Compiled and Edited by B.C. Cultural Programme, Arts Information Service
Department of the Provincial Secretary, 1977
A 3-ring binder of indices to visual artists of British Columbia

Artist information includes a "code key" to the following:
   * - Biographic information on file at BC Cultural Programme office
   PW - Information also available from the Dept. of Public Works
   1931 - birth year, unless excluded by artist's request
   Ex - indicates a significant exhibition which was:
     1m - one man
     2m - two man
     pub - in a public gallery
     pri - in a private gallery
     74 - the year of the artist's first such show
     PC - at least 1 of artist's work is in a public collection
     freelance - indicates freelance work is accepted by the artist
(also a list of MEDIA IDENTIFIERS such as Paint, Graph, Sculpt, Photo).

Artist addresses and telephone numbers are also given.

Editor's note: this is a very interesting publication. Over 2,200 visual artists are listed, and collecting this amount of information would have been an enormous undertaking. It is hard to imagine the current provincial government funding and publishing a document like this. Of the 2,200 artists listed, over 1,500 of them were new to BC ARTISTS, which was very surprising given that I'd already listed almost 15,000 BC visual artists! The other 700 artists received a second or subsequent reference, which often added useful information such as year of birth or place of residence. In a number of cases the new listing expanded an artist's name with additional given or married names.

The listing of artist addresses greatly enhances the value of the catalogue, as it shows the distribution of artists across this huge province, and helps us understand the distances between us, and also between the artists as they live and work. The place names are redolent of B.C. history and geography: Canyon, Granite, Grindrod, Riondel, Rose Prairie, Telkwa, 100 Mile House, Parson, Seton Portage, Port Alice, Ladysmith, Queen Charlotte City, Whaletown ... from north to south, east to west, and all nooks and crannies in between.

Of the artists who received only their second reference, a small number of other references were the first listed for about half of them:
   1968 BC Artists exhibition
   1977 West Vancouver Sketch Club list of members
   1980 BC Art Collection
   1985 AGGV list of BC Women Artists
   2005 VPL list of files on BC Artists

The information in the publication is generally quite accurate, although a few errors were spotted, usually in alternate spellings of artist names. In these cases the name is entered here as given in the publication, and listed under that name in the BC Artist alphabetical artist index, but cross-referenced to the correct name. For example, the name given for Grace Melvin is Grace Mervin. Mervin is listed in the alphabetical index, but refers to the Melvin biography. The one relatively consistent error in the publication was in the alphabetical order of names, which was frequently incorrect. These errors have been corrected in the list below.

Abbott, Dave
Abbott, William Thomas
Achurch, Peter G.
Acres, B.M.
Adams, David W.G.
Adams, Jane
Adams, James Lowell
Adams, Loren D.
Adams, Robert H.
Adams, Ruth
Adamson, A.A.
Adamson, Dot
Agg, Stephani
Aikens, J.
Aizlewood, W.J.
Akroyd, Jack
Albright, Gary W.
Alder, Diane
Alexander, David T.
Alexander, Jim
Alexander, William "Bill"
Alexandre, Bordas
Allain, Carolyn
Allard, D.G.
Allard, Mary
Allegri, George
Allen, George
Allen, Lea
Allen, Rebecca
Allenbrand, Rose
Alley, T.B.
Allin, Alice B.D.
Alston, Emily
Alvaro, Vincent
Ames, Terrance
Amis, Ric
Amundson, J.B.
Amundson, Virginia
Andersen, Harry
Andersen, Ray V.
Anderson, A.E.
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Edward
Anderson, Garry
Anderson, Helen
Anderson, J.
Anderson, M.L. (Ms.)
Anderson, O.E.
Anderson, Pat
Anderson, Valerie
Anderson, W.
Andre, Marjorie
Andre, Vi
Andrews, Ray
Anson, David R.
Antifaoff, Robert
Araki, Yasuo
Archibald, Sybil E.
Armstrong, Pat
Armstrong, Pat
Arnett, Ethel Aileen
Ashdown, Ian E.
Ashley, Beverly
Ashley, G.H.M.
Ashley, Peggy
Ashley-Pryce, John
Ashley-Pryce, Lyn
Ashmore, Wanda
Aspa, Joan
Aspell, Peter
Astbury, Jean L.
Asti-Rose, Michael
Atchison, Gary (Mrs.)
Atkinson, C.J.
Atkinson, Judith M.
Atkinson, Verla
Austin, Alice
Austin-Olsen, Lance E.
Avis, Helen
Avis, Mickey
Ayers, T.C.
Baade, Henry
Babb, Beverly J.
Badgley, Dennis
Baily, Diane M.
Bain, Stephanie
Bainbridge, Unity
Bairstow, Bev G.
Baker, Edith
Baker, Marg
Baker, Pat
Ball, Grant
Ballenger, Doreen
Ban, John
Bancroft, Clifton
Bancroft, Marion
Bangert, Adolf
Banke, Carl J.
Banks, R.J.
Bannert, Lidia
Barbour, Joan H.
Barker, H. Jackson
Barnard, Julia
Barnes, Bob
Barnes, Lloyd
Barr, Rosalyn
Barraclough, Elsie
Barraclough, John
Bart, Marian C.
Bartel, Anthony
Bartholemew, Kay
Bass, Frank G.
Bass, Nathaniel
Bastow, Esther
Bates, George E.
Bates, Pat Martin
Batison, Alice
Battersby, D.R.
Battistello, Lorenzo
Battle, Leonard
Baumbach, Inga
Baumgarten, Susan
Bavington, Barbara
Baxter, Aain
Baxter, Jeannette M.
Baxter, Vietta
Baycroft, Dora C.
Beam, Carl
Beamish, Ronald
Beatty, John
Beatty, Thelma
Beck, Jeanne W.
Bedard, Linda
Bedford, Nina J.
Beer, Ruth S.
Beets, Shirley W.
Belcher, Norris
Belford, David G.
Bell, Alistair
Bell, Aula A.I.
Bell, Eileen
Bell, Joy Florence
Bell, Lyda
Bellamy, Gen
Bell-Irving, Joan
Belokrin, Erika
Belshaw, Violet
Benedict, Olive
Bengston, M.E. (Ms.)
Bennett, R. Kershaw
Benton, Ellen
Bepple, Dave
Berg, Pete
Bergthorsen, Paddy
Berkenpas, S. George
Bernard, Joan L.
Bernard, Willy
Bertram, Dora Bailey
Best, Anna
Bettles, Hazel
Beyer, Helmut H.
Bickford, Robert S.
Bickson, Candace
Biddlecombe, Brian Edward
Biggin-Pound, William Jack
Biggs, W. Dean
Binder, Lori
Bingley, Anne
Binkert, Paul L.
Binnie, Victor
Binning, B.C.
Birstins, Inese
Bishop, Ann
Bishop, Ben (Dr.)
Bishop, Dorothy V.
Bishop, Frances McKinnon
Bishop, Marjorie (Mrs.)
Bishop, Roy
Bissett, Bill
Bittman, Hilde
Black, Elizabeth H.
Black, Sam
Blackburn, Richard
Blades, Chris
Blair, Billie G.
Blair, Eleanor
Blair, Jennifer
Blair, T. David
Blanck, Nora
Blashill, Sheila
Blenkin, Dorothy M.
