Vancouver Art Gallery
Third Annual
B.C. Artists' Exhibition

September 21st to October 14th, 1934

Oil Paintings

1 Fred A. Amess The Record
2 Fred A. Amess Torture and Calm
3 James H.O. Amess Home on the Range
4 M.A. Bain Arbutus
5 Charles F. Barker April Alders, Goldstream
6 Charles F. Barker Stoney Indian Squaw
7 Charles F. Barker Kimquit Squaw
8 Jane Billaux Woman in Mirror
9 Jane Billaux Mood Indigo
10 Art. Calder Across the Street
11 Art. Calder Through the Trees
13 James Dickie Jess
14 Bessie Adelaide Fry In Horseshoe Bay
15 Julius E.L. Griffith Portrait
16 Ruby Henry Portrait
17 Ruby Henry Farmyard
18 H. Hood Flower Study
19 H. Hood Through the Screen Door
20 Kate Smith Hoole The Goose Girl
21 Kate Smith Hoole Three Thousand Feet Up - Lozere France
22 George Hymers Gladiolii
23 Ronald Jackson The Spinnaker Run
24 J.W. Laing Landscape, Pitt Meadows
26 Victor A. Long George McCrossan, K.C.
27 Victor A. Long Mrs. Duncan Carmichael
28 Margaret Lougheed Te-Te Doing a Puzzle
29 Margaret Lougheed Trees
30 Margaret Lougheed Flowers
31 L.A. Loveland Navy Chapel, Esquimalt
32 Eva M. McBain A June Memory
33 J.W.G. Macdonald Yale Valley, B.C.
34 J.W.G. Macdonald Colour Symphony
35 J.W.G. Macdonald Pike Peak - Garibaldi Park
36 Dermot McEvoy Poplars
37 Clara L. Millar Gladiolii
38 Gytha Owen The Striped Counterpane
39 Gytha Owen The Blue Hat
40 Florence Mary Parker Towards the Beach at Savary
41 Florence Mary Parker Trailing Nasturtiums
42 Bert Quinn Brother Peter
43 Bert Quinn Crevelle
44 Cameron Ramsay Mrs. A. Fraser-Gosse
45 Cameron Ramsay Mrs. R.J. Cromie
46 C.H. Rawson Lynn Creek Canyon
47 Irene Hoffar Reid Grey Day
48 James Saunders The Lone Prospector
49 Otto Schellenberger B.C. Maples, Autumn
50 Otto Schellenberger The Delta
51 Charles H. Scott Anno Domini 1934
52 Charles H. Scott Joyce at Savary
53 Charles H. Scott Maligne Lake, Jasper
54 Frederic Wm. Shore The Black Tusk
55 Frederic Wm. Shore Evening Camp
56 H. Faulkner Smith Sunlight and Shadows
57 H. Faulkner Smith Nasturtiums
58 P.H. Surrey Blue Dusk
59 Ina D.D. Uhthoff Alpine Meadows
60 P.V. Ustinow Portrait of a Lady
61 Vera Weatherbie My-E-En
62 Barbara West In the Rockies
63 Margaret Williams The Lone Tree
64 Margaret Williams Rocky Coast
65 Frances M. Wilson Aprahama


66 Irvine C. Adams Low Tide by the Fraser
67 Irvine C. Adams Afternoon Hail Storm
68 Thomas C. Bailie Evening, Marine Building
68a Wanda de Turczynowicz Self Portrait
69 T.H. Emerson A Peep at Coal Harbour
70 Susan Gibson Bush Fires
71 Baroness Herry Morning Hours
72 Baroness Herry Long Lake Road
73 S.P. Judge Moonlight
74 S.P. Judge Summer Eve
75 Mary R. Schooley Scene in Park
76 Gordon Kit Thorne Waterfall, Lynn Creek
77 Gerald H. Tyler Up the Capilano
78 Gerald H. Tyler The Blue Hill
79 P.V. Ustinow Portrait of a Lady
80 Helen Van Zand Late Sunlight on Mt. Wrottesley
81 Flora C. Winning Girl with Red Gold Hair


