Local Women Artists Helped Decorate Hotel

(newspaper unknown, article undated)

      Three Vancouver women artists have contributed to the interior decorations of the new Hotel Vancouver.
      Beatrice Lennie, well-known sculptress, has created the twelve-by-seven foot panel in the elevator lobby. It represents "Elevation" and its modern figures and flowers stand out in relief in color shades typical of the modern world of industry, stainless steel, brass, chromium. Concealed lighting shows off this striking works (sic) of art to good advantage.
      It is the most outstanding, but not the only example of Miss Lennie's work to be found in the new hotel. She did two of the fireplaces, the mouldings in the Royal suite and the modelling for the modern frieze in the salon.
      A graduate of the Vancouver School of Art, Miss Lennie has been a frequent exhibitor at the Art Gallery here.
      Another of Vancouver's young women artists, who is also a graduate of the Art School and a frequent exhibitor at the Art Gallery, is Lilias Farley who has painted the two large murals in the ladies' tavern.
      An interesting feature of these two works of art, the one 8' 9" by 5' 9", the other 11 1/8' by 5' 9", is that they are painted with mural paint. It is the first time it has been used here and gives the stylized figures and conventional foliage design a dull, flat surface.
      Olea M. Davis, who in private life is Mrs. H.R.L. Davis, did the modelling for much of the metal work, including grills and lighting fixtures. Like other art works in the hotel this follows conventional "modern" designs.