Vancouver Art Gallery Jubilee Exhibition

Vancouver Art Gallery

July 2 - 28, 1946


1 R.S. Alexander Portrait of Alf Karlsen nfs
2 Elizabeth Amess Shoeing 50.00
3 Fred A. Amess Valley Farmer 50.00
4 Peter Aspell Self-portrait nfs
5 Mabel Bain B.C.Giants nfs
6 Unity Bainbridge The Road 175.00
7 Alistair M. Bell Vegetable Gardens 30.00
8 Dorothy Bell My Garden nfs
9 Jane Billaux Portrait nfs
10 B.C. Binning Holiday Excursion 45.00
11 Stanley E. Brunst Houses 40.00
12 Vivien Carlson Still Life with Purple Onions 100.00
13 Emily Carr The Little Pine nfs
14 Nan Lawson Cheney Mary Capilano (loaned by Mrs. J.A. Collins) nfs
15 Dorothy Stevens-Cope Walker's House 50.00
16 P.G. Cowley-Brown Clapboard House at Night 125.00
17 Enid Dale Heart's Desire 85.00
18 Olea M. Davis Lieut. (Engr.) William H. Arnold, R.N. nfs
19 M. Denton-Burgess Purple and Gold nfs
20 Arthur Erickson Abstraction nfs
21 Lilias Farley Pavanne 125.00
22 Jessie Faunt Legend nfs
23 David Hall Big Trees, Whytecliffe Park 25.00
24 Bess Harris Clearing Weather in the Mountains nfs
25 Lawren Harris Painting nfs
26 Lorraine Hodge Happiness 45.00
27 Harry Hood The Red Fence 250.00
28 Kate Smith Hoole The Lengthening Shadows nfs
29 Nesta Bowen Horne Mrs. Robert Kelly nfs
30 Ronald Jackson Up Country nfs
31 S.P. Judge Night, Vancouver Harbour 40.00
32 Illingworth H. Kerr Departure nfs
33 John M.A. Korner Kalamalka nfs
34 Beatrice Lennie Contemplation
(direct carving in Crystalline Limestone)
35 Margaret Lougheed British Columbia Hills 150.00
36 J.W.G. Macdonald Kelowna Landscape 225.00
37 R.W. Major Evelyn 100.00
38 Leon W. Manuel Clay Cliffs, Penticton nfs
39 Edward F. Miller New Houses 25.00
40 Vera Mortimer-Lamb Abstract of Musical Theme No. 1 nfs
41 Marion A. Morham The Siamese Cat nfs
42 J. Delisle Parker The City (loaned by Dr. Gilbert H. Young) nfs
43 Patric Summer 45.00
44 J.F. Plaskett The Barn, Osoyoos 35.00
45 Irene Catelle Porter Arbutus Trees on Savary Island 100.00
46 Paul Rand Mt. Whistler, Alta Lake 300.00
47 Irene Hoffar Reid Cariboo Landscape 35.00
48 Maisie Robertson The Road to Loon Lake 80.00
49 Marjorie Robertson Hamadryad 75.00
50 Emily Sartain Shades of the Zuider Zee 165.00
51 Charles H. Scott, A.R.C.A. Alfresco (loaned by Mr. and Mrs. Burton Kurth) nfs
52 J.L. Shadbolt Eddie's Store, Robson and Homer Streets 80.00
53 Maud Sherman Sea Loot 40.00
54 Gordon Appelbe Smith Street Scene, Vancouver nfs
55 George Southwell Oolichan Harvest
(Kwakiutl Indians, Pt. Hardy B.C.)
56 Lionel A. Thomas Poppies in a Copper Pot 300.00
57 Gordon Kit Thorne The Habitant 150.00
58 Mildred Valley Thornton Immutability 500.00
59 G.H. Tyler The Red Barn, Lytton 100.00
60 Helen West Yellow Bolero nfs
61 W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A. Yale, B.C. 350.00
62 Margaret Williams Desert Landscape 35.00
63 Dorothy Henzell Willis Driftwood 75.00


64 F. Bell-Smith Hell's Gate Canyon Mrs. Jonathan Rogers
65 F. Bell-Smith Peaceful Pastures City Museum
66 H.J. De Forest Near the Duck Pond, Stanley Park Miss K.M. England
67 Charles A. Ferguson The Lost Lagoon Mrs. Albert Chilton
68 Will Ferris Kileaua Volcano, Hawaii City Museum
69 Will Ferris The Old Cannery, Jericho Beach City Museum
70 Will Ferris The Narrows from Stanley Park Miss K.M. England
71 Will Ferris Site of Bath-House, English Bay, 1892 Miss K.M. England
72 Will Ferris Trees, Stanley Park Mrs. R. Corbett
73 Will Ferris Landscape, 1911 Mrs. R. Corbett
74 C.B. Fowler Kitsilano Beach Mrs. R. Corbett
75 Statira Frame Scene at Alert Bay City Museum
76 Statira Frame Pitt Lake W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A.
77 Tom Fripp Passing Shadows, Jervis Inlet City Museum
78 Tom Fripp After the Storm, Stave Lake City Museum
79 N.H. Hawkins Landscape Mrs. R. Corbett
80 John Innes June 24th 1792, Martinez Claiming the Pacific Northwest for Spain Mr. J.B. Cowan
81 John Innes Old Red Cart City Museum
82 John Innes The Covered Wagon Mrs. R. Corbett
83 Victor Long The Engineer City Museum
84 Laura McAlpine Burrard Inlet, Beyond 2nd Narrows, 1895 Dr. T.K. McAlpine
85 Mrs. Wm. McCraney Stanley Park Road at Second Beach Miss K.H. McQueen
86 M.J.M. McQueen Eastern End of Burrard Inlet, 1897 Miss K.H. McQueen
87 M.J.M. McQueen Stanley Park Road in the Early 1890's Miss K.H. McQueen
88 Charles Marega German Soldier (Caricature) Mrs. Jonathan Rogers
89 T. Mower Martin, R.C.A. B.C. Mountains City Museum
90 T. Mower Martin, R.C.A. Landscape Mrs. Jonathan Rogers
91 John Radford South Corner of False Creek Mrs. R. Corbett
92 A.N. Rowe Stanley Park Mrs. R. Corbett
93 W.J. Sharples Burrard Inlet, 1897 Miss K.H. McQueen
94 Henry A. Stone Cypress Trees - Carmel-By-The-Sea Vancouver Art Gallery
95 Margaret Wake Sophie City Museum
96 Margaret Wake Stanley Park Mr. and Mrs. J. Fyfe-Smith
97 Margaret Wake Sophie - Squamish Indian City Museum
98 Margaret Wake Capilano Mary City Museum
99 C.W. Young Mt. Cheam, B.C. Mrs. R. Corbett

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