Publication unidentified, probably Vancouver Sun
dated February 21 1936


Oils Particularly Good In Show Starting At Art Gallery Friday.

     The exhibition of work by members of the Pasovas Arts Club, which opened at the Art Gallery Friday night, shows the same standard of taste which visitors to the four previous exhibitions have been led to expect. If anything, the work now to be seen in the Art Gallery exhibits a greater maturity and restraint than has been the case in earlier years. The exhibitors are definitely progressing in technique and control of their respective media.
     The oils are an interesting group, notably "Summer Afternoon, Qu'appelle Valley," by Margaret Williams, and "The Storm," by Irene Hoffar Reid, the latter being distinguished for its strong color value. Mention should also be made of Mrs. H.J. Wattie's "Palo Mission, San Diego," a most colorful composition.
     Some very attractive woodcuts are shown by Phyllis Kirkpatrick who is now in Buenos Aires. Dry-points are shown by E.J. Hughes, Paul Goranson and Orville Fisher, three gifted young men whose recent exhibition in the Art Gallery will be remembered by visitors. The "crafts" section of the exhibition is not so extensive as in former years, though the standard is high.
     For the first time several non-members artists have been invited to participate and one of the outstanding contributions from this source is "Mill on the Fraser," by P.V. Ustinow, who will be recalled as winner of the Beatrice Stone Silver Medal in 1935.
     The exhibition will remain on view to the public until Sunday, March 1.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library