Seattle Art Museum - Northwest Artists Annual Exhibitions 1914 to 1975


A selection of catalogue covers from 1961 to 1968, from the R.S. Alexander collection.

The Seattle Art Museum sponsored a 60-year long series of annual exhibitions in Seattle called the Northwest Artists. Artists sent work from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, and Alaska for inclusion in the exhibitions. The submissions were always juried, with a regularly changing group of Jurors including artists from Vancouver like R.S. Alexander, John Vanderpant, and Jack Shadbolt.

This list of BC artists with artwork in the exhibitions was culled from a collection of exhibition catalogues on file at the Vancouver Art Gallery Library. It was a bit of a research marathon, four straight hours of squinting at tiny text and typing names and places into this file. That was followed by a few hours of formatting the data and adding all the hyperlinks. It was a surprisingly complete set of catalogues, although a number of them were old photocopies.

For exhibitions listed below where "artist residences not noted" I had to go by my memory of the names of BC artists who would have been active at the time, so there may be artists missing from this list who were actually in one or more of the catalogues.

Artist names are listed as published in the exhibition catalogues. Errors are noted with (sic) where applicable.

Artist residences were in Vancouver unless noted otherwise.

(1st Annual 1914 missing)

2nd Annual 1915. No BC artists.

3rd Annual November 26 1917 to January 1 1918.
Paintings: Frame, Statira

4th Annual March 15 to May 1 1919.
Paintings: Killam, E.H.

5th Annual February 1 to March 1 1920. No BC Artists. Artist residences not noted.

6th Annual February 1 to March 5 1921. No BC Artists. Artist residences not noted.

7th Annual February 5 to March 12 1922. No BC Artists. Artist residences not noted.

8th Annual February 3 to March 15 1923. No BC Artists. Artist residences not noted.

9th Annual April 4 to 30 1924. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Carr, M.E. 2nd Honorable Mention oil "Macaulay Point."

10th Annual March 5 to April 5 1925. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Carr, M.E.

11th Annual March 22 to April 20 1926. No BC artists. Artist residences not noted.

12th Annual March 25 to May 7 1927. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Clymer, J.F.; Young, C. Warburton
Prints and Drawings: Adamson, Theodore (sic) G.

13th Annual April 1 to 30 1928. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Patterson, Viola
Prints & Drawings: Inverarity, R. Bruce

14th Annual September 29 to October 25 1928. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Checkley, Arthur; Clymer, John F.; Inverarity, R. Bruce; Patterson, Viola

15th Annual September 28 to November 3 1929. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Bater, Frank W.

16th Annual October 1 to November 8 1930. Artist residences not noted.
Paintings: Adamson, Theo G.; Bennett, William M.; Carr, Emily; Code, Erma Willard; Frame, Statira; Fripp, Thomas W.; Fry, B.A.; Hembroff, Edythe; Hoffar, Irene; Hood, Harry; Macdonald, J.W.G.; Maynard, Max S.; Menelaws, Will; Patterson, Viola; Smith, Kate A.; Varley, F.H.; Verral, M.O.; Weatherbie, Vera O.; Weston, William P.
Sculpture: Carter, Dudley; Marega, Charles; Lenni (sic), Beatrice

17th Annual September 23 to November 1 1931.
Paintings: Carr, Emily (Victoria); Hembroff, Edythe (Victoria); Macdonald, J.W.G.; Smith, Kate; Varley, F.H.
Sculpture: Lennie, Beatrice

18th Annual October 6 to November 6 1932.
Paintings: Fitzgerald, J. Maurice (British Columbia); Watt, Robin (British Columbia)

(19th Annual 1933 missing)

20th Annual October 3 to November 4 1934. J. Vanderpant Chairman of Jury of Selection.
Paintings: Amess, Fred A. "Sea Mutterings and Me"; Carter, Margaret C. (sic) "Berry Pickers"; Hoffar, Irene; Inverarity, R. Bruce (Seattle); Scott, Charles H.; Williams, Margaret
Sculpture: Lennie, Beatrice "Black Boy" "Grief"; Roberts, Ralph

21st Annual October 2 to November 3 1935.
Paintings: Patterson, Viola (Seattle)
Sculpture: Roberts, Ralph

22nd Annual September 30 to October 31 1936. No B.C. Artists.

