Vancouver Exhibition Association

Canada's Pacific Exhibition

August 6th to 16th, 1930

Fine Art Section

Exhibition of


and Paintings by Members of



Banfield, J.J. Knowlton, E.S. Lipsett, Ed.
Beveridge, W.F. Leek, Walter MacKelvie, Alex.
Fraser, Ald. R.N. Leyland, James Rolston, C.M.
Wilson, W.J. Blake

W. Dalton - Chairman of Committee

J.K. Matheson, Secretary

Curator of the Art Gallery - Jas. Leyland

PRICE 10 Cents


     There are many fine paintings in the homes of Vancouver, and through the courtesy of their owners, the Committee have gathered the present collection.
     The Committee desire to express their appreciation and thanks to the following ladies and gentlemen for the loan of pictures.
     The City Council, Lady Tupper, Reeve J.B. Leyland, Captain W.M. Crawford, His Worship Mayor W.H. Malkin, Esq., Mrs. Blumberger, Mrs. Edward Lipsett, Mrs. Beaton, Mrs. H.H. Parker, Mrs. W.R. Wilson, Mrs. W.R. Morgan, Mrs. Edward Douglas, Miss Douglas, Mrs. Melita Aitken, Captain Tweedale, Mr. J.A. Yellowlees, Mr. G. Roy Long, Mr. F.L. Buckley, Mr. W. Dalton, Mr. N.R. Bailey, Mr. Al. Cruise, Miss Fanny Ogden, Mr. Crawford Lynton, Mr. Jas. Leyland, Mrs. Mary Rita (sic) Hamilton; also to the Island Arts and Crafts, and the local Art Societies for their co-operation.

No. Title of Picture Artist
1 Flower Study F. Clairvel
2 On the Usk Yorkshire J.L. Pickering
3 Bruges J.L. Pickering
4 Portrait - Porcelain ---
5 The Jug from Normandy Mrs. Melita Aitken
6 In Russet Clad J.L. Pickering
7 A Psalm of Life J.L. Pickering
8 Windsor Castle J. Herbert Snell
Presented to the City by the Late Lord Leverhulme, and loaned by the City Council.

9 Landscape J.L. Pickering
10 Dumbarton Rock J. Orrock, R.I.
Leverhulme Collection

11 Three Sketches J.L. Pickering
12 The Cornish Coast Arthur Suker
13 East Lynton Bridge G.R. Gowans, R.S.W.
14 Woodland Scene Lamorna Birch, A.R.A.
15 The Turn of the Road Frank Bateman
16 A Quiet Pool J.L. Pickering
17 Where the Salmon Lies J.L. Pickering
18 Poppies and Lupins - California William Louis Otte
19 Landscape Jose Weiss
20 Landscape J. Gos
21 Canterbury Meadows T. Sydney Cooper, R.A.
Purchased by Public Subscription and presented to the City. The first painting to
be purchased towards a City Art Gallery - Loaned by the City Council.
22 Landscape Jose Weiss
23 Rio San Slin, Venice Trevor Hadden, R.B.A.
24 Highland Castle Louis B. Hurt
24a After the Vintage J.L. Pickering
25 A Yorkshire Farm Yard J.L. Pickering
26 Landscape J.L. Pickering
27 The Park Tom Mostyn
28 A Sou'wester J.L. Pickering
29 Autumn J.L. Pickering
30 Study of a Head Unknown
31 A Gate of Tangier, Morocco Carl Oscar Borg
32 Behind the Lines Martino Roy
33 Character Studies J.L. Pickering
34 Trees Carl Ahrens
35 The Post Office
This painting is to be purchased by Public Subscription towards the Public Art
Gallery - particulars may be had at the door.

36 The Silent Road J.L. Pickering
37 Childhood Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.
38 Dr. Samuel Smiles when a Boy William Yellowlees
William Yellowlees a well known Scottish Artist was known as "The Little Raeburn".

