Fine Arts Society Makes Fine Exhibit

Private View of Paintings Marks Epoch in Artistic History of City -
Smart Folk Turn Out in Force to See Display of Pictures.

Vancouver Daily World, November 23 1911

     The British Columbia Society of Fine Arts held a reception and private view of their annual exhibit Monday afternoon in Pender hall. In spite of the rain a large number of guests spent a pleasant hour in examining the excellent collection of water colors and oils which the society has assembled for the occasion.
     In the section devoted to oil paintings, two woodland scenes by W.P. Weston, "Birch Woods, Autumn," and "Birch Woods, Spring," call for special comment. The case of miniatures by Ernest Lloyd, vice-president of the S. of M., London, showed a remarkable gift for detail and delicacy of coloring. The largest canvas exhibited, "Capilano Canyon," by Mrs. Bampfield Daniel, is majestic in its depth and distance. Among water color artists, the work of Mr. W.E. Rice was particularly pleasing. An allegorical study, "Dusk," by N.H. Hawkins, was full of sombre color and mysterious figures. There are two large casts by John Kyle, A.R.C.A., the only examples of relief work in the exhibit. A small figure of Tolstoy, entitled "The Evening of Life," by C. Marega, is executed in plasticine, and evoked much admiration. Among the guests during the afternoon were ... (122 names omitted).
     This year's exhibitors were ... Messrs. Stanley Tytler, John Kyle, A.R.C.A., J.F. Mackintosh Gow, T.W. Fripp, N.H. Hawkins, Will Ferris, B. MacEvoy (sic), D. Bagnall, W.E. Rice, M. Graem Waddell, C.L. Chambers, Champion Jones, E.F. Kirk, S.P. Judge, Geo. H. Little, R. Mackay Fripp, F.B. Piggott, H.J. De Forrest, Noel Bursell (sic), W.E. Hawke, Ernest Lloyd, A.R. Warburton, G.M. Waterfall and C. Marega. Miss A. Hay, Miss Margaret Wake, Miss G. Judge, Miss M. Percival Judge and Mrs. C. Bampfylde Danniell (sic).

Article provided courtesy Robert B. Todd, Professor Emeritus