Vancouver Sun, October 31 1942

Noted Artists
Offer Paintings
For Red Cross

     The Federation of Canadian Artists, B.C. Region, will hold a sale of paintings under the sponsorship of the Red Cross Superfluity Shop, the proceeds to go to the Canadian Red Cross Society.
     The collection will be exhibited in the Vancouver Art Gallery from November 3 to 15 inclusive. The public will be invited to place bids, the highest of which will be the purchase price.
     Among those contributing paintings and drawings are:
     M.A. Bain, Jack Field, Lawren Harris, R.W. Major, H. Elizabeth Johnston, John Delisle Parker, Maud Lettice, Mary R. Schooley, Ruby Brown Shand, Monica Sloan, Dorothy Williams, Dorothy Bell, T.W. Greaves, Bess Harris, Harry Hood, Marion Morham, Beatrice Lennie, C.H. Rawson, Chas. H. Scott, ARCA; Maud Sherman, W.P. Weston, ARCA; B.C. Binning, Emily Carr, Carrie Lowle, J.W.G. Macdonald, ARCA; Grace W. Melvin, S.P. Judge, Paul Rand, R.H. Savery, Jack L. Shadbolt, Bessie A. Symons, Margaret Williams, Jessie Fount (sic).

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library Archives, from Paul Rand fond.