23rd Annual September 29 to October 31 1937.
Paintings: Aitken, Melita (Victoria); Varley, Frederick H. (Upper Lynn); Weatherbie, Vera O.
Sculpture: Sager, Peter

24th Annual October 5 to November 6 1938.
Paintings: Wayahok, Sikvoan (British Columbia) "Portrait" oil

25th Annual October 4 to November 5 1939.
Sculpture: Sager, Peter

26th Annual October 2 to November 3 1940.
Paintings: Binning, B.C. (W Vancouver)

27th Annual October 1 to November 2 1941.
Paintings: Munro, Gordon J.; Reid, Irene Hoffar (W Vancouver); Shadbolt, J.L

28th Annual October 7 to November 8 1942. No BC artists.

29th Annual October 6 to November 7 1943.
Paintings: Aspell, Peter N. (Lonsdale); Billaux, Jane; Cheney, Nan Lawson (Capilano); Cianci, Sybil (Hollyburn P.O.); Major, Richard W.; Parker, J. Delisle; Reid, Irene Hoffar; Thomas, Lionel A.

30th Annual October 4 to November 5 1944.
Paintings: Robinson, Cliff A.C.P.E.

31st Annual October 3 to November 4 1945.
Paintings: Dale, Enid; Denton-Burgess, M.

32nd Annual October 2 to November 3 1946.
Paintings: Aspell, Peter N.; Brewton, Inez G. (Victoria); Denton-Burgess, M.

33rd Annual October 1 to November 2 1947.
Paintings: Knoop, John (Victoria)
Sculpture: Brant, Robin (Vancouver Island) "Awkward Fight" wood

34th Annual October 6 to November 7 1948.
Paintings: Brewton, Inez G. (Victoria); Knoop, John (Langford); Shapiro, David

35th Annual October 5 to November 6 1949.
Paintings: Teitelbaum, Mashel
Sculpture: Packard, Peggy Walton (Victoria) Honorable Mention for "Lot's Wife"

36th Annual October 4 to November 5 1950. No BC artists.

37th Annual October 3 to November 4 1951. No BC artists.

38th Annual October 8 to November 2 1952.
Paintings: Thomas, Lionel (N Vancouver) recommended for purchase
Sculpture: de Kergommeaux, Duncan (Victoria)

39th Annual October 7 to November 8 1953.
Paintings: Korner, John; Shadbolt, J.L.
Sculpture: Hume, Robert M.

40th Annual October 7 to November 7 1954.
Paintings: Bobak, Bruno (N Vancouver); Bull, Mary (Kelowna); Elliott, H.H.; Korner, John; Shadbolt, J.L.
Sculpture: Hume, Robert M.

41st Annual November 9 to December 4 1955.
Paintings: Bobak, Bruno (N Vancouver) "Moon over water hemlock" illustrated prize for $100 work of artist under 40; Bobak, Molly (N Vancouver); Hambleton, Jack (N Vancouver); Korner, John; Shadbolt, J.L.

42nd Annual November 8 to December 2 1956.
Paintings: Aspell, Peter (N Vancouver); Denbigh, David (Nanaimo); Gilbert, W. Herbert; Peterson, Margaret (Victoria); Siebner, Herbert (Victoria)
Sculpture: Zach, Jan (Victoria)

43rd Annual December 15 to January 12 1957-58.
Paintings: Deggan, Paul (Abbotsford); Mayrs, William J.B.; Siebner, Herbert (Victoria) "Mark Tobey the White Writer" purchased; van Roechoudt, Anne (Okanagan Centre)
Sculpture: Clothier, Robert A. (W Vancouver) Honorable Mention in Sculpture; Perry, Frank

44th Annual November 6 to December 7 1958.
Paintings: Dale, Greta; Devlin, Joyce (New Westminster); Hamilton, Kathleen (Port Coquitlam); Korner, John; Mayrs, William; Mouat, Dorothy (N Vancouver); Page, Robin; Shadbolt, J.L. "Dark Fruition" illustrated purchased; Shilleto, David; Toppings, M.G.
Sculpture: Butterfield, Myra (W Vancouver); Koochin, William; Oaks (sic), Peter Paul

