Vancouver Province July 7 1934


A Weekly Causerie - - - of Interest to Art Lovers
By Reta W. Myers

     With the recent tragic death of Alec Dalgleish, British Columbia has lost one of its most promising artists. He had been studying art for the past five years and during the past year was a student at the B.C. College of Art. J.W.G. Macdonald, who was his instructor and his personal friend, writes the following tribute to his student:
     "Alec completed his third year with honors in commercial art, theatre arts and design, and in my opinion was certain to be the finest student I have ever had the pleasure of assisting. I have also known the value of his leadership on several mountain climbs and can only find parallels to his courage and nobleness in men like Mallory of Everest and Oaks of the South Pole. He has gone from us too soon but, like Tom Thompson, he will live forever in the Canadian art world.
     "I trust that the Alpine Club of Canada will name this peak on Mystery Mountain (or Mount Waddington as it is now called) "Dalgleish Peak." The mountain can retain its name, but as there are two peaks I would, I believe, be in harmony with everyone in suggesting the second peak be given his name."
     With his letter, Mr. Macdonald encloses the new illustrated prospectus of the school which contains several photographs, the last work of Dalgleish before he left on the fatal expedition. Photography was one of his minor hobbies.

     The above noted prospectus is a most interesting school catalogue. In addition to outlining the school agenda for the coming year, it also gives a brief glimpse of the past year's accomplishments. The illustrations are particularly noticeable and present an idea of the calibre of work that is being created in this art college.
     It is also of interest to note that commencing in November a series of free Saturday night lectures will be given to the public on various subjects pertaining to art expression, architecture, music, fine arts, theatre arts, industrial arts, etc.