39 The Covenanter Hubert von Herkomer, R.A.
40 Portrait of a Gentleman William Yellowlees
41 Jeanne Bessie Carr
42 Portrait Study Unknown
43 Sir Charles Tupper - A Father of Confederation Porsburg, Edinburgh
44 His Worship the Mayor - W.H. Malkin, Esq. W.M. Palin
45 The Standard Bearer Theo. Andreis
46 Sir Thomas Tyldesley Unknown
Sir Thomas Tyldesley was a decendant (sic) of the Tyldesleys of Tyldesley, Lancashire. An ancestor, Miss Leyland, daughter of Sir William Leyland of Morley's Hall, Lancashire, and heiress to the estates, married very romantically. The match was opposed by her father.

The young lady was locked in her room, but having provided herself with a rope, she tied one end round her body, and then the other to her expecting lover, on the opposite side of the moat, when casting herself out of the window into the water, which was thirty feet wide, he dragged her to land, and they were married before the adventure was known to the family. (Baines History of Lancashire).

The Tyldesley and Leyland Coat-of-Arms appears in the painting. Sir Thomas Tyldesley was killed during the Civil War at Wigan, and a monument which still stands, was erected to his memory. - The painting is loaned by Reeve J.B. Leyland, West Vancouver.

47 A Cavalier Gizard
48 A Study L. Falero
49 A Russian Warrior ---
50 A Royal Yacht - 1745 Peter Monamy
51 Harvest J.L. Pickering
52 Dutch Interior Bernard de Hoog
53 Dutch Fisherfolk P.H. Sadee
54 Ambersley Village H. Goldthwaite
55 Landscape Jose Weiss
56 Landscape J.L. Pickering
57 Study of a Head J.L. Pickering
58 Bernard McEvoy, Esq. Mary Riter Hamilton
59 Rev. J. Williams, Ogden, D.D. Fanny Ogden
60 Port Erin, Isle of Man C.J. Parry
61 Loenen a Vegt Oris Knikker
62 The Bass Rock Sam Bough
63 Swiss Landscape J.L. Pickering
64 Illumination Jesse Bayes
65 Study of a Head Unknown
66 Yorkshire Moors J.L. Pickering
67 The Thames H.H. Parker
68 Kenlochewe Glen David Farquharson
69 Bradda Head, Isle of Man C.J. Parry
70 The First Gift Mary Rita (sic) Hamilton
71 Maternity Mary Rita (sic) Hamilton
72 Picardy Road J.L. Pickering
73 Gathering Storm G.R. Gowans, R.S.W.
74 Rochester Sir Ernest George, R.A.
75 Paddlers M. Marshall Brown
76 Cramond G.R. Gowans, R.S.W.
77 Land O' Burns Alfred East, R.A.
78 Land's End E.M. Wimperis
79 Home of the Cariboo - Cotton Belt, B.C. Chas. J. Collings
80 Sea Urchins Gemmell Hutchinson
81 A Bit of Old England Unknown
82 Tower and Stream G.R. Gowans, R.S.W.
83 Harlech W. Stephenson, R.C.A.
84 The Square of the Hospital - St. Mark's, Venice Gerald Palmer
85 Conway Castle W. Stephenson, R.C.A.
86 Storm over Snowdon R. Kirkland Jamieson, R.B.A.
87 Breakers St. Thomas Smith
88 Seascape St. Thomas Smith
89 Roman Bridge, Lanark R. Kirkland Jamieson, R.B.A.
90 Near Prospect Point Crawford Lynton
91 Polperro, Cornwall C.E. Brittan
92 Gladiolii Mrs. Melita Aitken
93 Trenere Stile J. Richardson
94 A Scottish Road G.R. Gowans, R.S.W.
95 Evening J.L. Pickering
96 At Cookham on Thames H.H. Parker
97 The Dryads Offering J.L. Pickering
98 Lamorna Cove, Cornwall H.M. Rheams, R.I.
99 A Swiss Landscape J.L. Pickering
100 The Arrested Spear - Leverhulme Collection Byam Shaw
101 Dorothy May Mrs. A. Thomas
102 Pottery Lamp Base Mrs. A. Thomas
103 Hand-Beaten Brass Work Miss A. Paterson
104 Jardiniere Miss A. Paterson
105 Placque (sic) Miss A. Paterson

Painted for the Publicity and Information Bureau, Victoria, B.C.
by Geo. Southwell

106 Emerald Lake
107 Fraser Valley - A Quiet Backwater
108 Mount Cheam
109 The Forbidden Plateau
110 The Cariboo Road
111 The Lions, Vancouver, B.C.