Blunt, Susan
Blyleven, Mary
Boas, Frank
Bockner, Deborah A.
Bodnar, Audrey
Bohle, Heather M.
Boisseau, Jean (Mr.)
Boisseau, John
Boisseau, Patricia
Bollerup, Ross
Bolton, Catherine M.
Bond, R.
Bond, Raymond D.
Bonde, Eleanor A.
Bonneau, Jeannette C.
Booker, Anthony R.
Booth, D. (Mr.)
Booth, Tine Andriessen
Borleske, R.M.
Bos, Rita Norma
Bosanac, Rudy
Bosch, Carel Vanden
Boshinsky, Joy
Boskill, Muriel E.
Bot, Gerry
Bot, N.J.
Bottner, Bubb
Boudard, Pierre Maurice
Bourgalze, Lee
Bourne, Drew
Bourque, V. June
Boutilier, Lynda
Bowers, Gladys
Bowie, Edmund
Bowie, William J.
Boycott, Kiyoko
Boyd, Natasha D.
Boyle, Gwen
Boyle, Mary
Bradley, Marion Edey
Bradley, Maxine E.
Branch, Marie Durie
Brand, Betty
Breeze, Claude
Brett, Leonard
Bricker, Gene
Briggs, M.E.
Brillion, John R.
Brisseau, Anna
Brittain, Herbert
Broca, Lilian
Brokerick, C.E.
Bronstein, June E.
Brook, Sonia
Brookes, G.S.
Brookman, Charles
Brouwer, Valerie
Brown, Alison
Brown, Harley
Brown, Vernon
Brown-Coe, Hazel
Browning, Hazel
Browning, I.S.
Bruce, Phyllis
Brunsgaard, Alice
Brusanowski, Tim
Bryer, Sally
Bryson, Edith
Bucchi, Giancarlo
Buchanan, Joseph
Buck, Marguerite
Buckham, Liz
Buckner, John Howard
Budac, Josephine
Buettner, Greg
Buffam, Margaret
Bull, Mary
Bulych, Scott
Burfield, Annabel
Burgess, Mary Ellen
Burgfaf, D.
Burich, Samuel M.
Burke, Robert
Burleigh, Ronald L.
Burnett, Moyra Teresa
Burnham, Drew
Burns, Pat
Burr, Alan
Burrell, Arnold
Burrows, Tom
Burton, Florence
Busche, Sheri
Bushnell, Anne
Byard, June
Cabatoff, Anne
Caesar, Torrie
Caetani, Sveva
Calderwood, William
Callahan, R.D.
Callaway, Malcolm
Cameron, Ruby B.
Cameron, William A.
Cameron-Lauder, Jean Elizabeth
Campbell, Enid
Campbell, Jack
Campbell, Laird
Campbell, Marcile
Campbell, Patricia Mary
Campbell, Robert A.
Campden, Trudi
Caniell, Richard M.
Cannell, Doug
Capek, Peggy
Carey, Alice G.
Carey, Neil G.
Carlsen, Alfred E.
Carlson, Anne Marie
Carlson, B.
Carlson, Nel
Carlson, Wendy
Carne, Harry Clifton
Carpenter, Moira
Carr, Freda
Carreon, Pedro
Carson, Elsie
Carter, Donald
Carter, Dudley
Carter, Edith C.
Carter, Ray
Cartwright, David
Casprowitz, George
Cassar-Torregiani, Benita
Castagnoli, Phyllis
Cavar, Draf
Cayzer, William
Cependa, Daniel
Cerny, M.
Chabot, Elizabeth
Chagnon, Max J.
Chamberlain, Vivian
Chamberlain, Winnifred
Chantlen, T.
Chantler, Murray
Chapman, Evadna
Chapman, Fred
Chapman, Philip
Charles, Catherine
Charnetski, John Alexander
Charters, Cicley
Chedanne, Elizabeth
Cheney, Nan
Chenier, Chard
Chepyha, Peter
Cherbo, Grace
Cherry, Jerome
Chesher, Deborah
Cheung, Pat C.
Chiaravallo, Gayle E.
Chien-Shih (see Lin Chien-Shih)
Chilibeck, G.N.
Chilsholm, Jon
Chin, Albert
Chipman, Renee
Chohanik, Jim
Chow, Wing
Christie, Jean
Christoffersen, Andre
Christoffersen, Anne-Lise
Chu, Po-Chang
Chung-Hung, Alen
Churchill, Niccola
Chwin, Loreen
Clark, Marjorie
Clark, W.
Clark, Wesley
Clayton, Brian
Clayton, Daryl J.
Clements, Ray
Clements, Raymond
Clogg, D.J.
Clough, John Ronald
Cody-Higgs, L.
Coe, Linda Mary
Cogswell, Barry
Cohen, Harold
Cohen, Joyce
Cohen, Stephanie
Cole, Jane Grace
Collin, Nicholas J.J.
Collins, Susan
Connell, Kurt Paul
Connell, Patrick
Connerly, Dorothy
Connolly, Len
Connolly, Mary L.
Conquer, Ken
Conway, Brian
Cook, Bob
Cook, Lloyd G.
Cooke, Edna
Cooper, John
Cooper, Marion Fancourt
Cooper, William A.
Cooshek, Colette
Copage, John
Copithorne, Judith
Copson, Brian
Cornish, Norman
Cornwall, Sonia
Cotterill, Muriel
Costin, Richard R.
Cousins, Olive
Coutts, Marjorie E.
Cowie, Lillian E.
Cox, William
Cozens, Bryce R.
Crabb, J.J.
Craddock, Claire
Cragg, Heather
Craig, Jessie
Craig, Nancy S.
Cramer, Elaine M. Hings
Cran, Christopher
Cranstoun, Anabel
Crawford, Bruce
Crema, Janet
Crera, Mary Lou
Crestani, Esperia (Mrs.)
Crimeni, Maureen
Crocker, David F.
Crocker, Virginia Lee
Croil, Marjory
Crombie, Lee
Crosby, Emile
Crossley, Albert
Crossley, Alf
Crow, Elmay
Crowe, Donald
Culthurst, Rosa
Cumming, James
Cummins, Jim
Cunningham, Alec
Currie, A.
Currie, Shirley
Curry, Gwen
Curry, Merritt E.
Curtis, Norma E.
Cusak, D.A.
Cushing, Robert
Cxartorkski, C.P.
Dadswell, Dennis
D'Agosto, Donald
Dahl, Chris
Dahl, Marion-Lea
Dahlen, Laine T.
Dale, Thomas
Dalrymple, Neil
Dansereau, Francine Marie
Darcus, Jack
Darters, Kay
Davidson, Robert
Davies, P. Anne
Davies, Wilma M.A. Lloyd
Davis, Albert J.
Davis, Dolores
Davis, Edith
Davis, Jack
Davis, Jean
Davis, Leighton
Davis, Mary C.
Davis, Michael
Davis, Norman
Davis, William
Davitt, Patricia
Dawson, Murray R.
Day, Mr.
Day, Dorothy
Day, Fran
Day, Lawrence S.
Day, Peggy
Dean, David J.
Dean, Joyce
Deasty, George S.
De Camillis, Laurie
Degrasse, Marjorie E.
Deguglielmo, June E.
Deichen, Ken
Dejong, John
Deland, Joseph
Deluca, Jerome Carl
Demarchi, Marilyn
Demchuk, Mickey (Mrs.)
