Vancouver Province May 5 1934


A Weekly Causerie - - - of Interest to Art Lovers
By Reta W. Myers

     ... Following graduation exercises at this school and at the Vancouver Art School, many Vancouver art students will leave for a session at the summer art schools, which will be held by the institutions. This year Charles H. Scott, director of the Vancouver Art School, has chosen Savary Island for the third annual summer session, and pupils will leave June 9, returning to Vancouver on June 20.
     Savary Island lies eighty-five miles northwest from Vancouver and has the reputation of being "a South Sea Island set in the Gulf of Georgia." Accommodation has been secured at Royal Savary Hotel and every facility is offered for indoor and outdoor recreations. Special arrangements have been made for small costs for the ten days' camp, Mr. Scott states, but accommodation is limited.

     For the whole month of July student artists will revel in the marvellous scenery to be found in Garibaldi Meadows. F.H Varley, R.C.A., and J.W.G. Macdonald, directors of the B.C. College of Art, will take their pupils up 5,000 feet into this country which they declare has marvellous possibilities from an artist's point of view. Those who remember Mr. Macdonald's "Black Tusk" will agree that British Columbia will gain much when her artists can give to the world such canvases.
     Pupils, and others who are interested in this school, will leave Vancouver June 28 and reach their destination via Squamish, the P.G.E. and a trek with pack-horses up to the meadows that lie above Garibaldi station. In Mr. Macdonald's words, "Here you will find mountains, red, grey, black; surrounding lakes of milky emerald, with glaciers of eternal whiteness at their edge, and all around a carpet of color." Students will enjoy camp life during their month's stay.