Loaned by the Comox Board of Trade.


112 Frank Clark
113 Johnny Lahmitz
114 Anna Campbell, Wife of George Campbell
115 Solomon Harris
116 Totem Poles
Presented to the City of Vancouver by Mr. Southam of the Vancouver Daily Province and loaned by the City Council.
117 S.S. Vancouver K. Franz
Presented to the City by the Hamburg American Line. - Loaned by the City Council.
118-123 Heads of Deer
From the collection of C.B. Garrett, Cranbrook, B.C. These are considered very fine specimens, and are particularly well mounted by Taxidermist, Cranbrook, B.C.


1 The Currier R.S. Scott - Watercolour
2 Moonlight on B.C. Coast F.M. Moir - Sepia
3 The Convent, 29th Avenue and Dunbar St. T.W. Greaves - Watercolour
4 Lost Lagoon J.S. Gladwin - Watercolour
5 Winter Night B.A. Fry - Pastel
6 Roadside Rubbish H.K. Smith - Watercolour
7 Walter Winning, Esq. F.C. Winning - Pastel
8 Moonlight on B.C. Coast F.M. Moir - Sepia
9 Lost Lagoon M.A. Knight - Watercolour
10 A Country Road T.W. Greaves - Watercolour
11 Sunset F.M. Woodley - Watercolour
12 The Church T.W. Greaves - Watercolour
13 Miss Maureen Fallows F.C. Winning - Pastel
14 A Bit of Coal Harbour A. Pratt - Oil
15 Clouds on the Mountain D. McEvoy - Oil
16 Still Life A. Pratt - Oil
17 The Gypsy E.C. Thrupp - Oil
18 Quiet Grazing A. Pratt - Oil
19 Mount Rundle D. McEvoy - Oil
20 Pitt Meadows D. McEvoy - Oil
21 Cricket Match, Brockton Point H. Hood - Oil
22 A Stiff Breeze T.H. Emerson - Oil
23 Thetis Island M.R. Schooley - Oil
24 Sunshine W.F.U. Copeman - Oil
25 Playfellows W.F.U. Copeman - Oil
26 Pricilla W.F.U. Copeman - Oil
27 Mount Sir Wilfred Laurier C.F. Barker - Oil
28 The Little Clearing B.A. Fry - Oil
29 Lake Louise C.F. Barker - Oil
30 Broom at Savary Island M. Wake - Oil
31 Cornish Coast A. Batchelor - Oil
32 Nat Alyn, Flintshire E.C. Thrupp - Oil
33 Dogwood H.K. Smith - Oil
34 Mist on Grouse Mountain R.P. Wilson - Oil
35 8th Fairway, Harrison Golf Links G.I. Lawson - Oil
36 Coal Harbour I. Parkin - Oil
37 The Lions G.I. Lawson - Oil
38 The Lions E. Mackenzie - Watercolour
39 Pleasant Valley J.A. Radford - Watercolour
40 Still Life M. Taylor - Watercolour
41 Paeonies (sic) S.B. Harris - Watercolour
42 Still Life L.B. Gray - Pastel
43 Copper Kettle with Iris L.B. Gray - Watercolour
44 Gill Island, B.C. T.W. Fripp - Watercolour
45 Spring Lo Berry - Watercolour
46 Snowballs S.B. Harris - Watercolour
47 Long Shadows Lo Berry - Watercolour
48 The Gate M. Watson - Watercolour
49 Harrison Lake D.L. Pullen - Watercolour
50 Rollers J.A. Radford - Watercolour
51 The Salmon Haunt J.A. Radford - Watercolour
52 Vancouver Waterfront C.H. Rawson - Oil
    On the staircase, 18 panels by the following members of the Vancouver Sketch Club,
    for presentation to the City Creche.
C.F. Barker C. Pratt R.P. Wilson
W.F.U. Copeman A. Pratt M. Watson
E. Mackenzie C.H. Rawson E.C. Thrupp
D. McEvoy L.B. Stevens M. Taylor


