"Sketch Club Is Well Organized"

Advances Art in Vancouver - Outdoor Sketching Encouraged

Vancouver Province, July 17 1920

     Recognizing the scope of artistic possibilities in Vancouver and interested in the cultivation and advancement of art, the Vancouver Sketch Club was organized some four years ago by Miss Anne Batchelor of the Heatherly School of Art, London, England, and Miss Margaret E. Wake of the Slade School, London, England.
     With environments such as Vancouver possesses, artistic inspirations must naturally exist in the minds of everyone, seeking only expression, therefore the founding of this club, drawing together the devotees and students of art, supplied a much felt want.
     The club has for its object the creating and encouragement of an interest in art in its various forms, in outdoor sketching and in studio work, also in pictorial and decorative work in every medium.

Exhibitions Are Held.

     The organizers of the club formulated rules at its inception to encourage versatility, and in order to ensure that steady application which is so essential to artistic success, monthly exhibitions are held, and at each exhibition every member must exhibit at least one sketch. Nothing old or copied is allowed to be placed on exhibition and originality and individuality are strongly encouraged. These monthly displays give to the less experienced members an opportunity by studying the work of the more advanced artists, who in turn are able to assist with advice, criticism and encouragement.
     At the end of each summer and winter terms, in the months of June and December a special exhibition and sale of pictures is held, which is open to the public for one week.
     For some time the meetings and exhibitions of the club were held at the studio of Miss Wake, but about two years ago an independent studio was secured at the present quarters, 342 Pender street west. This location has become known for its art associations, the building having also contained the studios of such well known artists as Mr. Thos. W. Fripp, Miss Margaret Wake, Miss Isabel Weir, and Mr. Norman Hawkins.

Night Classes Held.

     Following the establishment of the club in its new studio, it extended its sphere as an educational medium by inaugurating a special course of night classes for studying from the model, and more recently a series of out-door sketching trips for the summer months have been arranged, thus maintaining a continuous interest among its members.
     The president of the club is Mr. Thos. Fripp, and secretary Mrs. Adela W. Pilkington, both of whom are now in their second year of office.
     The members of the club include many persons well known in connection with art to the public of Vancouver. The club is represented by its president and secretary on the advisory board of fine arts, recently established to superintend the loan and competitive art exhibits at the annual fair of the Vancouver Exhibition Association.   I.B.