News-Herald, November 3 1937


     Graduates of Vancouver School of Art, through their association, are endeavoring to make their artistic work of practical value to the community. This was demonstrated in the display which was admired at the private view at Vancouver Art Gallery, Tuesday night. It will be open to the public until Nov. 14.
     While artists of both sexes are associated with the group, this is nearly all work of women members, the men being engaged on other jobs, three incidentally on murals at a city church.
     It is interesting to observe at the gallery two large murals from the West End Community Centre. These are unfinished, and are to be worked on during the exhibition.
     In brush media the display is not so effective as some earlier shows, possibly owing to the attention of the artists being devoted rather to handicraft than brush work. Portraits are less than half a dozen in number, while landscapes show that such work has not been neglected.
     In the handicraft sections Dorothy Burnett's work is (sic) tooled fine bookbinding is appreciated. A demand has arisen for illuminated books, and some of the Morocco bindings exhibited are works of art. Frances Gatewood has been a frequent contributor to these shows in pottery. Miss Gatewood has been studying advanced ceramics in California again this year. She brings back turquoise designs in bowls and coffee brewers which would charm the heart of any housewife.
     Edith Carter, Eleanor Conbay (sic) (with a lamp) and Mary Gordon have attractive offerings. Miss Carter has a delightful carved yellow cedar plate. Miss Gordon has painted work on wood of appealing design.
     The popularity of pewter is again shown in a display, it being a feature of craft work at Vancouver School of Art.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library