Demuynck, Inez
Dennis, Joan
Dennisan, James Arthur
Denny, Preston Singh
Deruiter, Hugo
Desmet, Eric
Desmit, Ruth
Desouza, Paulette Marie
Dessert, Joyce
Dettmar, Rossalinde M.
Dettwiler, Barbara
Devenyi, Denes
Devenyi, Margaret
Devereux, Aileen
Devink, H.
Devries, Helena
Dewaard-Straman, Tine
Dewick, Sidney
Dezwart, John
Dick, D.G.
Dick, Gordon
Dickens, H.B.
Dickerson, Katherine
Dickey, Evelyn L.
Dickey, Robert F.
Dickinson, Barbara
Diegel, Jean
Dikeakos, Alexandra
Dimitrov, Deborah M.
Dimmich, Russ
Dirnfield, Elaine
Dixon, Carolyn
Dixon, Eric
Dixon, L.
Dobbins, Robert J.
Dobbs, Joyce
Dobereiner, John
Dobson, Harold Moss
Docksteader, M. (Mrs.)
Dodington, Judith
Dojack, D.
Dojack, Kathy
Doknjas, Kane
Dombrowski, Theo
Domenjos, Maurice
Donelly, Gordon J.
Doornaert, Jack
Dorey, J.
Doubt, Frederick William
Dowler, Mary
Dow-Reid, Robert
Doyle, Barbara
Doyle, Doreen
Doyle, Dorothy
Doyle, James M.
Drake, Arthur F.G.
Draper, Dorothy
Dressler, Roger
Drew, Norman
Driediger, Ted
Druick, Cheryl
Druick, Don
Drummond, Betty Jean
Drummond, David
Drury, Gordon S.
Drysdale, Pamela S.
Dube, Robert
Duffin, Andrey
Duhamel, George
Duhamel, Lou
Duhamel, Lucien
Dumbleton, W.H.
Duncan, A.M.
Duncan, Sean
Dunlop, Winnifred E.
Dunn, Audrey
Dunn, Jackie
Dunn, Jessie
Dunn, John
Dunn, Stanley
Dunnett, John F.
Dunsmore, Isabel K.
Duthie, Maxine
Dutzi, J.
Dyck, Mary
Dyke, Sid
Dyson, John Holroyd
Eames, E.A.
Earl, Mary
East, Stella
Eastcott, Wayne
Eastland, Ralph
Eastrom, Alfred
Eccleston, Pegi
Eckert, Ron
Eddie, Myrtle
Ede, Debra
Edwards, Irene M.
Eeles, David
Egoyan, Joseph
Egoyan, Shushan (Mrs.)
Ehman, John
Eichen, Jimmy
Eichen, Richard
Eldridge, James
Eldridge, P.M.
Elgood, Charmaine Ellen
Elliott, Frieda
Elliott, H.H.
Elliott, Kathleen E.
Elliott, R.E.
Elliott, Ruth
Ellis, Dean
Ellis, Ken
Ellis, William
Embrey, William James
Emery, Maisie
Emsley, Albert
Enewold, Jerome Paul
Eng, P. Randall
Englehart, Della C.
Engelhart, Lou
Engum, Joseph
Epp, Leonard
Epp, Leonard (Mrs.)
Erikson, Alice
Evanoff, Lillian
Evans, G.E.
Evermon, Bob
Evers, Jill A.
Eward, Lee
Ewart, Peter
Fagan, K.C.
Fairbairn, Dorothy
Fairbank, Betty
Fairclough, Mabel
Fairey, Phyllis C.
Falconer, David G.
Falk, Gathie
Falkenberg, Ene
Fallon, Thomas
Fanderlik, Velen
Fanning, Pamela
Farish, Pip
Farmer, W.R.
Farnsworth, Bonnie
Farquhar, Gwen M.
Farrow, Tamra
Farynuk, Henry
Faulkner, Ramon John
Featherstone, William
Feesey, Mary
Felter, J.
Fenner, Mary
Fenton, Edwin A.
Fericean, Elaine
Ferley, Muriel E.
Ferro, Brusa
Fertig, George
Fiddick, Margaret Anne
Field, Pamela M.
Field, Robin Wayne
Filer, Mary
Filke, Helen
Fisher, Brian
Fisher, Frances
Fitch, Gordon
Fitzgerald, R.
Fitzgerald, Russell
Fivehouse, Daniel J.
Fix, Thomas M.
Flaig, Irving
Fleck, Ingeborg H.
Fleet, Angie
Fletcher, Gladys
Flick, Nita L.
Florian, Michael
Flower-Ellis, Joan
Flynn, E. Joyce
Flynn, Rosemary M.
Foran, Marjorie
Foran, Tom
Forbes, Mary Kathleen Riordon
Ford, Fred
Forester, Leah
Forrest, Charles
Forrest, Trudi
Forteath, Ruby
Fortney, Wilfred M.
Foster, Cyril
Foster, Dorothy
Foster, Joan
Foubister, Shirley L.
Foulger, Richard F.
Fraissard, Gilbert Pierre
Francis, Britton M.
Francis, Rose H.
Frank, Dianne
Franson, Patricia M.
Fraser, Catherine
Fredrickson, Hetty
Freeborn, Don A.
Freedman, Greg
Freely, Richard H.
Freeman, Dana
French, Carol
French, Kitty
Friedman, Ira
Friesen, Wayne
Frisch, John
Froelich, Gladys
Frood, Earle
Fukumura, Seichi
Fulford, Nina C.
Fulton, Lucy
Furcht, H.E.
Futrell, Swee
Gabeneck, Joseph
Gaddy, Shelley
Gagatek, W.
Gaisler, E.
Gaites, Robert F.W.
Galczik, Wendl
Gall, Mabel Lorraine
Gallagher, Chris
Gallon, Kathy
Gamble, Wilda M.
Gambioli, Joan D.
Garbutt, Roger
Gardiner, Billie
Gardner, Billie
Gardner, Donna
Garrick, Fiona
Garrick, Marion
Garrioch, Ian
Garvin, Carol
Gastone, F.
Gates, Rick
Gauthier, B.
Gauthier, Philip Paul
Gawne, Mabel G.
Gendi, Betty
Genier, Mary
Genn, Robert
George, Douglas Patrick
George, Maria
Gerberick, Ken
Gergely, Michael B.
Gerhardt, Phyllis
Gerhardt, Rodger
Germyn, Dawn
Ghezzi, Eina
Gibb, Sylvia
Gibbons, Maurice
Gibbons, Paul Conrad
Gibbons, Sheila
Gibbs, Leonard James
Gibson, Clancy
Gibson, K.M.
Gibson, Margaret Alice
Gifford, Frank
Gilbert, Jim
Gillespie, David
Gilmour, Ted
Gilmore, Barbara
Glassock, Allan A.
Glick, Robert
Goble, John
Goers, Bill
Gold, Fan
Goldman, Mona
Goldsworthy, Ethel G.
Goldthorp, Dorothy Oliver
Golley, Trudy
Gomez, Richard V.
Gonu, Daniel Paul
Goode, C.S.
Goode, Ivy
Goorevitch, Daniel
Gordon, Carol
Gordon, Jack
Gordon, P.J.
Gore, Tom
Gorman, Allegra
Gornall, Fred
Gostone, E.
