Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletin, November (?) 1939


     In last month's issue of the Bulletin mention was made of arrangements having been made to send for exhibition in the Martitime Provinces a group of forty watercolour paintings which had formed part of the 8th Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition. The Exhibition Committee met on October 6th and made the required selection, the pictures themselves being packed and shipped to Sackville, N.B., on October 14th. British Columbia artists represented in the group comprise the following: Amy L. Adamson, Fred Amess, James H.O. Amess, P.H. Amsden, M.A. Bain, Elizabeth Charlton, Nan Lawson Cheney, Robert Coventry, Marion Dance, Jim Dickie, Ruth Dickson, Douglas Duncalfe, J. Peter Frank, Susan Gibson, Paul Goranson, Laura Gray, Ronald Jackson, Beulah Jaenicke, Noreen Jeffery, S.P. Judge, J.W. Laing, Carrie Lowle, Patrick Mackie, E.R. McTaggart, Barbara Mather, Clara L. Millar, W.B. Milne, Gordon Munro, Charles Murray, J.L. Shadbolt, Ruby Shand, Maud Sherman, W.H. Tassell, G.H. Tyler, P.v. Ustinow, Joanna Wilson.
     After a first showing in Sackville the exhibition will be sent on tour throughout the Maritime Provinces under the sponsorship of the Maritime Art Association.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library