Yitkon Ho


Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts (Diploma 1929)

Yitkon Ho was a founding student at the VSDAA in 1925, and the only asian member of its first graduating class in 1929. In 1925 he was livng at 310 Union Street, Vancouver.

This "biography" is what would now be called a "stub" where just enough is known about somebody to list them, but nothing else. Ho did not exhibit his work in any exhibition yet discovered by the editor. There is a smattering of correspondence between the artist and A.S. Grigsby on file at the Vancouver Art Gallery Archives, regarding the possibility of Ho putting work into a show, per below, probably referring to the 1932 PASOVAS exhibition.

Room 1 - 8 W. Pender
Vancouver City
August 6, 1932

Mr. A.S. Grigsby
Vancouver Art Gallery
Dear Sir:

   I received your favour and an exhibition entry form on the 4th inst. with many thanks. I very glad that, But I not yet get any picture of my work at present. Now I try to sketch some days. Soon I correspondence to you again for what classification of picture on hand.

Yours truly,
Yitkon Ho

There are no references to his work in any newspaper articles, and BC Vital Statistics has no information on him as of August 2014. He is a bit of a "mystery man" when it comes to biographical information.

Editor's note: it was only when I transcribed Scott's 1940 history of the art school that I realized that Ho was the only member of the first graduating class that did not have a biographical file. This resulted from the simple fact that he did not exhibit anything. With apologies, I now correct the omission, and the "first class" is now fully represented in BC Artists.





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List of Students and Graduates 1925 - 1950.