Studio Club Formed

An Organization Which Will Develop
Local Art

Vancouver Province March 10, 1904

     The Studio Club, a new organization to Vancouver, will commence its active existence in premises situated over Trorey's store tomorrow afternoon. It is composed of amateurs of the pencil and brush, who will gather together on a comman (sic) basis of mutual help and emulation, a studio being provided where members can paint or draw at any hour of the day, and where they can arrange for the attendance of models, etc. The club starts with a membership of thirty, of whom nineteen are working, and eleven honorary members. The officers are as follows: President, Mr. H. Abbott; vice-president, Mrs. Lefevre; secretary-treasurer, Bernard McEvoy; committee, Mrs. Creery, Miss Charleson, Miss Hamersley, Mr. Percival Judge, Mrs. Keith, Mrs. Kenworthy, Miss Marstrand, Mr. McLennan, Mrs. Plunkett, Mr. Smith, Mr. Sheldon-Williams, Mrs. Wright. On Saturday afternoon a model will pose from two to four, and the club will begin work.

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