Gott, Paulette
Gould, Robin
Gourlay, Elizabeth
Graf, Clara
Graham, Douglas
Graham, R.E.
Granger, Shirlie
Granirer, Pnina
Grant, Alex M.
Gratch, Hanna-Ruth
Grauer, Sherry
Gray, David
Grayson, John
Grayson, Vaughan
Green, Art
Green, P.
Green, Shirley (Rowebotham)
Greenwald, Ilse
Greenwood, John G.
Greenwood, Rick
Gregg, Tresham
Gregson, John
Gregson, Sally Anne
Gresham, Arthur
Grice, Arthur
Grice, Emily
Grieve, Bob
Griffel, Kerin
Griffin, Jessie
Griffith, Rhys
Griffiths, G.J. "Bus"
Grigg, C.D.
Griggs, Tamar
Grigoruck, John
Grigsby, Marion A. Morham
Grosjean, Denis
Grout, Nancy
Grove, Helga
Grove, Jan
Grubbell, Leyda
Guidry, Laraine
Guilford, Doug
Gunn, Adrien
Gunn, Roy
Guslits, Mark
Gustafson, Y.F.
Gutensohn, L.
Gwillim, Helen
Haaf, Bev
Haddock, Frank
Hadengue, C.
Haerdi, Theresa
Haffey, Eileen
Haggerstone, Wyn
Haglof, Esther "Vilborg"
Haigh, Murry Stephen
Hales, L. (Mrs.)
Haley, Timothy J.
Hall, Frances
Hall, Norman
Hall, Ruth
Hall, Timothy John
Halldran, Albert L.
Hallman, Ellen
Halls, Ann
Hambleton, Jack
Hambleton, Richard
Hambleton, Richard
Hamilton, Eleanor
Hamilton, Kathleen
Hamilton, Mabel Z.
Hamilton, Ruth
Hammel, Terry
Hanbury, Pauline
Hanbury, Richard L.
Hancock, Barbara M.
Handwerker, Susan
Hansen, Leif
Hansen, P.E.
Hanson, Loy C.
Hanson, Phil
Hanson, Ray
Hardman, J.N.
Hare, Birdie
Harley, Audrey
Harley, Milton
Harper, Leslie Jonah
Harris, Ernest Arthur
Harris, Gwen
Harris, Karen
Harris, Nora
Harris, Phyllis M.
Harris, R.B.
Harrison, Fred
Harrop, Frances
Harte, Brian G.
Hartley, Barbara A.
Hartley, Michael
Harvey, Donald
Harvey, Jean
Harvey, Ruth
Hasler, Lynn M.
Hasselrot-Priester, Madeleine
Hastings, Peter
Hastings, William
Haufschild, Lutz
Hawes, Jeanette
Hayden, Murray
Hayes, Carky
Hayes, Jim
Haynes, Charles
Hayward, Chris
Hazeland, Mary
Heal, Jackie
Healy, Sinclair
Hebblethwaite, Wally
Hegler, George E.
Heidelbach, Susie
Heidelk, Taeko
Hellier, Barbara
Hembroff-Schleicher, E.
Henderson, Darcy Stuart
Henricksen, Christian
Henriet, Evelyn
Henry, Hazel Lorine
Henzell, Anthony
Herbert, D. (Mrs.)
Herchmer, Christian
Herforth-Madsen, Vagn
Heriot, Joan
Heryet, Lorraine
Hesse, Charmaine R.
Hesse, Jurgen
Hetherington, Marcia Dow
Hickford, Edward
Hicks, Ken
Higinbotham, Jean Trilby
Higinbotham, Pat
Hilbern, H.
Hildebrand, Jock G.
Hildred, Christopher
Hildred, Philip
Hilker, Fay
Hill, Mabel
Hillman, Susan
Hilmer, Paul
Hind, Iona M.
Hinds, Margery
Hirnschall, Helmut
Hirota, Jackson
Hittrich, Beata
Hoath, Tom
Hobler, P.M.
Hockley, Frederick William Pymar
Hodge, Charlene
Hodge, Earl E.
Hodge, Lorraine
Hoegenwarth, J.J.
Holden, Barbara
Holecka, Steve
Holland, Mary
Holm, Una
Holmes, Margery
Holmes, Reg
Holyoak, Don
Hooge, Anna Louise
Hooson, E. (Ms.)
Hopkinson, P.
Horrobin, Edith
Hoskins, Ruby
Howard, M.E.
Howard, Ruby E.
Howarth, Glenn E.
Howe, Betty
Howe, John F.
Hruby, Malenka
Hudson, A.S.
Hughes, E.J.
Hughes, Mel
Hughes-Games, Elaine
Hugo, J. (Ms.)
Hull, Sherrill
Hume, Cyril D.
Hume, J.W.
Humes, Dennis
Humes, Ellen
Hunkin, M.
Hunt, Tony
Hunter, Mollie
Huphreys, E.G.
Huser, Tony
Hutchings, Hayward
Hutchinson, Bill
Huysson, Jane L.
Imredy, Elek
Ingham, Mary
Inglis, A.
Ingram, Alan
Ireland, Deirdre J.
Irwin, Jed
Irwin, P.K.
Isaac, Mark
Itvarte, C. Luis
Izzard, Daniel James Mace
Jackovich, Jack
Jackson, Aileen
Jackson, Ronald
Jacobsen, Frits
Jahala, Wayne
Jakobow, Janian
Jakobow, Mircho
Jamieson, Elda
Jamieson, Evelyn
Jamieson, James
Janeway, Amy C.
Jang, Alvin
Jaress, Gene M.
Jarman, Jason
Jarvis, Don
Jeal, Lydia
Jeffries, Barrie R.
Jeffries, P.J.
Jenkins, Fran
Jenkins, John George
Jennings, Katherine
Jennings, Leroy D.
Jensen, Leroy
Jensen, Vicky
Jinkerson, Joy
Joerin, Browni
Johanson, Ada Irene
Johns, Beth
Johnson, Brian Robert
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Jeaneil
Johnson, Murray
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, Sara K.
Johnston, Beverly J.
Johnston, Gerald
Johnston, Patricia Wilson
Johnstone, Michel
Joliffe, Michael
Jones, Barrie N.
Jones, C.W.
Jones, Lee
Jones, M.
Jones, Mimi
Jones, Pamela
Jones, Paul
Jones, Steven
Jones, Will
Jordan, Brigitte A.
Jorgensen, F.
Jorgensen, Paul
Juchum, Gerhard
Julsing, Will
Juric, Nikola
Juul, Aage
Kalensky, Mariascha (Marcia)
Kallio, Matthew
Kalnin, Linda
Kamps. Bennie
Kansky, Daniel J.
Kare, Z.
Katowitz, Alan
Kaulback, A.R. (Mrs.)
Kawaguchi, Kazumi
Kaydang, Lee
Keane, Susan
Keen, Gordon
Keir, Dave
Keir, Norma
Kellogg, Pat
Kelly, Kerry Joe
Kelly, Laura
Kelsey, Irene
Kemes, Joseph
Kendall, Diana
Kendrick, Tim
Kennedy, Liv
Kennedy, Mel
Kenney, Bernard
Kenning, Jean
Kent, Yvette
Kenwood, Christopher
Kerfoot, Elizabeth
Kerr, Douglas
Kerr, Sophie
Keryluik, Gerald
Khan, Ishrat Ali
Kidd, Gordon
Kidder, John G. (Jack Kidder)
Killips, Mr.
