July 27th to August 15th, 1948.

Prospective purchasers of pictures should apply at Art Gallery, 1145
West Georgia Street.

Gaudet, Alice The Rose Patch $ -
Clarke, S.H. Picnic Scene 35.00
Bell, Dorothy Lights at the Entrance 75.00
Clarke, S.H. Skunk Cabbage 50.00
McDonald (sic), Jas. A.S. Boat Float 35.00
Noble, Olive B. Poles 20.00
Peters, Phyllis N.H. Rowing Club 30.00
Henderson, Pat A Path in Stanley Park 35.00
Regan, Pamela Lost Lagoon 35.00
Seyer, A.W. The Bear 150.00
Smith, G.A. Spring in the Park 100.00
Thom, Christina Summer in Stanley Park 40.00
Horne, Harry Old Boat House in Stanley Park 75.00
Colton, A.S. Man on a Bench 75.00
McDonald, Hattie Rest 50.00
Norris, George A. Lesser Grown 25.00
Hanford, P. The Bears -
Fertig, George Third Beach 50.00
MacPherson, Mrs. P. Stanley Park 85.00
Robinson (sic), Maisie Blue Herons -
McTaggart, E.R. Blue and Gold 10.00
De Morvay, Paul Snow White 25.00
McTaggart, E.R. Near Park Entrance 25.00
Crumplin, H.T. (sic) Park Excursion 50.00
Jarvis, Don Coal Harbour 35.00
Thom, Christina Spring - Second Beach 40.00
Henderson, Pat View from Entrance at Night 35.00
Fransen, Don The Beachcombers 50.00
Wright, Joan View from Stanley Park Entrance 75.00
Moore, J.F. Garden of Remembrance 100.00
Brunst, S. Checker Players 40.00
Thom, Ronald Cathedral Trees 40.00
McIntyre, Jean Checker Game 50.00
MacDonald, J.A. Love in the Park 50.00
Crumplin, H.G. Evening in June 75.00
Bakewell, Nancy After the Swim -
Thom, Christina Autumn - Stanley Park 30.00
Boyd, Bruce Boats on Lost Lagoon 50.00
Peters, Phyllis N.H. Second Beach 30.00
Jarvis, Don Spring Rain 60.00
Crumplin, H.G. Pavilion Lunch 50.00
Taylor, Mrs. B.N. Spring Picnic 10.00
Robertson, S. View Number Two 25.00
Johnson, James G. Looking Towards Entrance - Stanley Park 20.00
Noble, Olive Checkers 8.00
Moore, J.F. Rainbow Fountain 35.00
Holmes, J. Spring Pattern -
Brooke, A.A. Sunshine on a Misty Morning in Stanley Park -
Henderson, Pat Boats and Skyline 25.00
Doubt, Wm. George Bridge at Stanley Park 25.00
Rea, Joyce Prospect Point 20.00
Robertson, S.A. Park Ways 60.00
Sutherland-Davis, Audrey Noon 25.00
Joy, Constance V. Extracted Molar 25.00
Doubt, Wm. G. Wet Weather 25.00
Doubt, Wm. G. Clearing Up 25.00
Joy, Constance V. Water Lilies in Beaver Lake 20.00
Brunst, S. Tennis in the Park 30.00
Rice, N. Forest Gay 10.00
De Morvay Fantasy 25.00
Rice, N. Forest Pool 10.00
Allen, Katherine Bear Booth 75.00
Thorne, Gordon Kit Rhythm at Siwash Rock 70.00
Young, A.M. Where the Two Meet -
Irvin (sic), Sophia Sun Bronze Babe 25.00
Cowley, Clifford At Ferguson's Point -
Hunter, R.W. Sunbathers -
Norris, George A. At the Checker Game 35.00
Hunter, R.W. Park Bench -
Cowley, Ivy A Shady Spot in Stanley Park -
Pearce, Jocelyn Bridge in Stanley Park -
Noble, Olive Around the Game 30.00
Fowler, Cliff Refreshment Stand 30.00
Taylor, Mrs. B.N. Second Beach 10.00
Mouat, Mrs. T.W. Park Boulevard 5.00

Exhibition information courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

Library exhibitions list notes that "The Rose Patch" by Alice Gaudet won the $35.00 prize; "The Bear" by A.W. Seyer the $50.00 prize; "Checker Players" by S. Brunst the $25.00 prize; "Cathedral Trees" by Ronald Thom 1st Prize of $100.00; and "Boats on Lost Lagoon" by Bruce Boyd the 2nd Prize of $75.00.