Edited by Marion Brymner Appleton
"A Directory of Persons in the Pacific Northwest Working in the Media of Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, and Handicrafts".
1941; published by Frank McCaffrey, Seattle Washington. No ISBN.


"WHO'S WHO IN NORTHWEST ART is a directory of professional and amateur artists and craftsmen. Working with varying degrees of training, ability, and seriousness of purpose, these individuals have all been identified with art in the Northwest. The list is purposely inclusive. Names of many deceased artists, and of artists who are no longer living in the Northwest, are included. The type of work engaged in by the artist is given at the beginning of the entry. The mediums he uses follow in parentheses, and are listed in the order of their relative importance in the artist's work. This information is entered as given by the artist himself (except in entries followed by an asterisk; see page 1). Additional information supplied by the artists, which could not conveniently be included in this compilation, may be obtained from material in the Northwest History Room of the University of Washington Library."


Adamson, Amy
Aitken, Melita
Alexander, Robert S.
Amess, Fred
Amess, James Henry Osborne
Baber, Walter James
Bain, Mabel A.
Bamford, Thomas
Barker, Charles F.
Batiste, Francis (Sis-hulak)
Bell, Dorothy
Billaux, Jane
Birley, Patience
Bramley, Christine
Brand, Edythe Hembroff
Brooks, Allan
Calder, Art
Cameron, Donald Stewart
Carr, Emily
Carter, Margaret H.
Checkley, Arthur
Cheney, Nan Lawson
Code, Ernva Willard
Coventry, Robert
Cunningham, F.C.
Davis, Mrs. H.R.L.
Edwards, Allan Whitcomb
Fairbairn, Archibald M.D.
Farley, Lilias Marianne Ar De Soif
Faunt, Jessie
Frame, Stateira Elizabeth
Frank, J. Peter
Fripp, Thomas William
Fry, Bessie Adelaide
Gibson, Susan
Godfrey, Marcel
Goranson, Paul
Gracht, J. van der
Greaves, Theodore W.
Hamilton, Mary Riter
Herchmer, Laurencia
Herry, Baroness Celestine
Hobbs, Isabel
Holliday, Charles William
Hood, Harry
Hoole, Kate Smith
Innes, John
Inverarity, Robert Bruce
Jaenicke, Beulah
Kemp, Dr. Elmore G.
Laing, John Wood
Lamont, Gwen Kortright
Lawson, Gertrude
Lee, Fred
Lennie, Beatrice
Long, Victor
Macdonald, James W.G.
Maclure, Margaret Catherine
Marega, Charles
Meeres, George A.
Melvin, Grace W.
Menelaws, Will
Millar, Clara L.
Morgan, Marion L.
Morham, Marion Aird
Parker, Arthur Henry
Paterson, Alexander
Pilkington, Adela
Ramsay, Colin Cameron
Reid, Irene Hoffar
Rice, Margaret A.
Robertson, Maisie
Sager, Peter
Savery, Robert Hubert
Schellenberger, Otto
Scott, Charles Hepburn
Scott, R. Stuart
Shadbolt, J.L.
Sharpe, Vera M.
Sherman, Maud
Smith, Harold Thomas Faulkner
Smyly, F.H. (Mrs.)
Soldatkin, Paul
Spencer, Myfanwy
Stevenson, Clark
Tassell, W.H.
Thorne, Gordon Kit
Thornton, Mildred Valley
Tschaikovsky, Alexander Nicolaief
Tyler, Gerald Hall
Uhthoff, Ina D.D. Campbell
Ustinow, Plato V.
Varley, Frederick Horsman
Verral, Minnie Olive Belcher
Wallis, William Henry
Watson, J.F. (Mr.)
Weatherbie, Vera O.
West, Barbara
West, R. Rolleston
Weston, W.P.
Willis, Rose M.
Wilson, Joanna S.
Woodward, Gwladys
Young, L. Juliet
Young, P.M.