Kilpin, Noel
King, Beau Triton
King, Lee
King, Margaret
King, Susan
Kingan, Ted
Kingsmill, Michael E.
Kinloch, Alex
Kipling, Anne
Kirkby, Ken M.
Kirkpatrick, Claude D.
Kitpou, Shaman Chief
Kitt, Yvonne
Kiyooka, Kiyo
Kiyooka, Roy
Klapawschak, A.E.
Klein, Shirle
Klos, Gaya
Kluge, Barnim
Knaiger, Jean
Knight, Robin
Knowles, Joyce
Knox, Peggie
Kobayashi, Reimi
Kocevar, E.J.
Koe, Kathleen A.
Koe, Roger
Kolbeins, Rosa
Kollman, William
Komar, John
Kong, Raymond
Koppel, E.
Kordes, Jan H.
Korner, John
Korning, Vaughan
Korotasz, George Edward
Kovacic, Betty
Kowallek, Hele
Kozler, Judy
Kraegon, Das
Kresta, Steve
Krimmel, Kristin
Krisman, Sylvi
Kristmanson, L.
Kubik, Vivienne
Kucera, V.
Kuhn, Paul
Kuhl, Richard
Kuipers, Fred John
Kujundzig, Kathleen A.
Kujundzig, Zeljko
Kula, John (aka Steambubble)
Kuntz, Roxanne
Kupczynski, Zbigniew
Kupka, Michael
Kuthuber, Monika
Kyle, Trudi
Labelle, C.E.
Labelle, Leo
Lacey, Lorne E.
Lackey, Alice M.
Ladner, M. (Mrs.)
Laing, Bill
Laird, Christina
Lambert, Robin Joseph
Lamont, Gwen
Landree, Dorothy
Landsberg, Frances L.
Landweer, Elsje
Lane, Michael
Lane, Patrick
Lang, Sharon
Langjord, A.N.
Lanik, Antonia
Lansdowne, Fenwick
Lantz, Minnie
Larmond, June
Larsen, John L.
Larson, H.N. (Ms.)
Larson, Peggy
Last, Joan
Laurenzi, V.
Laursen, Marion
Lavallee, Roland H.
Laviolette, G.
Lawson, Pauline
Leach, Prudence
Lear, M.
Leblanc, John W.
Leboe, Ralph
Lee, Ian S.
Lee, Michael R.
Lee, Pansey
Lee, Peter
Lees, William A.
Legarde, Gerard
Leighton, Grace E.
Leipert, F.
Leishman, James (Jim) D.
Leman, Fay
Lemieux, Loretta
Lent, Kay
Lepage, Chuck
Lester, Dave
Lewis, Glenn
Lewis, Nora M.
Lewis, Roy
Lewis, T.H.C.
Li, Raymond
Licsko, Frank S.
Lienard, Sebastian
Life, Winifred B.
Lightfoot, Barbara
Lightfoot, Mark
Lightfoot, Sandra
Lim, David
Lim, Penny
Lin Chien Shih
Lindoe, Vivien
Lindseth, Aslang
Linley, Aruilla
Litchfield, William D.
Little, Lucette
Little, Terry
Ljuden, Phyllis Ann
Lockhart, Daisy
Lodge, Judith
Loenen, Edward John
Loewen, Neil
Logie, Patricia
Loiseau, Yeka
Long, Joy
Longham, John
Looyen, C.D.
Lorenson, Beverly
Lorenz, Brenda
Loughran, B.
Love, Joyce
Lovering, Jessamine
Lovett, E.
Lovick, Daphne Mary
Low, David
Lowe, Stephen
Lower, Marlene R.
Lowry, Doug
Lubatovich-Lu, Tatiana
Lucs, A.V.
Lukiv, Fred
Luna, Mario
Lund, John
Lundquist, Winnifred
Lussier, Suzan
Luttin, Alice
Luttin, Lorna
Lyall, M. (Mrs.)
Lynn, Sue
Lyon, Harold Lloyd
Lyttle, Terence
Maat, Henry
MacArthur, Elodie
MacArthur, Vange Brossard
MacBain, K. Patricia
MacBeath, Jason A.R.
MacConnel, Harley G.
MacDiarmid, Vera
MacDonald, Joanne
MacDonald, Lorne
MacDonald, Neil
MacDougal, Dan
MacGregor, Joan
MacGregor, Larry
Macijarskas, Allan
MacIntyre, Kay
MacKay, Heather
MacKay, Phyllis
MacKay, Ruth
MacKedie, Heather
MacKenzie, Catherine
Mackenzie, S.L.
MacKenzie, Stuart
Mackey, Mary
Mackie, Gordon
MacKillop, Isabel
MacKillop, John
MacKillop, Scott
MacLeod, Belinda
MacLeod, Danice
MacNab, Margaret
Madge, Glen
Magnuson, Dorothy
Magor, Elizabeth
Mah, Eugene
Mah, Gordon
Mah, Tom C.D.
Mahon, P.H.
Mahood, C.
Major, Richard W.
Major, Steve
Makofka, Jill
Makrysta, Joseph
Malcolm, Michael
Malden, Darina
Maleroy, Nancy R.
Malhame, Violette
Malloff, Georganna
Maloney, Sarah
Mann, Robert H.
Mann, Vaughan (Grayson)
Manning, Dorothy
Manson, Loree
Mar, Marshal
Maranda, Floss
Marea, Ernest
Margolin, Phyllis
Markham, Peggy
Markle, Rob
Marola, Bortolo
Marotz, Ulrich
Marr, David M.
Marshall, David
Marshall, Eileen
Marshall, Marvin
Martens, Ruth Margaret
Martin, Jefferey A.
Martinho, Carlos E.G.
Marza, Ernest
Maslowski, Alina
Mason, W.E. (Sgt.)
Mason-Browne, Rosemary
Mathews, Morris
Mathews, Sonia E.
Mathieson, David
Mathiesen, Distein (John)
Matilpi, Dennis
Matsushita, Dan
Matthews, C. Gordon
Matthews, Robert K.
Mayrs, David
McAllister, Kenneth
McClain, Marianne
McConnel, Dan
McDermott, G.
McDonald, J.A.S.
McDonnell, Doolee
McDonnell, Sandra
McDougal, Duncan
McGale, Maryanne
McGaw, Clayton D.
McGill, M.
McGillivray, Don
McGinnis, James
McGowan, James P.
McGregor, Douglas O.
McIntosh, Ian W.
McIntosh, Sylvia
McIntyre, May
McKay, D.
McKay, Florence
McKay, R.J. (Ms.)
McKay, Sam
McKechnie, R.E.
McKenzie, Helen
McKenzie, Lilly
McKerral, Sirkka
McKibbin, Connie
McKinney, John
McKinney, Rhoda
McKinnon, John Walter D.
McKinnon, Lois
McKinnon, M.J. (Mrs.)
McKirdy, Margaret
McLean, Laura
McLean, Matt
McLean, Ruby
McLelland, D.S.
McLeod, Beverlee B.
McLeod, D.A.
McLeod, Ruth
McLuckie, William
McClung, Nellie
McManamna, H.M.
McMichael, Kathleen
McMillan, Randolph
McNeill, C.G.
McPhail, Edna R.
