Vancouver Sun, January 30 1948

War Bride Artist Exhibiting Works

by Mildred Valley Thornton

     A Vancouver war bride artist is holding an exhibition of her work at the Art Gallery.
     Peggy Larson was born in Glasgow and received her art education at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating with distinction and later exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy. She came to Canada in 1946, and this is her first exhibition in the Dominion.
     She is an individualist in her work with strong feelings for form, putting stress on lineal requirements. This leads to heavy outlining of shapes to emphasize design and color. It is a type of stylization consistently shown throughout the exhibit, except in two conventional portraits which fall into another category. These are carefully painted in an academic manner.
     A variey of subjects has been chosen for both watercolors and oils, making a very interesting and commendable collection.
     Another woman artist, Dorothy Chapman Gibbs is showing oils, watercolors and pastels in her exhibition, depicting scenes, still life, and portraits.
     The work in watercolor is light and experimental in nature. Her best subject in oils is a study of geraniums, very well painted in a broad simple manner.
     In several pastel figures this artist does her best work, showing a strength and virility of technique seldom encountered in this medium. Several coast scenes are particularly good, especially Georgia Straits, and in other paintings with rocky shoreline in the foreground.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library