1 Rain - Coal Harbour Ernia (sic) Willard Code
2 The Blue Boat Ernia (sic) Willard Code
3 Red Roses Mrs. M.O. Verral
4 Receding Tide Ernia (sic) Willard Code
Loaned by Mrs. and Mrs. Everett Stovel

5 Tide Out Ernia (sic) Willard Code
6 Mussolini - Bronzed Concrete Chas. Marega
7 Cottage, Pender Island Stateira Frame
8 The Pump House, Pitt Meadows Stateira Frame
9 Indian Shack, Alert Bay Stateira Frame
10 On Gambier Island Stateira Frame
11 Squamish Indian, Bronzed Plaster Chas. Marega
12 The Goat Woman Kate A. Smith
13 The Heat of the Day Kate A. Smith
14 Nasturtiums - Loaned by Mrs. Chas. Marega Edith Humphrey Killam
15 Tulips Mrs. M.O. Verral
16 Snow Shadows Mrs. M.O. Verral
17 Pansies Mrs. M.O. Verral
18 The Cabbage Patch Kate A. Smith
19 The Aristocrat Kate A. Smith
20 Christ - Plaster Chas. Marega


1 The Back Lot J.H.O. Amess
2 Cheam W.P. Weston
3 False Creek H. Hood
4 Hope, B.C., Fraser River H. Hood
5 Entrance to Capilano Canyon John F. Scott
6 Miss A. Dryden (Red chalk) J.H.O. Amess
7 The Student Mrs. S. Frame
8 Sunshine Mrs. Killam
9 Miss Theresa Lefurgy Mrs. Hoole
10 Oaks W.P. Weston
11 October Grace Judge
12 Flowers Mrs. M.O. Verral
13 Chatham Sound, B.C. T.W. Fripp
14 Storm Clouds, Jervis Inlet T.W. Fripp
15 Mountain and Lake, B.C. T.W. Fripp
16 Cheops, Glacier, B.C. T.W. Fripp
17 Mountain and Lake, B.C. T.W. Fripp
18 Black Tusk Meadows Capt. G. Thornton Sharp
19 Black Tusk Meadows Capt. G. Thornton Sharp
20 The Lake, Garibaldi Park Capt. G. Thornton Sharp
21 Tony Mrs. Hoole
22 Christmas Fare Grace Judge
23 Early Morning Miss B.A. Fry
24 April - West Coast Miss B.A. Fry


1 The Monk Mrs. C.M. Pott
2 Looking up the Gorge, Victoria, B.C. Ethel M. King
3 Turret Mountain Ina. D.E. Unthoff
4 Paddy Ina. D.E. Unthoff
5 Portrait Study Ina. D.E. Unthoff
6 The Cathedral, Victoria R. Dove
7 Sweet Sixteen Adeline Baxter
8 Portrait Mrs. C.M. Pott
9 Whitby Harbour T. Bamford
10 A Backwater - Knight's Inlet A.M.D. Fairbairn
11 Hazy Day - Shoal Bay Ethel M. King
12 Evening, Dallas Road, Victoria T. Bamford
13 Summer Golf A.M.D. Fairbairn
14 Van Courtland Park, New York A.M.D. Fairbairn
15 Siwash and Canoe A.M.D. Fairbairn
16 Pheasant Rose Willis
17 Portrait - Plaster Cast R. Dove


1 Flatford in Spring F. Bowen Williams
2 All Awash Arthur Hill
3 Limehouse Reach Arthur Hill
4 A Halt F. Bowen Williams
5 Saint Bartholoma, Konigsse, Bavaria John Staples
6 Early Morning, Arreau John Staples
7 Aschaverweiher F.L. Williams
8 Old Basham F.L. Williams
9 Shadows, Dinard A.K. Rittener, A.R.P.S.
10 A Byway in St. Malo A.K. Rittener, A.R.P.S.
11 African Landscape A.K. Rittener, A.R.P.S.
12 In the Auvergnes Miss R. Noble
13 A Tow Path S.W. Pybus
14 The Arun Miss R. Noble
15 Isola Pescatori ---


1. Joy 3. Sunlit Reef 5. I Dare You 7. Curves
2. The Beach 4. Cargo 6. Chicago 8. Winters Menage

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