Vancouver Province February 10 1934


A Weekly Causerie - - - of Interest to Art Lovers
By Reta W. Myers

     Advertising is, of course, one of the greatest outlets for artists who are training in Vancouver. And around and about the city can be found posters and illustrations that bear testimony to the interest which the local schools are taking in preparing pupils for their place in the economic world.
     During the past month Mr. and Mrs. Vancouver, riding on street cars, have seen some of the work of pupils of the B.C. College of Art, for one of the outside posters and several of those inside have been designed by some of these young students. Paul Gorenson (sic), Orville Fisher, James Dickie and Alec Dalgleish are the lucky students who have sold their work.

     One Vancouver artist has had a signal honor paid to her. On February 5 a one-man show of the work of Statira Frame opened in the Eaton Galleries in Montreal. Some twenty-eight landscapes and subject pictures are included in this collection, which will be transferred to the Eaton Galleries on (sic) Toronto when it closes in Montreal on February 17.