The Palette and Chisel Club

1926 - 1933 - ?

The Palette and Chisel Club was an independent group of artists, whose membership included not just painters but also sculptors, who exhibited a wide range of work. Information about this group is incomplete, their mission statement has not been located by the Editor, the founding (and closing) dates are not known, and the list of exhibitions is doubtless incomplete.

1928 exhibition catalogue

The group was active in Vancouver from 1926 onward, and exhibited in a number of galleries as available, including the B.C. Art Gallery (provided to the B.C. Art League courtesy of the Hudson's Bay Company); the Vancouver Exhibition in 1930, and at the newly-created Vancouver Art Gallery in 1933.

A number of important historic artists were members of this group, and others exhibited with the group, including members Charles Marega, Statira Frame, and Margaret Wake; and guests Emily Carr, W.P. Weston, J.W.G. Macdonald, Charles H. Scott, Grace Melvin, and Kate Smith Hoole.


1926 Nov. 6 - 20 B.C. Art Gallery - First Exhibition
1928 Feb. 18 - Mar. 18 B.C. Art Gallery - Annual Exhibition
1929 Feb. 5 - ? (location?) - Annual Exhibition
1930 ? - Mar. 10 (location?) - Fourth Annual Exhibition
1930 August 6 - 16 Vancouver Exhibition - Paintings by Members
1933 May 20 - 31 VAG - The Palette and Chisel Club Exhibition


"There is an urbanity and largeness about the first exhibition of the Palette and Chisel Club which can not fail to be attractive to the discriminating visitor. Chiefly confined to women artists, there is a freedom of handling in some of the works that might well be envied by masculine painters." (continues)
     From Palette and Chisel Club by Diogenes
     Vancouver Province November 6 1926

"The Palette and Chisel Club's fourth annual exhibition closes on March 10. The pictures chosen by Eugene Savage to represent Canada will be on view at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C., opening March 8."
     Art Notes by John Radford, Vancouver Sun March 1 1930

"Palette Club Show Pleases Art Lovers" by Doris Milligan
     Vancouver Sun May 24 1933