Vancouver Art Gallery
First Annual
B.C. Artists' Exhibition

October 5th - 30th, 1932

Judging Committee

Willie Dalton, (Chairman)
Mrs. Daniel McLellan
H.A. Stone
J.W.G. MacDonald
Major T.V. Scudamore
G.L. Thornton Sharp


It is with both pleasure and pride that the above Committee of the Vancouver Art Gallery presents the First Annual Exhibition of British Columbia Artists.

A total of 330 works of art (pictures and sculpture) were submitted. All these are by living artists. The broadest consideration was accorded to each entry before final selection was made.

It is the desire of the President and Council that the Gallery shall be recognised as an art community centre in the finest sense of the term. To this end the Committee considers that the present Exhibition of British Columbia Artists should prove a creative stimulus as well as an encouragement to every artist whose work was entered.

The Exhibition Committee takes this opportunity of expressing its thanks to every entrant, whether successful or not and to the various Art Societies of British Columbia for the assistance, so freely given, in organizing this Exhibition.

     Willie Dalton

Oil Paintings

1 Peonies, Victoria Melita Aitken
2 The High Dive Fred Amess
3 The Alley M.A. Bain
4 The Coast M.A. Bain
5 Goldstream, Victoria, B.C. C.F. Barker
6 Esquimalt Rosemary Bay
7 Hillside Houses Ernva Willard Code
8 Portrait Study F. Craighead
9 Cattle Robert Forrester
10 Gray's Landing, Kootenay Lake Robert Forrester
11 Two Wrecks Stateira Frame
12 Reflections Mary Riter Hamilton
13 The Rum Runner Mabel Harwood
14 Portrait of a Lady H. Hood
15 Children of Immensity John Innes
16 Summer Night Grace Judge
17 Camp Edith Humphrey Killam
18 Neglected Pastures J.W. Laing
19 Arbutus, Whytecliffe Park G. Lawson
20 Morning on Mt. Edith Cavell G. Lawson
21 A Flower Study Margaret Lougheed
22 The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Park J.W.G. Macdonald
23 The White Forest J.W.G. Macdonald
24 Old Man (Gaslight Study) J. Murdoch
25 Asleep Gytha Owen
26 The Pattern of Life Gytha Owen
27 Abstraction Marje. Park
28 The White House, Isle of Whithorn, Scotland A. Paterson
29 Cosmos Aylmer Pratt
30 The Edge of the Prairie Cecil Pratt
31 Dora C. Cameron Ramsay
32 The Proletarian P.J. Reynolds
33 Thetis Island, B.C. Mary R. Schooley
34 Alfresco Charles H. Scott
35 Spring Song Charles H. Scott
36 Turn of the Tidy, Yuculta Maud Sherman
37 The Pool, Westminster H. Faulkner Smith
38 A Pacific Coast Emblem Helen King Smith
39 A Jam in the Pass J.H. Smith
40 Still Life Kate A. Smith
41 Cossacks P. Soldatkin
42 Marie P.H. Surrey
42a The Pool P.H. Surrey
43 Memory of Pender Harbour L. Thompson
44 Horne Lake, V.I. Gordon K. Thorne
45 Autumn Woods, Burnaby Lake Stanley Tytler
46 The Beach, Qualicum Stanley Tytler
47 Dharana F.H. Varley
48 Fire Ranger's Cabin, Lynn Valley F.H. Varley
49 Toilers of the Sea Malcolm Waddell
50 Land-Locked W.E. Walkden
51 John Vera O. Weatherbie
52 Night Time Vera O. Weatherbie
53 Finis W.P. Weston
54 Summer Evening W.P. Weston