82 A. Lindesay Adamson Sinclair Canyon, B.C.
83 Irene M. Aikman Brown's Ranch, Sullivan Valley
84 Irene M. Aikman Camping, B.C.
85 M. Jean Allen Mac's Cabin
86 M. Jean Allen Crescent Beach
87 Thomas C. Bailie Mt. Ball, Canadian Rockies
88 Thomas C. Bailie Michael
89 M.A. Bain Rest
90 M.A. Bain The Slough
91 Patrick Barr Totems of Sechelt
92 Leslie G. Bateman Salmon Pool, Capilano
93 Bertram C. Binning Artist, Rear Elevation
94 M. Boond Evening Silence
95 A.E. Bostock Spring Time in the Dry Belt
96 John Brown Before the Furnace
97 Margaret Carter Cabbage Leaves
98 Josephine Crease The Open Gate
99 Josephine Crease Mt. Douglas Golf Links
100 Josephine Crease In Beacon Hill Park
101 Betty Eyre English Spring, "Don"
102 Jean Ness Findlay Moorings
103 Jean Ness Findlay Horseshoe Bay
104 William Charles Forrest Scene at Courtenay Slough
105 Bessie Adelaide Fry Maples in Summer, Ocean Park
106 Eleanor E. Gerrard Garibaldi Lake
107 J.E. Gerrard Vancouver Cannery
108 J.E. Gerrard The Fruit Vendor
109 Susan Gibson The Grassy Point
110 Denver L. Gillen Water Front Sketch
111 Denver L. Gillen Rhythm
112 Denver L. Gillen The Mill
113 Lois H. Gilpin Autumn at Sproat Lake
114 W. Athole Gray Cardigan John
115 Julius E.L. Griffith Stone Works
116 Julius E.L. Griffith In Drydock
117 C.W. Holliday City of the Mist
118 C.W. Holliday The Welcome Light
119 Harry Hood United Church College, University Hill
120 Harry Hood Flower Study
121 Kate Smith Hoole At Mount Baker
122 Kate Smith Hoole Interior
123 Nesta Bowen Horne Nasturtiums
124 Ronald Jackson Shimonoseki, Japan
125 Grace Judge Midsummer
126 Grace Judge East Wind
127 J.W. Laing Pemberton Range
128 J.W. Laing Mount Alpha
129 T. Leslie Triple Falls, Jones Creek
130 Maude M. Lettice Seymour Creek, B.C.
131 Gladys Lindemere Seton Lake, B.C.
132 Gladys Lindemere Bridge River Valley, B.C.
133 L.A. Loveland Crater Lake, Oregon
134 Malcolm MacKinnon The Dyke Mill, Comox, B.C.
135 Clara L. Millar Flowers
136 Alexander Paterson R.M.S. Empress of Japan
137 Alexander Paterson The Day is Done
138 Bert Quinn M.S. Yngaren
139 Bert Quinn Kitsilano Beach
140 C.H. Rawson Spanish Banks, Low Tide
141 C.H. Rawson Cat Boats - Beached
142 Irene Hoffar Reid Rhythm
143 Irene Hoffar Reid Woman Reading
144 Russell Ross Mount Baker
145 Russell Ross The Lone Sentinel
146 Russell Ross The Olympics
147 James Saunders Eastern Fruit-Seller
148 Otto Schellenberger The Last Stand
149 R. Stuart Scott Stone Yard with Barge, False Creek
150 R. Stuart Scott Squatters Shack, False Creek
151 G.L. Thornton Sharp Mount Baker
152 G.L. Thornton Sharp Himalayan Poppies
153 G.L. Thornton Sharp Gladiolii
154 Maud Sherman Spring Song
155 Maud Sherman Frederic Arm
156 Frederic W. Shore Silver Linings
157 H. Faulkner Smith Wong
158 H. Faulkner Smith On the B.C. Coast
159 Marjorie Smyly Miniatures
160 Marjorie Smyly Interior
161 P.H. Surrey Mountain Air
162 P.H. Surrey Montagu Harbour
163 F. Louis Tait Burrard Bridge from my Window (Early Morning)
164 Gerald H. Tyler The House in the Country
165 P.V. Ustinow Railway Yards
166 P.V. Ustinow Breeze and Sunshine, English Bay
167 Frederick H. Varley, A.R.C.A. Valley of Clouds
168 Frederick H. Varley, A.R.C.A. High Summer
169 R. Rolleston West Up Noel Creek, Bridge River
170 Margaret Williams Grey Day, Keats Island
171 Gwladys Woodward In the Mountains
172 Ruby Young Gladiolii
173 Ruby Young A Study

Black & White

174 Irvine C. Adams Under Burrard Bridge
175 Fred Amess Sketch, Savary Island
176 Gerald Andrews Before Dawn, Adams Plateau, B.C.
177 Leslie G. Bateman Busy Fingers
178 Leslie G. Bateman Old and New
179 Alistair M. Bell Corner in Chinatown
180 R.A. Blunden Study
181 R.A. Blunden Study
182 R.G. Bunyard Stanley Park
183 R.G. Bunyard Fishing Boats, Steveston
184 Edith Carter Isobel
185 Edith Carter Margaret
186 Margaret Carter Peace
187 Margaret Carter Fraser Canyon
188 Neil Duncan Bella Coola Indian, Mask Dancer
189 Neil Duncan Chilcot Indian, Ceremonial Coat
190 P.M. Falk Coal Harbour
191 James E. Gerrard Winter, Saanich
192 Paul Goranson Off to Sea
193 Paul Goranson Eileen
194 Paul Goranson Betty
195 W. Athole Gray Tim
196 Julius E.L. Griffith Second Narrows
197 Edward F. Hagell On the Iron-bound Roof of the World
198 Kate Smith Hoole Study
199 Kate Smith Hoole Study
200 Grace Judge Christmas
201 Grace Judge Pen Drawing
202 Gytha Owen Contemplation
203 Alexander Paterson T.S.S. Tyndareus
204 Alexander Paterson Drying Sails
205 C.H. Rawson Echo Lake, B.C. (Colour woodcut)
206 Frederic W. Shore Beached
207 H. Faulkner Smith Swine
208 H. Faulkner Smith Spring
209 P.H. Surrey Study
210 Ina D.D. Uhthoff Wind Swept Tree
211 Frederick H. Varley, A.R.C.A. Head of a Negress
212 Frederick H. Varley, A.R.C.A. Woman


213 Lilias Farley Mediaeval Maiden
214 Laurencia Herchmer Portrait Head, Betty, Daughter of Captain John Muir
215 Laurencia Herchmer Miss Dorothy Bedlington
216 Beatrice Lennie "Repose", Carving in Stone
217 Beatrice Lennie Bandana (Head)
218 Charles Marega Bas Relief in Bronze (Medallion)
219 Ralph Roberts Life Sized Model for Stone Carving, "Industry"
220 Ralph Roberts Master Charles Woodward
221 Ralph Roberts Miss Gloria Havemeyer
222 Carl Robinson Study, Child's Head
223 P.V. Ustinow Miniature Portrait Bust (Mr. P.)
224 P.V. Ustinow Animal Study

The price of any work of art listed may be obtained on application to the office of the Gallery.

Editor's note: Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.