Vancouver Art Gallery


December 4th to 16th, 1934.


1 Edith Carter Begonia at Window
2 Ernva Code Autumn Woods
3 Ernva Code Seaside
4 T.H. Emerson November Blossoms
5 T.H. Emerson By Coal Harbour
6 Ruby Henry Pines
7 Ruby Henry October Hill
8 George Hymers Spring Flowers
9 Beatrice Lennie Spring on the Reservation
10 Beatrice Lennie Nature and Man
11 J.W.G. Macdonald Tantalus Range
12 J.W.G. Macdonald Fog, Rocks and Ice
13 Harold O'Connor Garibaldi
14 Harold O'Connor Mt. Cathedral Spires
15 Florence Parker Low Tide
16 Florence Parker Under the Bridge
17 Irene Hoffar Reid Coming Storm
18 Irene Hoffar Reid Leaves of Autumn
19 Katsu Shizuo Wharf
20 Katsu Shizuo Tank Stave
21 Turner Taylor Contentment
22 Mildred Valley Thornton Qu'Appelle Valley, Sask.
23 Mildred Valley Thornton Cree Child
24 Stanley Tytler A Woodland Path, Stanley Park
25 Stanley Tytler Autumn, Burnaby Lake
26 Frances M. Wilson Aprahama


27 Sydney R. Collcutt Coal Harbour
28 Eleanor D. Harvey Nocture (sic?), English Bay
29 Colin Cameron Ramsay Casa Delle Vestali
30 Colin Cameron Ramsay Ostia
91 Mrs. F.T. Schooley Nasturtiums
31 Helen Van Zand Mount Seymour


32 M. Jean Allen Waters Under the Bridge
33 Leslie A. Bunker Touch of Spring
34 Leslie A. Bunker Lynn Canyon
35 R.G. Bunyard Chrysanthemums
36 Margaret Carter Lynn Valley
37 Franklin Cross Capilano River, N. Vancouver
38 Helen Dickson Rocks of St. James Road
89 Major C.B. Fowler English Bay from Point Grey
90 Major C.B. Fowler Irish Cottage near Kinsale
39 Gwendoline G. Gray Savary Island
40 Kate Smith Hoole At Mount Baker
41 May P. Judge Views of Vancouver, B.C.
42 May P. Judge Views of Howe Sound, B.C.
43 J.W. Laing Near Lillooet
44 J.W. Laing In Rivers Inlet
45 Dugald C. MacArthur Thatching
46 Charles Murray Setting Shadows
47 Maude K. Paget Wild Water Lilies
48 Maude K. Paget Petunias
49 Alexander Paterson St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
50 Alexander Paterson Yesterday and Today
51 C.D. Pitchford Poppies
52 C.D. Pitchford A Walk in Stanley Park
53 C.H. Rawson Spanish Banks, Low Tide
54 C.H. Rawson Cat Boats, Beached
55 Otto Schellenberger Autumn
56 Otto Schellenberger Silvery Morning
57 Maud Sherman Jim and Jane
58 Maud Sherman Spring Song
59 Frederic W. Shore Canadian Rockies
60 Frederic W. Shore The Canyon
61 Marjorie Smyly The Garden
62 P.H. Surrey The Dinghy
63 P.H. Surrey Through the Window
64 C.J. Turpin View at La Jolla, California
65 P.V. Ustinow Rocky Shores
66 P.V. Ustinow Virgin Forest
67 Frank Vickerman Timberline
68 Frank Vickerman Summer Isles
69 R. Rolleston West Jericho from the 19th Tee
70 R. Rolleston West Bralorne and Mt. Ferguson
71 Frances M. Wilson Pilgrim Street, Old Jerusalem
72 Gwladys Woodward Where Snow and Flowers Meet
73 Gwladys Woodward In the Mountains


74 R.A. Blunden The Sea Tramp
75 R.G. Bunyard Saanich Indian, Spearing Fish
76 Margaret Carter Dawn
77 Sydney R. Collcutt York Minster
78 Elise Elgood Scottish Collie's Head
79 Bessie Fry Evening Star
80 Bessie Fry The Deer Trail
81 Julius E.L. Griffith Second Narrows
82 Julius E.L. Griffith Hawsers
83 Kate Smith Hoole Study
84 Marjorie Dimery Mallett The Runaway Rabbit
85 Marjorie Dimery Mallett The Magic o'Candlelight
86 Robert Johnston Paterson Titan
87 Helen Van Zand Sticks
88 Dedekam Voss C.P.R. Camp 6, Canal Flat,
East Kootenay

Catalogue provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.