Canadian National Exhibition - B.C. exhibitors

The Canadian National Exhibition is a long-running event in Toronto, Ontario, founded 1879. It runs every year for the 18 days leading up to Labour Day. One component has been a large art exhibition every year, and extensive catalogues were printed. Numerous artists from British Columbia showed work in the exhibitions. The following list of BC artists was compiled by Chester Gryski in June 2022, from an incomplete run of the catalogues in his collection for the years 1930, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1938, and 1939. Refer to artist biographies for more information.

The exhibitions had various sections, listed as:

CF Canadian Fine Art
CP Canadian Paintings in Oil
FA Fine Arts
GA Graphic Art
SL Still Life (photography)
SP Small Pictures
TS Toronto Salon of Canadian Photography
WC Water Colours


GA Adamson, Theodora G. 1930
WC Aitken, Melita 1930
FA Amess, Fred 1930
GA Amess, James H.O. 1930
TS Balkin, Jack 1939
SP Barker, Charles Frederick 1930
TS Bassett, Ivor 1932
SP Baxter, Adeline 1930
TS Bentley, Percy 1939
TS Best, Walter Herman 1931
FA Carr, Emily 1930
SP Checkley, Arthur 1930
FA Code, Ernva Willard 1930
TS Cox, Horace Gordon 1930
SP Frame, Statira 1930
TS Frank, Leonard 1939
WC/GA Fripp, Thomas William 1930
WC Fry, Bessie Adelaide 1930
TS Grant, J.H. 1930
TS Hardy, Myrtle (Mrs.) 1939
TS Helem, J. Forbes 1939
TS Hodges, J.K. 1930, 1934
SP Hood, Harry 1930
TS Jarvis, George E. 1931, 1939
TS Knight, Harry Upperton 1930
FA Lougheed, Margaret 1930
FA Menelaws, Will 1930
TS Michelin, Paul 1930
TS Offat, C.L. 1938
TS Piers, Walter B. 1937, 1938, 1939
WC Smith, Harold Faulkner 1930
FA Smith, Kate Adeline 1930
TS Stephenson, D.J. 1939
SP Tytler, Stanley 1930
WC/GA Uhthoff, Ina D.D. 1930
TS Vanderpant, John 1930
CF/CP/FA Varley, Frederick H. 1930, 1931, 1939
WC Verral, Minnie Olive 1930
TS Weller, R.M. 1930
CFA/GA Weston, William Perceval 1930, 1932, 1938, 1939