Year 2000 Edition

ISBN 0-7710-2099-6, Editor-in-Chief James Marsh
Published 1999 by McClelland & Stewart, Inc.
2,574 pages (+66 pages front matter), hardcover, dustjacket
Illustrated in black and white

This book is a monumental undertaking on the subject of CANADA ... the country, its history, people, art, music, literature, politics, industries, and many other topics. The Encyclopedia was first published in 1985 by Albertan Mel Hurtig after seven years of work. Hurtig published a second edition in 1988, but his company was sold in 1991 to McClelland and Stewart, Inc., who stated in the 2000 edition that they only bought the company so they could acquire the Canadian Encyclopedia. They retained the original Editor James Marsh to update the massive collection of information. Approximately 3,000 contributors wrote 8,000 articles for the book.

The list of BC artists is interesting in a number of ways. 13 of the 100 listings are for architects, at least 10 are indigenous, only 16 are female. There are no listings for a number of important BC artists, including Charles Hepburn Scott, William Percival Weston, Spencer Perceval Judge, John Kyle, Beatrice Lennie, Charles Marega, Bessie Fry Symons, Fred Amess, B.C. Binning, G.L.T. Sharp, Paul Rand, Statira Frame, Irene Hoffer Reid, and others.


Sybil Andrews
Robert Bateman
Maxwell Bates
Patricia Bates
Iain Baxter
Alistair Bell
F.M. Bell-Smith
bill bissett
Ann Blades
Bruno Bobak
Molly Lamb Bobak
Claude Breeze
Roland Brener
Allan Brooks
Dennis Burton
Peter Cardew
Emily Carr
Ian Carr-Harris
A.J. Casson
George Clutesi
Douglas Coupland
Chris Cran
Joe David
Florence Edenshaw Davidson
Robert Charles Davidson
Barry Downs
John Drainie
Charles Edenshaw
Arthur Erickson
Gathie Falk
Murray Favro
Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald
T.W. Fripp
H.G. Glyde
Rodney Graham
Lawren Harris
Ted Harrison
Johan Helders
Richard Henriquez
William G.R. Hind
Fred Hollingsworth
E.J. Hughes
Henry Hunt
Tony Hunt
A.Y. Jackson
Paul Kane
Illingworth Kerr
Klee Wyck
Harry Upperton Knight
William Kurelek
Ernest Lindner
Arthur Lismer
J.E.H. MacDonald
J.W.G. Macdonald
Samuel Maclure
Liz Magor
Mungo Martin
Hannah Maynard
McCarter Nairne Architects
Raymond Moriyama
Patrick Morrow
Robert Murray
Kazuo Nakamura
Len Norris
William Notman
Lucius Richard O'Brien
Daphne Odjig
Toni Onley
P.K. Page
John Patkau
Patricia Patkau
Myfanway Pavelic
Roy Peterson
Walter Joseph Phillips
Richard Prince
Francis Rattenbury
Al Razutis
William Ronald (Bill) Reid
David Rimmer
William Goodridge Roberts
Edward Roper
Douglas Shadbolt
Jack Shadbolt
Robin Skelton
Gordon Smith
Jeffrey Spalding
Jana Sterbak
Philip Surrey
Aiko Suzuki
Takao Tanabe
Ron Thom
Philip Timms
William Townsend
John Vanderpant
Frederick H. Varley
Frederick A. Verner
Jeff Wall
Ian Wallace
Irene Whittome
Jack Wise