45th Annual November 5 to December 6 1959.
Paintings: Bobak, Bruno (N Vancouver); Bobak, Molly (N Vancouver) recommended for purchase; Franks, Nona; Gilbert, Herbert; Jarvis, Don (W Vancouver); Jorgenson, Flemming (Victoria); Le Page, Terrance; Macdonald, James A.S.; Mayrs, Wiliam J.B. recommended for purchase; Millyard, H. Tuemp; Paulson, Florence (W Vancouver); Peterson, Margaret (Victoria); Shadbolt, J.L.; Shilleto, D.A.; Siebner, Herbert (Victoria)
Sculpture: Koochin, William

46th Annual November 9 to December 4 1960.
Paintings: Devlin, Murray; Doray, Audrey Capel; Elliott, H.H.; Hamilton, Kathleen (New Westminster); Hunt, Dora A.; Jorgensen, Flemming (Victoria); Korner, John; Macdonald, James A.S.; Mayrs, W.J.B.; Morrison, Irene (W Vancouver); Nielson, Pauline M.; Rees, Geoffrey D.; Saks, Walter (S Burnaby); Siebner, Herbert (Victoria); Smyth, Freda E. (W Vancouver); Stegeman, Charles (W Vancouver)
Sculpture: Hardman, J.N. (Burnaby); Harman, Jack K. (S. Burnaby); Koochin, William (Hopkins Landing); Levitt, Marvin Richard (Richmond)

47th Annual November 9 - December 3 1961.
Alexander, Robert S. (N Vancouver); Andre, Francoise (W Vancouver); Black, Sam; Ciccimarra, Richard (Victoria); Cope, Dorothy (W Vancouver); Crerar, Mary Lou (New Westminster); Elliott, H.H.; Falk, A.; Hambleton, Jack (N Vancouver); Harman, Jack (S Burnaby); Holmes, Reginald (W Vancouver); Hunt, Dora A.; Jarvis, Donald (W Vancouver); Kiyooka, Roy K. Honorable Mention; Korner, John; Lehtsalu, Oskar; Maibauer, U.G. (N. Surrey); Mayrs, William; Morrison, Irene (W Vancouver); Nielsen, Pauline M.; Onley, Toni; Ralph, John; Scott, Charles H.; Siebner, Herbert Honorable Mention (Victoria); Smyth, Freda E. (W Vancouver); Squires, Gerald L.; Wilson, Peter (W Vancouver)

48th Annual November 28 1962 - January 6 1963. Jury Chairman Sam Black.
Adaskin, Gordon; Alexander, Robert S. (N Vancouver); Black, Sam; Breeze, Claude; Browning, Isabel J. (W Vancouver); Caruso, Gordon J.; Cope, Dorothy (W Vancouver); Drummond, Betty Jean; Elliott, H.H.; Hamilton, Kathleen (New Westminster); Korner, John; Mayrs, D. Blair; Scott, Charles H.; Shadbolt, Jack; Siebner, Herbert (Victoria); Smyth, Freda E. (W Vancouver); Stonier, Ronald M. (N Vancouver); Trueman, Richard S. (Vancouver)

49th Annual November 6 - December 8 1963. Jury Chairman Jack Shadbolt.
Alexander, Robert S. (N Vancouver); Bakewell, Nancy (W Vancouver); Bates, Maxwell (Victoria); Black, Betty; Breeze, Claude H.; Burns, Jeanne F. (W Vancouver); Ciccimara, Richard M. (Victoria); Cope, Dorothy (W Vancouver); Drummond, Betty Jean; Elliott, Harold H.; Gryffydd, Rhys; Hamilton, Kathleen (New Westminster); Harvey, Donald (Victoria); Holmes, Reginald; Hooper, Stefanie (Madeira Park); Hunt, Dora A.; Jickling, J.T. (N Vancouver); Jorgensen, Flemming (Victoria); Kiyooka, Roy K.; Korner, John; Lawrance, Barbara (W Vancouver); Long, Joy; Mayrs, David B. (N Vancouver); McKinnon, L.A.; Morrison, Irene (W Vancouver); Nairn, Gary Douglas; Onley, Toni; Payne, Gordon; Rees, Geoffrey; Robertson, Maisie; Ross, Richard B. Honorable Mention; Saks, Walter (S Burnaby); Siebner, Herbert (Victoria); Startup, Jacqueline; Stonier, Ronald M. (N Vancouver); White, Margery S.; Wilson, Robert; Wong, Paul C. Honorable Mention