McPhee, Thomas
McRae, Margaret
McRae, R.G.
McRoberts, Lorna C.
McVicar, M.E.B.
McVie, James A.
McWilliams, Allan
Meek, Ruth M.
Meier, Anne Poulton
Mennie, Ronald Stephen
Merchant, Erma B.
Merchant, Len
Merchant, Lindsay
Merino, Luis
Mervin, Grace
Meunier, Rolande
Michel, Karl
Michols, Teri
Middler, James
Middleton, Allie
Middleton, Evelyn
Middleton, Nancy
Middleton, Sandra G.
Midgley, Kevin G.
Miehm, Peter
Mikl, Pauline
Milek, Kathleen
Miles, Gladys
Miller, Alfred H.G.
Miller, Harriet Sanders
Miller, Ron
Miller, Stephen
Milne, W.H.
Milton, Tilly
Milton-Roman, David
Minden, Robert
Minnie, Joyce
Minot, Michael
Mitchell, Brian
Mitchell, Doris Butler
Mitchell, John Scott
Mitchell, Joyce
Mitchell, June D.C.
Moen, Clare W.
Moestl, Leo
Moffatt, Bert
Mogridge, Marjorie
Molten, Mike
Monson, Isabel
Mont, Joan
Montgomery, D.
Montgomery, Sheila A.
Montroty, Daniel
Moon, Margaret (Peggy)
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Sybil M.
Moore, Verie
Mootham, Edwin Lawrence
Morand, Ivy R.
Morche, Val
Morgan, Doris E.
Morice, J. (Ms.)
Morris, Albina
Morris, Eva
Morris, Ina Ruth
Morris, Jeanette
Morris, Jeannette
Morris, Michael
Morrison, Barbara J.
Morrison, Dyann
Morrison, Irene
Morrow, Lyn
Morrow, Pat
Morrow, Vida
Mosley, Arnold A.
Mossop, Nancy
Mottishaw, Barrie Deigh
Mottishaw, John
Mowatt, Ken
Mowbray, Clare
Mudiman, Grace
Mueller, Helmuth
Muirhead, Robert
Mullen, Eva
Mulligan, Wilfred J.
Mumuianu, Dana (Freeman)
Munden, Weldon A.
Mundy, Elizabeth
Mundy, William B.
Munro, Gordon J.
Munro, Ross
Munslow, Dorothy Ainsworth
Murphy, Nancy
Murphy, Patty
Murphy, Paule
Murphy, Phyllis
Murphy, Ronald J.
Murphy, Terry
Murray, Alice
Murray, Charles
Murray, Jean
Murrell, Bernice
Myshyniuk, Larry
Mytron, Wanda
Naccarato, G.
Nacci, Joan
Nagley, Pamela
Nagy, Vera
Nakonechny, Diana
Nall, Stanley
Nance, Ila
Napper, Evelyn H.
Ned, Gertrude
Nelson, Margaret M.
Nelson, Theodore
Neve, R.
Newland, Marv
Newton, E.D. (Ms.)
Newton, John D.
Nichols, Les
Nicholson, Bill
Nickford, Leonard E.
Nicol. Gordon
Nietzel, Wilfred
Nikon, F.H.
Nikon, F.H. (Mrs.)
Nilson, J.David
Nilsson, Toby
Noakes, Robert
Noble, Marjean
Noble, Mike
Noble, Sadie
Nokony, Denis W.
Noli, Phyllis Castag
Norbury, Rosamond
Norden, Lilian
Norden, Ronald R.
Norie, Sue
Norman, Carol Eva
Norris, George A.
Norris, Hope
North, Julian
Noy, William Mowat
Nygaard, J. Roger
Ochs, Peter Paul
O'Donnell, Randy J.
O'Donnelly, Evelyn
Offermann, Gunther
Ogison, Phil
Ogloff, Alex
Ogloff, Pete
Ohm, Cecilia
Oka, Masakiyo
Okano, Haruko
O'Keefe, Judith
Old, Frances
Oldershaw, R.F.
O'Leary, Vincent G.
Olien, Glenn
Oliphant, John
Oliver, Alice
Oliver, Nancy
Olsen, Lance
Olson, Dave
Olson, Maxine
O'Malia, J.A.
Onley, Toni
Oostergo, Illeana (Ms.)
Opal, Kathleen
Orbeliani, Irene
O'Regan, Tony
Orstad, Lyn
Osborn, John
Osborne, Brett
Osborne, Elsie
Osborne, Thomas
O'Shea, D.
Osiowy, Judy
Oslund, L.W.
Ostadovich, Donald N.
Ostrensky, Charles
Ottens, Diane
Ottewell, Harry
Otto, Jeff
Ouchi, Conrad
Oudendag, Egbert
Outram, Don
Ovens, Fran
Owen, Wayne
Owens, Frances E.
Owens, Mike
Oxborough, Dorothy
Pacey, Jack A.
Packard, Peggy Walton
Page, Sheila
Pagonis, Illyas
Paley, Stewart
Palmer, Brian E.A.
Palmer, Edith
Parent, Richard Dolan E.
Parker, Beatrice
Parkes, Patricia
Parkinson, Pat
Parlee, Rosemary
Parrott, G. Conway
Parrott, Jo
Parry, Diane Laloge
Parsons, May
Parvainen, Esko
Pasutti, Larry
Patenaude, Branwen C.
Patten, A.
Pattern, Ken
Patterson, James Stanley
Patterson, Muriel
Patterson, Win
Patzold, Linda
Paul, Adam Morton
Pauls, Victor C.
Pauls-Maly, Jan
Paulson, Al
Payne, Foy F.
Payne, Laurie
Paynter-McEachern, Gillian
Peake, John
Pearce, Doreen
Pearce, J.A.
Pearce, Lancelot Steven
Pearson, Betty
Peatfield, Dorothy
Peck, Tom
Pel, Frank
Pelley, Ron
Penner, A.W.
Penson, Craig
Peries, R.
Periton, P.V.
Perrin, Albert
Perry, F.
Perry, Philip
Peters, Lawrie
Petersen, Lindzy
Peterson, Jack
Peterson, Jan
Peterson, Kit
Peterson, Margaret
Peterson, Richard
Peterson, Richard G.
Petley-Jones, S.
Petruic, Margaret
Petryk, E. Violet
Petterson, A.
Pettman, Graham
Pettyjohn, Jerry Allan
Pettyjohn, Tom F.
Peverley, Harold M.
Phipps, P.A.
Pick, Kathy
Pickton, T.E.
Piddington, Helen
Pierce, Ann Gertrude
Pii, Ole
Pike, Pauline
Pilby, Steven
Pilford, Pete
Pineau, Judy
Pinkerton, Echo
Pinkney, Muriel E.
Pinsomneauit, A. (Mrs.)
Piroche, Setsuko
Plant, Stafford
Plaskett, Joe
Playford, Stephen Paul
Ploss, Robert V.
Plunkett-Norris, Peter
Poggemiller, Mary
Pohl, Frances
Pohl, Heda
Poignant, Ernie
Pokorny, Frank
Polak, Marie
Polak, Mario W.
Polkinghorne, Lyn
Poll, Frank
Polson, Murray
Polushin, Valentina
Polutnik, Jose
Pomeroy, C. (Ms.)
Pomeroy, C.M.
Pomeroy, Lynn
Poole, Leslie D.
