Fall Exhibition

British Columbia Society of Fine Arts

November 1911

Editor's note: this exhibition catalogue was "built" from two newspaper reviews of the exhbition:
      Some Pictures by B.C. Artists
      Fine Arts Society Makes Fine Exhibit
These articles noted the names of artists in the exhibition, as well as a number of artwork titles, descriptions, or catalogue numbers. An actual exhibition catalogue for this show has not yet been located by the Editor, so the information is incomplete. Artworks are listed numerically where catalogue numbers are noted in the review. Artists without numbered artworks are listed alphabetically following those with catalogue numbers.


4 Before the Rain Hay, Aice
5 Road to the Mill Kyle, John
(two large casts) Kyle, John
7 (studies of mountain, sea and sunset) Fripp. T.W.
21 Waves Breaking on the Shore in a Full Gale McEvoy, Bernard
23 Woodland Studies Tytler, S.
Woodland Studies Tytler, S.
35 (studies of mountain, sea and sunset) Fripp. T.W.
(studies of mountain, sea and sunset) Fripp. T.W.
50 Evening Cornfield Chambers, C.L.
59 Boathouse Scene Judge, S.P.
60 Brockton Point Kirk, E.F.
77 (rocky and wooded shore) Daniell, C. (Mrs.)
Capilano Canyon Daniell, C. (Mrs.)
82 (woodland gloom and gleam) McEvoy, Bernard
(oil paintings) McEvoy, Bernard
(oil paintings) McEvoy, Bernard
90 (English village scene) Chambers, C.L.
(several successful pictures) Chambers, C.L.
102 Dusk Hawkins, N.H.

? Bagnall, D.
? Bursill, F.N.
(oil paintings) DeForrest, H.J.
? Fripp, R.M.
? Gow, J.F.M.
? Hawke, W.E.
? Jones, Champion
? Judge, Grace
? Judge, May
? Little, George H.
(collection of miniatures) Lloyd, Ernest
(portrait of Mr. Henshaw) Lloyd, Ernest
The Evening of Life Marega, Charles
? Piggott, F.B.
(watercolor landscapes) Rice, W.E.
? Waddell, M. Graem
? Wake, Margaret E.
? Warburton, A.R.
(portrait study of her son) Waterfall, (Mrs.)
Birch Woods, Autumn Weston, W.P.
Birch Woods, Spring Weston, W.P.