Water Colours

55 The Street Scene Fred Amess
56 A Friend J.H.O. Amess
57 Point Grey M.A. Bain
58 Capilano Frank W. Bater
59 Capilano River, B.C. Frank W. Bater
60 Up the Airy Mountain Olive Allen Biller
61 Straits of Georgia, Cadboro Bay H.H. Cowlishaw
62 Decorative Panel Lilias Farley
63 Portage Inlet E. Fenn
64 A Dogwood Tree B.A. Fry
65 Solitude in Summer B.A. Fry
66 Ocean Falls, B.C. J.E. Gerrard
67 B.C. Rockies Paul Goranson
68 Water Colour Sketch Paul Goranson
69 English Bay T.W. Greaves
70 Mount Baker T.W. Greaves
71 Mount Burgess and Emerald Lake E.J. Harill
72 Head of Old Indian Peggy Harvey
73 Passing Clouds, Mabel Lake, Okanagan C.W. Holliday
74 Concrete Bridge H. Hood
75 Reflections H. Hood
76 Night S.P. Judge
77 The Anchorage S.P. Judge
78 Autumn, Maple Ridge, B.C. J.W. Laing
79 Athabasca River, Alberta E.C. Lamarque
80 Early Morning, Cowichan Bay, V.I. M. Lettice
81 The Fisherman's Quilt Ross Lort
82 Life's Pageant (Illumination) Grace W. Melvin
83 Madonna (Illumination) Grace W. Melvin
84 Chrysanthemums Clara L. Miller
85 View of Jericho Beach John Murdoch
86 Danish Windmill W. Newcombe
87 Interior (Friesian House) C. Oppermann
88 Burrard Bridge A. Paterson
89 Waterfront A. Paterson
90 Evening at Home Aylmer Pratt
91 Evening, Holy Cross Mountain C.H. Rawson
92 Burrard Bridge O. Schellenberger
93 The Crow's Nest O. Schellenberger
94 Indian Village R. Scott
95 Denman Island Ferry G.L. Thornton Sharp
96 The Fraser Fleet G.L. Thornton Sharp
97 The Pool, Phillips River Maud Sherman
98 Fraser River H. Faulkner Smith
99 Mount Whistler, Alta Lake Kate A. Smith
100 Exterior, Chinese Temple M. Smyly
101 Totem Factory, B.C. Gordon K. Thorne
102 Dawn F.H. Varley
103 Early Morning F.H. Varley
104 Flower Study M.O. Verral
105 Illumination on Vellum Margaret Williams
106 The Straits of Juan de Fuca Gladys Woodward
107 Flower C.D. Wright
108 Monty C. Warburton Young
109 Forest Giants P.M. Young
110 Sisters J.H.O. Amess
111 Spring, New Westminster B.A. Fry
112 Summer Evening, Poplar Country B.A. Fry
113 Threshold Michael R.C. Laurie
114 Hong Betty C. Newton
115 Elizabeth Robert Rose
116 Freighter Kate A. Smith
117 Golf Links, Stanley Park Gordon K. Thorne

Black & White

118 Study (Mac) Byron Baillie
119 A Portrait Constance Bonner
120 Parliament Buildings, Ottawa Edward J. Cherry
121 Parliament Buildings, Toronto Edward J. Cherry
122 Wading Elsie Deveu
123 The Great God Pan Neil Duncan
124 The Gateway B.C. Fry
125 Young Tulips B.C. Fry
126 Lambeth Bridge Julius E. Griffith, Jr.
127 Book Illustration Grace Judge
128 The Dream Grace Judge
129 Grand Rapids of the Athabasca E.C. Lamarque
130 The Cabin J.W.G. Macdonald
131 The Cove J.W.G. Macdonald
132 Arbutus and Fir Grace W. Melvin
133 The Cottage in the Cove Grace W. Melvin
134 Study, Old Man J. Murdoch
135 Ballerina Gytha Owen
136 Book Plate Design J. Partridge
137 High Street, Tornes, Devon J. Partridge
138 Lochinch Castle A. Paterson
139 King George V. C.H. Rawson
140 Road to Summerland C.H. Rawson
141 Portrait of Miss Bunting Winifred D. Rushforth
142 Evening in the Cabin Charles H. Scott
143 Smugglers' Cove Charles H. Scott
144 Witch Trees Maud Sherman
145 The Tramp H. Faulkner Smith
146 Study Kate A. Smith
147 The Oriental Ann P. Spilsbury
148 Study P.H. Surrey
149 The Hunter's Return Gordon K. Thorne
150 Drawing of a Head F.H. Varley
151 Pines W.P. Weston
152 Snow Shadows W.P. Weston


153 Bobby (Baby's Head) Beatrice Lennie
154 Bernard McEvoy Charles Marega
155 Goodbye Charles Marega
156 Blackfoot Indian James J. Osborne
157 Bust of a Lady R. Roberts
158 Head P. Ustinow

The price of any work of art listed may be obtained on application to the office of the Gallery.

Editor's note: Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.