Pope, Lenora D.
Popov, Vassil
Portelance, Don
Porteous, Janice
Porter, Julia
Porter, Nadine
Poskitt, Irene
Post, Rose Salloom
Potter, Lorraine
Potter, Russell E.
Potts, John Taylor
Pow, Frank
Powell, Nan
Powys, E.A.
Pratt-Johnson, Betty
Precious, Ronald J.
Predika, J.R.
Prescott, Geoffrey
Press, Deena
Prior, James
Privett, Molly
Proctor, Frank
Promislow, Nomi
Pronich, Ron
Proom, Susan
Pugh, Tom L.
Pulford, Michael
Quidry, Laraine
Quinn, John
Rae, Delillian
Ralph, Jack
Ramsay, David M.
Ramsay, Judy
Ramsay, Wendy
Ranger, Albert Frederick
Rappaport, Henry
Raskin, Rhona
Rasmusson, Niels
Ratcliffe, Kay
Rattray, Alex A. (Rev.)
Rauch, Derrill Allan
Rauch, Frederick
Raymer, Ingeborg
Redford-Browne, O.
Redmond, Gary
Regehr, Christine Yvonne
Reiche, Rene
Reichel, Kurt
Reid, Bill
Reid, Irene Hoffar
Reid, James
Reise, Christine
Rejohn, T.O. (Mrs.)
Remmer, Janet
Rennebohm, Desmond
Rennie, Mike
Renold, Joan
Rensing, Hans
Revill, John
Reynolds, Mardell G.
Rice, Gordon
Rich, Norman
Richards, Maxwell A.
Richardson, Bob
Richardson, Helen
Richardson, Jennifer M.
Richler, Sophie
Richmond, Michael John
Righton, Colin
Rimbey, Velma June
Ringius, Olive
Rippingale, Janet
Ristau, Eugene
Ritchel, John
Ritchie, Ed
Ritchie, P.M. (Mrs.)
Robert-Browning, Susan
Roberts, David
Robertson, Anna L.
Robertson, Pat (Ms.)
Robinson, Lorraine
Rochon, Louis-Jacques
Rock, Geoffrey A.
Rodger, Peter Campbell
Rogak, Helen M.
Rogan, I. (Mrs.)
Rogan, Marian
Romeo, Lorraine
Romer, Sax
Roozeboom, M. (Ms.)
Roque, Beryl
Rose, D.S. (Mr.)
Ross, Albert E.
Ross, Doreen
Ross, Dorothy W.
Ross, Kenneth H.
Ross, Murray Edward
Rosteck, Gerd
Rosts, Nan
Roth, Evelynn
Roth, Gail
Rothman, Michael
Rowen, Thomas
Royds, Dave
Ruben, David
Rubin, Jay
Ruckle, M. Gwen
Runer, Kathleen
Russell, Dot
Russell, Jan (Janette J.)
Russell, John
Russell, John
Russman, Pat
Russon, Joan
Rutter, Evelyne Irene
Ryals, Terry
Ryan, AMy A.
Rygus, Reg
Ryley, Bryan J.
Saar, Volf
Sabiston, Carole
Sabre-Makofka, Jill
Safan, Mark
Sahlen, Edyth
Saks, Walter
Salvador, J.
Sambrook, Gary
Samejima, Kaz
Sammartino, Lewis
Sanchez, Carlos
Sanderson, Cheryle
Sando, Carol
Sandquist, Neil
Sangier, Gerard
Santos, V.
Sartain, Emily
Satterfield, Doreen Margaret
Saul, Pam
Saunders, Adrienne
Saunders, Michael
Saunders, Raymond L.
Sawatzky, Peter
Saxon, Pam
Say, D.
Sayer, R.
Sayers, Betty
Sheck, Debbie
Schick, Alex
Schmidt, Josef P.
Schmidt, Louise
Schmidt, Tom
Schneider, Lor
Schoenberger, Wendel
Scholz, Helmar
Schoonman, Cornelis M.
Schroeter, Donna
Schroeter, Naomi
Schuldes, Wulf K.F.
Schultes, Elmar
Schwan, Carolyn
Schwartz, James
Schwartz, John
Sclater, W.H.
Scott, R.
Scott, Robert
Scott, Stanley
Seaman, B. (Ms.)
Sebastian, Ron
Segur, Joan
Seiben, Julianna Mehesz
Seim, Barbara
Selafee, Ross
Selkirk, Margaret
Semenoff, Paul
Sen, Ranjan
Senay, Kathleen
Sendecki, Steve
Senft, Doug
Sennseek, S.
Severinson, Win
Sewers, Denise
Shabatowsky, Carol
Shackleton, Deborah
Shadbolt, Jack
Shames, Stephen
Shantz, Jason
Shapiro, Anita
Sharpe, Doreen
Sharpe, V.
Shaw, Jean D.
Shearer, Loretta
Shelstad, A.
Sheridan, Bob
Sherrin, Robert
Shilleto, David Alexander
Shipman, Harry
Shirley, Lorrie
Shirley, Marthe
Shives, Arnold
Shumas, Carol Ann Margaret
Shykora, Paul
Siebert, Mildred
Siebner, Herbert
Sikora, Dorothy
Silvers, Ann
Silverstone, Norman
Sim, Patricia
Simard, A. Rene
Simeon, Edward Gordon
Simeon, John
Simmons, David M.
Simmons, Marke K.
Simoes, Dane
Simons, Viola
Simonsen, Linda
Simpson, B.W. Carswell
Simpson, Gregg
Simpson, S.E. (Ms.)
Simpson, Vern
Singer, Danny
Singh-Ollek, Sacha
Singleton, Marilyn Kolstad
Sitwell, Edith
Sivers, Ann
Sivers, Reg
Sjolseth, Minn
Slang, Lena
Small, Jean L.
Small, Jo
Small, Marion
Small, Martin
Small, Peter
Small, Trudy
Smallwood, Iris
Smiley, Harold A.
Smily, Elizabeth
Smith, Barry
Smith, Glen
Smith, Gord
Smith, Gordon A.
Smith, Grace E.
Smith, Helen
Smith, Irene
Smith, Jim
Smith, Kay B.
Smith, Keith Cornock
Smith, Lois D.
Smith, Louise
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Margaret S.
Smith, Marjorie
Smith, Russell
Smith, Sara Wilshire
Smith-Kaye, Alison J.
Smolarek, Waldeman
Smylie, Barry
Snider, Bessie W.
Snider, David A.
Snider, Greg
Sopena, Luis
Sorensen, Norma
Sorensen, Sven
Sorenson, Jeffery W.
Sova, Luule
Sparling, Sybil
Spicer, Jean
Spicer, Scystal
Staben, Peggy
Stablyk, Brian L.
Stade, Harold
Stadlbauer, Henry
Stadler, David M.
Stake, Raymond
Stanbridge, Harry
Standeven, Bill
Stanek, Mikal
Stanger, John
Stanley-Jones, V.L.
Stanton, M. (Ms.)
Staples, Alexander Baird
Stapleton, A. Bruce
Stark, Kathi
Stark, Stuart C.W.
Stead, Lorne
Steciw, Sandra
Stedman, Marjorie D.
Steel, Frank Maynard
Steele, Bob
Steele, David J.H.
Steele, Dawn
Stephanson, Loraine
Stephens, Iris
Stephens, Raymond
Stern, Donna M.