50th Annual October 15 - November 29 1964.
Paintings: Anderson, King; Bakewell, Nancy (W Vancouver); Breeze, Claude; Clinton, Martina; Cope, Dorothy (W Vancouver); Elliott, H.H.; Goldman, Mona; Jarvis, Don (W Vancouver); Jickling, James (W Vancouver); Morrison, Irene (W Vancouver); Onley, Toni; Saks, Walter (S Burnaby); Sorenson, Norma (W Vancouver); Stanzl, Ingebord; Stonier, Ronald M. (Port Moody); Tanabe, Takao (W Vancouver) recommended for purchase; Trueman, Richard S. Honorable Mention; Wiley, Alice C. (W Vancouver); Wong, Paul C.; Wyndham, Richard W.; Zander, Horst (N Vancouver); Sculpture: Epp, Leonard

51st Annual October 14 to November 28 1965.
Paintings: Alexander, Robert S. (N Vancouver); Bissett, Bill; Breeze, Claude; Fisher, Brian recommended for purchase; Goldman, Mona; Holmes, Reg; Huang, Bau-Xi; Kennedy, Joe (Victoria) Long, Joy (W Vancouver); Miles, Victor (W Vancouver); Onley, Toni Honorable Mention; Payne, Gordon Honorable Mention; Tanabe, Takao (W Vancouver); Wise, Jack "Pandora's Box"
Sculpture: Morgan, Phillip

52nd Annual October 28 - December 4 1966. Juror Toni Onley.
Alexander, Robert S. (N Vancouver); Badgley, Dennis; Barrett, Stephen; Gifford, Brent (New Westminster); Grauer, Sherry; Holmes, Reginald; Long, Joy; Onley, Toni; Painter, Bob; Payne, Gordon; Reid, Ter; Schmidt, Marianna; Trueman, Richard S.; Wallace, Ian; Wong, Paul C.

53rd Annual October 4 to December 3 1967. Juror R.S. Alexander.
Paintings: Balzar, Joan (W Vancouver) purchased; Dobereiner, John (Victoria); Gifford, Brent (New Westminster) purchased; Lott, Richard G. award for artist under age 40; Pfeifer, Bodo; Schmidt, Marianna; Wong, Paul C.; Zander, Horst (N Vancouver)
Sculpture: Brett, Leonard; Thompson, Thomas Bryce

54th Annual October 4 - November 17 1968. Juror Jack Shadbolt.
Balzar, Joan (W Vancouver); Dobereiner, John (Victoria); Gifford, Brent (New Westminster); Goldman, Mona; McGill, M.; Sparling, Sybil (N Vancouver); Wong, Paul C.

55th Annual October 10 to November 16 1969.
Paintings: Balzar, Joan (W Vancouver); Bau-Xi, Huang; Bell-Irving, Joan; Liss, Lawrence; Reid, Terry; Simmons, Steven

56th Annual November 10 to December 13 1970. Juror Doris Shadbolt.
Paintings: Dean, Joyce; Falk, Gathie; Gutemar, George C. (Victoria); McCallum, R.B.; Wong, Paul C.

57th Annual October 22 to December 5 1971.
Paintings: Bell-Irving, Joan; Goldman, Mona; Travers-Smith, Brian (Victoria)

58th Annual November 3 to December 10 1972. No BC artists.

59th Annual January 11 to February 24 1974. Juror Robin Mayor Principal VSA.
Paintings: Michener, Robert (W Vancouver) $200 Northwest painters award; Van Der Mey, Bob (N Burnaby); Wallace, Ken

60th Annual December 13 to January 19 1974-75.
Paintings: Dobereiner, John (Victoria); Huntingford, Dorset (S. Burnaby)