artist. Has only exhibited work on two occasions, viz. The Fourth Annnual B.C. Artists' Exhibition at the Art Gallery and the Christmas Exhibition 1935. "In Stanley Park" was painted in September 1935. This is the first picture Mr. Foster has sold. He resides at 4677 Drummond Drive.

No. 52 "Evening" by W.J.B. Newcombe         $10.00
     Mr. Newcombe was born in Victoria, B.C. 1909. Educated at Victoria and Vancouver. No art training. Exhibited at Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal and Toronto. Has sold about 30 pictures. "Evening" was painted at Ladysmith B.C. in February 1935. Mr. Newcombe resides at 1066 Harwood Street.

No. 92 "Birds" by Robert Johnston Paterson         $4.00
     Master Paterson was born in Vancouver 13 years ago and is a student at The Point Grey Junior High School. Has studied art at school and also in the Saturday Morning Classes at the Vancouver Art Gallery. At 8 years of age he won first prize for a "Safety First" drawing contest organized by the Hudsons Bay Co. He sold a Black and White drawing last year. Resides at 8179 Hudson Ave. Vancouver.

Editor's note: this information is transcribed from a one page document on file at the Vancouver Art Gallery archives.