Stevens, Cordia L.
Stevens, Daphne
Stevens, Naomi Alexandra
Stevens, Tim
Stevenson, Sandy
Stewart, C.H. (Ms.)
Stewart, Donald Campbell
Stewart, Jill
Stewart, Susan J.
Stock, David
Stockley, Stephanie M.
Stockman, William (Bill) H.
Stokes, Becky L.
Stokius, Betty Black
Stokoe, G.
Stone, Jim
Stone, Marcia
Storey, Karin
Storto, R. Rolf
Straddotti, Anne
Strand, Ivor
Streadwick, George
Street, Shari
Stubbs, Sally G.
Sturdy, Michael
Subject, Mike
Suchy, Otakar B.
Sue, George Tsoi A.
Suesse, Eric
Susik, Jerry
Sutcliffe, Joan
Sveinson, Guy
Swaffikeld, Myrtle L.
Swanson, Betty
Szathmary, Kara Bela Antal
Symonds, Dorothy
Taggkart, Marian
Tait, Sylvia
Tanaka, Kaz
Taylor, C.H.
Taylor, Cydney
Taylor, Douglas
Taylor, Isa
Taylor, Karin
Taylor, Margo
Taylor, Stanley
Temple, Joyce
Templeton, Margaret
Tengum, Wilda R.
Terepocki, Joe
Terry, Saul
Teslo, Mabel M.
Tetrault, R.
Thayer, David C.
Then, Marjory
Then, Tadek J.
Thenard, Francis
Thiemen, Arlene
Thiessen, Anne
Thomas, Rick
Thompson, Avor
Thompson, Carole M.
Thompson, Jan
Thompson, Pat
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Rita
Thor, Bernard
Thorn, Miriam
Thorne, Gordon Kit
Thornton, Anna A.
Thornton, Mildred Valley
Thornycroft, Doris
Throndson, Steve
Thuiller, H.S.
Tiessen, George W.
Timmins, Sheila
Tipton, John H.
Tkachuk, Lenore
Todhunter, Claude W.M.
Toffaletto, K.
Tokarek, Miles
Toma, Nellie
Tong, Alice
Tonkin, Murray
Topliss, Leslie
Townsend, Cedar Christie
Tracy, Jean E.
Traunter, Geoffrey
Travanut, Elena
Travers, William James
Tremewen, Vern
Trende, Charlotte
Trinca, Severino
True, Werner
Tryk, Ed
Tschaikowsky, Alexander
Tucker, Twyla
Tuff, Rose Ellen
Tupper, Peggy
Turner, E.T.
Turner, Edward R.
Turner, Maude
Turner, Richard
Tyler, Gerald
Udell, Tim
Ugalot, Gaston
Underhill, Eldon
Underhill, Elena
Underhill, Ernest Henry
Ungard, Dora
Utley, Windsor
Valsesia, Bruno
Van, Jann
Van, Theodore
Vance, Stephanie
Vanderdelde, R.
Vandermey, Bob
Vanderwilt, Bart
Vanderwoerd, Rene
Van Driel, Cornelis
Van Drielen, Enid
Van Halm, Renee
Van Koeveringe, G.
Vardeman, L.
Varney, Edwin
Vaughan, Greg
Vaughn-Hulbert, A.
Veach, David M.
Veerkamp, Marius
Veillette, John
Velenka (Ms. V. Fanderlik)
Venutti, June
Verkert, Evert
Vernon, Julia M.
Vevers-Gadd, Ausma
Vidler, Raymond A.
Vignola, Richard
Vincenzi, Cliff
Visser, Dirk
Vizdak, Zoltan
Vogelaar, Peter D.
Voit, Gerry
Volquardsen, Thomas Carl
Von Heyden, Jacob
Vriesen, Jan
Wade, Matthew
Wagner, Sylvia J.
Wagstaffe, Sam
Waite, Donna
Wakatsuki, Kazutoshi
Walker, Helena
Walker, Matthew
Walker, Patricia
Walker, Thomas Cyril
Wall, Ron
Wallace, Ken
Walters, A.
Walters, Tony
Walton, Bill
Walton, Linda
Wanka, Maria Julia (Mizzi)
Warburton, Virginia L.
Wardell, Nicklas
Ward-Harris, Joan G.
Warland, Peter A.
Warn, Joan Thompson
Warne, Jo
Warren, Georgina
Watson, Bruce M.
Watson, Linda June
Watson, Mary E.
Watson, Susan
Watt, Elsie Gowans
Webb, Gordon L.
Webber, Donna
Weedmark, Lillian
Weichert, Paul
Weinberg, Marie
Weir, Rita
Wejr, Eileen
Welch, Terrill
Weldon, Marie
Wells, Kathleen
Wells, Nettie
Welp, Jerome
Wengel, Peter
Westergaard, Gloria
Westman, Ann
Wetmore, Catherine E.
Weyberg, John D.
Weyler, Rex
Whang, Taik Koo
Wheeler, Maryann
Wheeler, Thomas
White, Andrew
White, Janyce L.
White, Muriel R.
White, Ruby
White, Wynne
Whitmore, Joan E.
Whittingham, Brian W.
Whittle, Jack L.
Whittle, Lynette
Wiebe, James
Wiebe, Joan
Wiens, Jims
Wight, Mary P.
Wilcox, Tom
Wilkinson, J.D.A. (Sohaney)
Willer, Jim
Willford, Joan
Williams, Colin
Williams, Gill
Williams, Judith
Williams, Ralph W.
Williamson, Linda G.
Willie, Dennis
Willis, Dorothy Henzell
Willis, Grant
Willmore, Frederick D.
Willows, Ross Wendel
Wilson, Alan
Wilson, Bill
Wilson, Douglas
Wilson, Jim
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Zena
Wilting, Johanna
Wilton, Eva May
Wiper, Veronica
Wise, Jack M.
Witherspoon, John
Witherspoon, Winifred D.
Witzke, Edward R.R.
Wogiatzis, John
Wojak, Elsie
Wollheim, Peter
Wolsfeld, Evelyn
Wolstoneholm, Lorraine
Wolters, Anthony H.
Wong, Anna
Wong, Sui Chang
Wong, Viviane
Wong, Wayne Chadwick
Wongs, Melani
Wood, Alan
Wood, John
Woodeson, Stanley George
Workman, Christine
Workman, Lenni (Ms.)
Worley, Lillian
Worth, Mae
Worthington, Wayne
Woychyshyn, B.P.
Wray, Dennis B.
Wright, Dorothy
Wright, James Dee
Wright, P.F.
Wright, Roseanna W.
Wrigley, Eva
Wyatt, Estrellita Star
Wyndham, Richard
Yaholnitsky, Greg
Yates, George A.
Yates, Richard
Yesh, Patrick
Yip, Phyllis
Young, Brian
Young, J.T.
Young, Lila
Young, Robert
Young, Robert McLeod
Youngreen, G. Russ
Yuen, Nelson Verne
Zack, Gertrude
Zadden, Z. (Ms.)
Zais, Brook
Zalatnal, Katharina
Zapf, Alfred
Zaslove, Sibylle
Zeidler, Else
Zeller, C.E.
Zenuk, Alan
Zeweniuk, Garry
Zhukrovcky, Stefan
Zilberman, Mala
Zimmerman, Peter B.
Zinger, Jim