British Columbia Society of Fine Arts
35th Annual Exhibition

Vancouver Art Gallery

May 18 - June 10, 1945


1 Late Autumn M.A. Bain $30.00
2 Northern Lake Unity Bainbridge
3 Head B.C. Binning 30.00
4 Drowned Trees P.G. Cowley Brown 50.00
5 Painting (A) By the Late Emily M. Carr N.F.S.
6 Painting (B) By the Late Emily M. Carr N.F.S.
7 Painting (C) By the Late Emily M. Carr N.F.S.
8 Painting (D) By the Late Emily M. Carr N.F.S.
9 Painting (E) By the Late Emily M. Carr N.F.S.
10 Ravine U.F. Hall
11 Mt. Thule, Bylot Island Lawren Harris
12 South Short, Bylot Island Lawren Harris
13 House on the Hill Harry Hood 60.00
14 Old Cherry Tree Harry Hood 60.00
15 Mrs. Robert Kelly Nesta Bowen Horne
16 October Beatrice Lennie
17 Alder Logging, Porpoise Bay Beatrice Lennie 35.00
18 Canyon Margaret Lougheed 150.00
19 Thunder Clouds over Okanagan Lake J.W.G. Macdonald 300.00
20 Friendly Cove, Nootka, B.C. J.W.G. Macdonald N.F.S.
21 The Maples Leon W.L. Manuel N.F.S.
22 Up the Pitt Leon W.L. Manuel N.F.S.
23 In Memorium J. Delisle Parker 40.00
24 Driftwood Paul Rand 150.00
25 Okanagan Scene Paul Rand 25.00
26 Clay Castle, near Penticton, B.C. Paul Rand 25.00
27 Maple Trees Irene Hoffar Reid 25.00
28 Plowing Match Maisie Robertson 35.00
29 Loon Lake Road Maisie Robertson .00
30 Skaha Lake, Penticton, B.C. C.H. Scott, A.R.C.A. 125.00
31 Self Portrait C.H. Scott, A.R.C.A.
32 The Orchard Maiden C.H. Scott, A.R.C.A. 35.00
33 Chinese Night Study Lionel Thomas
34 Captain Kettle, Caulfeild, B.C. Mildred Valley Thornton 150.00
35 Storm Over Seton Lake, Shalalth, B.C. G.H. Tyler 40.00
36 B.C. Coast G.H. Tyler 65.00
37 White Cap Mtn., Shalalth, B.C. G.H. Tyler 100.00
38 Lillian Helen A. West
39 Mary Helen A. West
40 Glacier Mountain (1) Thunder Weather W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A.
41 Glacier Mountain (2) Slocan Lake W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A.
42 Nevada Landscape Margaret Williams 25.00
43 Nevada Desert Margaret Williams 25.00
44 Rattlesnake Hill Margaret Williams 25.00


45 Hayrick Elizabeth Amess
46 Sheepfold Fred Amess
47 Early Spring Mabel Bain 50.00
48 Late Winter, Coast Mountain Mabel Bain 50.00
49 Old Houses Along False Creek Dorothy Bell 17.00
50 Back Yard Pattern (as seen from art gall. roof) Dorothy Bell 25.00
51 The Signal, Savary Island Nan L. Cheney 20.00
52 Sand Dunes, Savary Island Nan L. Cheney 20.00
53 Saanich Peninsula Harry Hood 40.00
54 Departure Illingworth H. Kerr 40.00
55 Mining Town Illingworth H. Kerr 40.00
56 Daffodils & Jasmine Christina Laird
57 Indian Church, Sechelt Beatrice Lennie 20.00
58 Indian Church, Sechelt Marion Aird Morham 25.00
59 Tide Rips at Princess Louisa Inlet Miriam Peck
60 Deep Valley, Bralorne Miriam Peck 50.00
61 Escape J.F. Plaskett 15.00
62 The Veterans Maud Sherman 35.00
63 Rampikes Maud Sherman 35.00
64 Summer Stillness Gordon Smith N.F.S.
65 Finnish Settlement Bessie Fry Symons 25.00
66 Pool In The Woods Bessie Fry Symons 35.00


67 Pencil Drawing Elizabeth Amess
68 Moored Boats B.C. Binning 20.00
69 Cedar Cottage in Winter S. Brunst 25.00
70 Golden Retrievers Kate Smith Hoole 10.00
71 Old Tree, Sechelt Marion Aird Morham 15.00
72 Old Home, Read Island Bessie Fry Symons N.F.S.
73 Chinatown Lionel Thomas
74 Spring Comes to Victory Square Gordon Kit Thorne 70.00
75 From Mount Anarchist J.F. Plaskett


76 Blue Bowl Mollie Carter 10.00
77 Green Bowl Mollie Carter 12.50
78 Leaping Fish (Black Talc Stone) Doris LeCocq N.F.S.
79 Fish Motif in Turquoise Glaze Irene Catelle Porter N.F.S.


81 Haida Indian Oolichan Box Designs (1) Ross A. Lort N.F.S.
80 Haida Indian Oolichan Box Designs (2) Ross A. Lort N.F.S.
After Original Designs in Prince Rupert Museum


Honorary Secretary
R.S. Alexander
Fred Amess
Mabel Bain
Dorothy Bell
Jane Billaux
B.C. Binning
R.G. Bunyard
Nan L. Cheney
Sybil Cianci
Ernva W. Code
Jessie Faunt
Orville Fisher
Paul Goranson
Bess Harris
Nesta Bowen Horne
Ed. Hughes
Ronald Jackson
Beatrice Lennie
  Ross Lort
*J.W.G. Macdonald
Leon W.L. Manuel
Max Maynard
J. Delisle Parker
Miriam Peck
Irene Hoffar Reid
Ralph Roberts
Maisie Robertson
Marjorie Robertson
*C.H. Scott, A.R.C.A.
J.L. Shadbolt
Maud Sherman
Clarke Stevenson
Bessie Fry Symons
P.V. Ustinow
Helen A. West
Margaret Williams


J.H.O. Amess
Harry Hood
Kate Smith Hoole
S.P. Judge
G.L. Thornton Sharp
Stanley Tytler
M.O. Verral
*W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A.

*Denotes Members Canadian Group of Painters

Cover design by Mr. C.H. Scott, A.R.C.A.