Catalogue of PAINTINGS by
The late Mrs. Statira Frame

at the Art Gallery
Vancouver B.C.

The EXHIBITION will be open daily
from April 17th to April 26th
HOURS: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


1 Stanley Park Loaned by Mrs. E Lipsett
2 Gypsies Loaned by Mrs. E Lipsett
3 Eburne Loaned by Mrs. A McKelvie
4 Red Poppy
5 Hope, B.C. Loaned by Mrs. C. Ryan
6 Jervis Street Loaned by Mrs. C. Ryan
7 Pender Island
8 Carmel Mission
9 Adobe House, Monterey
10 Northeast Museum, Los Angeles
11 Unfinished Study
12 Beverley Hills, California
13 Farm, Lulu Island Loaned by Mrs. Hulme
14 Boat Landing, Burrard Inlet Loaned by Mr. Marega
15 Valley Home $30.00
16 Japan in Vancouver Loaned by Mrs. Ryan
17 The Parasol $25.00
18 Japanese Fishing Loaned by Miss Batchelor
19 Unfinished Sketch $60.00
20 Pitt Meadows 75.00
21 Red Warehouse 75.00
22 Post Office, Yarrow 60.00
23 Reflections 60.00
24 Tent in Woods 150.00
25 Group of Boats Loaned by Mrs. H. Hulme
26 From the Fifth Floor $150.00
27 Flowers and Fruit 50.00
28 Derelict 150.00
29 The Wharf 75.00
30 Indian Shacks, Alert Bay
31 Lanterns and Parasol $50.00
32 House Boats, Coal Harbour 30.00
33 The Canoe
34 Early Morning
35 Summer House
35a Vancouver Heights Loaned by Miss Batchelor
36 Portrait Study
37 Old Mill $300.00
38 Cottage on Hill, Yarrow 40.00
39 Totem Poles, Alert Bay Loaned by Mrs. E. Lipsett
40 Street Scene, Alert Bay Loaned by Mrs. E. Lipsett
41 Pilot House, Caulfeilds
42 Old Cannery on Fraser $75.00
43 "Tent" 200.00
44 Patchwork Quilt
45 Japanese Village Loaned by Miss Bridgman
46 Half Moon $75.00
47 Graves and Totem, Alert Bay Loaned by Mrs. E. Lipsett
48 Community House, Alert Bay Loaned by Mrs. E. Lipsett
49 Street Scene, Alert Bay $60.00
50 Totem Poles, Stanley Park 75.00
51 Totem Poles, Stanley Park 75.00
52 Red Barn Loaned by Mr. W. Lanning
53 Summer Cottage $50.00
54 Rooftops from Beach Avenue Loaned by Mrs. H. Hulme
55 In a Cafe $175.00
56 Figure in Doorway Loaned by Mr. Vanderpant
57 Sunny Corner $30.00
58 Glacier, B.C. 30.00
59 Repose 40.00
60 Mud Flats, Second Narrows 45.00
61 Green Boat, Coal Harbour 75.00
62 Red Cabbage 40.00
63 Blue Door 175.00
64 Suburban Heights 30.00
65 Rooftops 25.00
66 Second Avenue, Alert Bay 40.00
67 Indian Reservations, North Vancouver 30.00
68 Blue Boat 30.00
69 Old Mill, Ladner 50.00
70 Small Sketch, Boats 20.00
71 Japanese Houses, Alert Bay 20.00
72 Indian Shack Loaned by Miss Batchelor
73 Garden Gate $20.00
74 Gore Avenue Wharf Loaned by Mr. A.E. White
75 Open Market Loaned by Mrs. E. Lipsett
76 Pitt Lake Loaned by Mr. W.P. Weston


  "I see in Mrs. Frame's work a very personal outlook, an interest in the beautiful design of nature, a decided sensitiveness to the orchestration of colour, good sense of form. She has surely a sense of beauty and romance of reality. I think she has a wonderful time. Art is, after all, only a trace - like a footpirnt which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness."
           Robert Henry, New York

  "In the Passing of Mrs. Frame, art in British Columbia has lost a sincere and devoted follower.
  Few of the Western artists have been as staunch to their ideals as herself.
  She had a deep desire to express herself through the medium of the magnificent colour, since that was hers, and which was the chief characteristic of her work, dominating it with a joyous feeling of light, sunshine and colour, that was truly beautiful."
           Emily Carr, Victoria, B.C.

  The distinguishing quality of Statira Frame's paintings is their joyousness. We respond to their gay and happy lyricism. To her the sun always shone brightly: and her song was of the glory it sheds on the world. Thus the lark sings - spontaneously, without effort, for the love of light and life."
           Mortimer Lamb, Vancouver, B.C.

Information provided courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.